Sulking Allu Arjun disappoints NRIs at NATS event


Allu Arjun at NATS

Allu Arjun who is generally good at playing to the galleries, has disappointed NRIs in his maiden USA trip. Bunny has agreed to attend NATS 2017 event on the sidelines of promoting his recent release DJ in the US. On saturday night’s prime time event at the Chicago convention, in which Allu Arjun was supposed to be the center of attraction , things finally ended up as a huge disappointment for 4,000 audience who anticipated some interaction and fun moments with the stylish star.

In general,any celebrity who attends such large conventions as guests, utilize the opportunity to build PR with NRI families.These celebrities spend some quality time interacting with kids,families and fans. For prime time events these celebs spend atleast few hours at the stage. For some unknown reasons Allu Arjun did not follow these minimum courtesy ones. As per sources, conference organizers had very difficult time convincing Allu Arjun to get on the stage as he locked himself in the hotel room ( which is also integral part of convention center) till 10:15 PM. Only at 10:30PM he came on to the NATS stage and spent only 25 minutes.During his very short stay on the stage, he talked primarily about piracy of DJ and negative reviews. He hardly made an effort to talk wholeheartedly with NRIs, who had been waiting for him for several hours. ‘His nonchalant behaviour disappointed us big time’ lamented an NRI family who came to NATS only to see him.

Previous to this event , on Friday night ‘Meet & greet with DJ ‘ event was arranged in New Jersey by DJ producers/distributor. That was a low attendance event in which 150 people participated, reportedly Allu Arjun was cool in that event.

However , he was unfriendly at Chicago NATS event We’re not sure what went wrong between organizers and Allu arjun. When questioned “Even though we took extreme care of him, for some reason he was not in the zone” wondered a NRI involved closely in the conference operations.In the recent times, we have seen Telugu actors such as Ram Charan Tej, Kalyanram Nandamuri etc making extra efforts to bond with NRIs. Allu Arjun missed one such opportunity.

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