Red Movie review – A Lackluster remake


Red Movie review

Telugu360 Rating: 2.5/5

After the super success of Ismart Shankar, Ram is all set for the release of his next film RED, a remake of Tamil blockbuster Thadam. Kishore Tirumala directed this action thriller and Nivetha Pethuraj, Malavika Sharma, Amriya Aiyer played other crucial roles. Ram will be seen in a dual role in RED that is carrying decent expectations. Manisharma is on board as the music director and Ram’s uncle Sravanthi Ravikishore bankrolled RED that is hitting the screens today. Here is the complete review of RED:


RED is the story of Aditya and Siddharth who are look alikes essayed by Ram. While is Aditya is a thief, Siddharth owns a construction firm and he is in love with Mahima (Malavika Sharma). An unexpected murder makes Siddharth the main accused through a clue. It is then the cops trace out Aditya. The cops get two days of time to find out who is behind the murder of a youngster Akash. Watch RED to know about a series of incidents behind the crime.


Ram seems to be in the complete hangover of his previous blockbuster film Ismart Shankar. Ram exhibits similar shades and is presented in the similar manner as Ismart Shankar. The first half of RED looks bland and uninteresting. The first song with Hebah Patel is a treat for masses. The love story lacks freshness and is quite boring. The interval episodes are quite interesting and keep the audience guessing. On the whole, the first half of RED is neither impressive nor disappointing. The second half is quite crucial for a film like RED.

The second half of RED is focused on investigation and it happens on a serious note. Ram thrills the audience in dual roles but the film has unwanted stuff throughout. The flashback episodes are a huge letdown for the movie. It doesn’t justify the plot or the lead characters of the film. RED lacks engaging narration and misses several logics. The production values of RED are quite poor. The climax too fails to make an impact. Outdated episodes, poor presentation makes the second half of RED fall flat.


Ram tops the show with his energetic performance throughout the film. He excels in a dual role. Malavika Sharma looks good in a meaty role. Amritha Aiyer and her portions are quite good. She does her part well. Nivetha Pethuraj performs well as a honest cop. Sampath Raj, Satya and others delivered their best in the film. All the other actors did their jobs well.

RED has a thin plot and is laced around a muder mystery. Though the director tried hard to present the film as a commercial entertainer, he fails to do his job. The music and background score make no sense. The cinematography work is ok and the production values are quite poor. Kishore Tirumala pens some decent dialogues but he fails badly in directing a thriller.


Ram’s RED falls flat as the film offers nothing new and interesting. Except Ram’s performance and few thrilling moments, RED is a huge disappointment.

Telugu360 Rating: 2.5/5

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  1. If Huge desappiontment ,then why gave. 2.5 ,logic is not there in kick too. Then both are same ? Got. Small suitcase ? Than kick. .? Think both are waste movie. Only for. B, C, D. Centers.

  2. అల్లుడు దరిద్రం అంట గదా. కానీ knack కంటే ఇదే బాగుందని. టాక్. రామ్ డబల్ ఆక్షన్ సినిమా బాగానే ఉందని అనుకుంటున్నారు. మే be ఠిస్ will mint మనీ as master అండ్ alludu both are duds.


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