Single-caste rule became a curse for BC, SC, ST and Minorities: TDP


TDP former Minister Kalva Srinivasulu has slammed the YCP Government for ‘scuttling’ all welfare, subsidy loans and development programmes in Andhra Pradesh as part of a conspiracy to reduce the BC, SC, ST and Minorities as mere votebanks. Pro-weaker section programmes like fee reimbursement, educational scholarships and welfare corporations were crippled systematically even as their massive funds were diverted in the name of ineffective programmes like Jagananna Vidya Deevena and Vasathi Deevena. The TDP leader deplored that Jaganmohan Reddy came to power promising greater political power to the weaker sections but after winning the election, the CM has concentrated all power in the hands of three to four persons belonging to his caste and no other. The backward sections do not figure anywhere in the power game while there is competition for number two position in government between Vijayasai Reddy and Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy. There is no minimum participation of weaker sections leaders in decision-making process at the highest levels.

Mr. Srinivasulu said false cases were being filed and physical attacks were made on the BC, SC, ST and Minorities if they have associations with opposition parties. The fear tactics were being used to frighten and make the poorer sections surrender to the YCP in field level. A larger conspiracy was under way to politically suppress the weaker and backward sections just because they were slowly speaking out against the ruling party atrocities. The BCs were being targetted for their unquestioned support and loyalty to the TDP for a long time.

Stating that the BC Corporation was totally weakened, Mr. Srinivasulu said over 20 lakh applications were pending for subsidy loans but not a single rupee was sanctioned so far. Loans worth Rs. 3,800 cr should be given as per plans but the Government was in a position to say how many loans were given till now. Political suppression of the BCs began from the field level itself with Jagan Reddy Government reducing local body reservations for them from 34 per cent to 24 per cent.
The TDP leader said another conspiracy was hatched to weaken backward communities financially by eliminating their work and self-employment opportunities. Volunteers’ jobs stand nowhere to give better livelihoods for these sections. Previous TDP regime spent Rs 2 lakh cr for BC, SC, ST, Minorities and Kapus, while YCP turned indifferent to their welfare. In one year, Rs. 3,432 cr of BC Corporation, Rs 565 cr of Kapu Corporation, Rs 3,070 of SC Corporation and Rs 267 cr of ST Corporation were diverted to Jagananna Deevena programmes.

Mr. Srinivasulu called upon the backward and weaker sections to shun fear and become united to fight against the single caste rule which has become a curse for their growth and prosperity. AP Council abolition was also part of the conspiracy to politically suppress the BCs and Minorities.

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