Prasanna Vadanam Review: Concept with Logic


Prasanna Vadanam Movie Review

Prasanna Vadanam Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Telugu audience are waiting for realistic content along with a visual experience. Small films without stars should have unique content and interesting narration. Suhas has been doing impressive set of films right from the initial days of his career. He is testing his luck with Prasanna Vadanam and the lead actor in the film suffers with face blindness. The film released today and here is our review of Prasanna Vadanam:


Surya (Suhas) loses his parents in an accident and he suffers with face blindness. He also cannot recognize the voices of people. He can trace or identify some of them with some different signs. Surya is a witness of a murder but he is unable to trace the suspect because of his rare disease. He calls the cops and informs about the murder and a series of attacks are attempted on Surya. He lands into several troubles because of witnessing a murder. The rest of Prasanna Vadanam is all about how he comes out of this mess.


Prasanna Vadanam has a unique point of face blindness and it was never attempted in Telugu cinema. Attempting such genre is a risky task. Suhas suffers with face blindness after an accident and he gets involved in a murder which is a unique idea. Arjun, a protege of Sukumar is making his directorial debut with Prasanna Vadanam. Sukumar himself announced that Arjun played an important role in his films and he is the man behind the interesting logics in his films. As expected, Prasanna Vadanam has enough valid logics. The story starts right in the first scene of the film and opens about the suffering of the lead actor. Even the love story is narrated with the logics and the suffering of the hero. They are written with fun.

The film turns interesting after the murder scene. But the film doesn’t happen on a serious note and it is because of the love track. The stories like Prasanna Vadanam should be narrated sticking to the point without any deviations. The director did not keep the suspence and revealed about the murderer in advance. But the murder mystery and the twists are narrated in an engaging manner. The interval bang is narrated in an interesting way.

The narration in the second half should have been better. The director passed time by deviating the real plot. Some of the episodes are quite lengthy and they should have been quite crisp. Govind episode runs for ten minutes and it is quite boring. The unfolding of the murder mystery lacked gripping narration. The flashback episodes are not interesting. The climax of Prasanna Vadanam is quite gripping and it is narrated well. It is designed using the colour concepts. Some of the logics are well connected. Prasanna Vadanam is like a mixed bag and it has enough impactful scenes along with boring episodes.


Suhas is a natural actor and he is picking up roles that suits him and his body language. He is not much interested in films that are high on heroism. He did his part well. Prasanna Vadanam is a film with a huge miscasting. The director did not pick renowned faces for even prominent roles. The roles of ACP, SI, Varun are a misfire because of the choices made. The leading lady Payal is not great with her looks.

Director Arjun handled some of the episodes with perfection but he falls short of making Prasanna Vadanam a successful film. The screenplay should have been better. The interval bang and the climax episodes are well narrated. There is lot of boring and unwanted stuff throughout Prasanna Vadanam. The production values are not great and there is no scope for songs. The background score made with visual mix is haunting. Prasanna Vadanam is a decent film and it should have been better.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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