Sharwanand’s Sreekaram Movie Review: A Decent Attempt


Sreekaram Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Young actor Sharwanand never failed as an actor though his attempts failed. The actor picked up Sreekaram which is a film on farmers and their struggles. B Kishore makes his debut with Sreekaram and Priyanka Arul Mohan is the leading lady. Rao Ramesh, Sai Kumar and Naresh played other prominent roles in this social drama. Mickey J Meyer is the music director and 14 Reels Plus are the producers. Sreekaram is releasing across the globe today and here is the complete review of the film:


Sreekaram is the story of Karthik (Sharwanand), a software professional working for a top IT firm. He is well bonded with his father Keshavulu (Rao Ramesh), a farmer. He clears the debts of his father and one fine day, he decides to quit his profession and joins farming. His love interest Chaita (Priyanka Mohan) and her father try hard but Karthik picks up farming. The rest of Sreekaram is all about uniting the farmers, finding new techniques and how Karthik makes farming easy and feasible. Watch the film to know about Karthik’s take on farming.


Farming turned out to be a gamble and most of the farmers are opting out for other professions after tasting losses. Unable to bear the burdens of the debts, several farmers even committed suicides in the country. Some of them are facing issues of electricity and pesticides too. Sreekaram is an attempt which discusses about the problems of farmers. Sreekaram reveals about united farming, live farming. The film also sends a strong message that farmers are the future of the country and agriculture would be the trend of the future.

The film also has all the commercial ingredients stuffed and they never go overboard. Sreekaram is an emotional attempt and narrates about the bonding between a father and his son. There are several youngsters who shift to cities but struggle to lead a peaceful life. Sreekaram even discusses about the lives of such youngsters. The lives of the people in villages are well presented on screen through this film.

The real story of Sreekaram starts after Karthik returns back to his village. The real challenges start here as the director has to convince the audience about the paths chosen by Karthik. All these episodes are convincing and are packed with emotions. He invents new techniques to make farming easy and sustainable. The climax episodes are completely engaging and the struggles of farmers are well discussed. Some of the episodes look dramatic and the film is slow-paced at times.


Sharwanand is one of the finest actors of this generation. The actor shines in the role of Karthik and he looks good in traditional attire. He performed well in the emotional episodes and looked natural. Priyanka Arul Mohan does her part well and the love track looks decent. Rao Ramesh is the other highlight of Sreekaram and he delivered his best as usual. Naresh does one more impressive role. Saikumar plays Ekambaram with perfection and he has a role with negative shades. Satya’s comic timing is good. All the other actors did their roles well.

Sreekaram is a film on farmers and is an emotional attempt. The dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra play a major role in the script. The screenplay is good and the dialogues elevated the film. Yuvraj’s camera work should be discussed specially and the visuals are very good. Mickey J Meyer does justice for the songs and the background score. 14 Reels Plus should be appreciated for backing such a good attempt. Debutant Kishore has enough clarity on Sreekaram and delivers an impressive work.


Sreekaram is a decent attempt on farming and is an emotional tale. Sharwanand comes out with one more new attempt which is impressive.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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