SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 Telugu finalists: Sreemukhi


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu entered the final week. There is curiosity among the audience to see who will be the winner this time. Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul, Varun, and Sreemukhi are the finalists. Out of these finalists, each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Earlier Telugu360 has done a SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss 1 and Bigg boss 2 and now coming up with SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 finalists.

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Sreemukhi joined the show as a favorite and since day one she has been the main contender for the title along with Varun Sandesh. Now, as expected by the audience, she reached the finale and SWOT analysis on her as below.


Her main strength is her energy in the tasks and her entertainment. It is not an exaggeration to say, this season would have been boring on weekdays without the entertainment provided by Baba Bhaskar and her. She has even agreed to have permanent tattoo of Big boss on her hand that shows her passion for this show.

Among the finalists, she is the one who is the busiest artiste outside the house and one can say she joined the show because of her personal interest to participate in the show.

She also gave 100% in each and every task till date. Her IQ levels also much better than some of the finalists as is evident that they could not understand some tasks. Her performances in some skits also came extremely well and entertained the audience.


Her hyperactive nature is not liked by some sections of the audience. Her over-enthusiasm in tasks also brought some negativity on her. Even though she gave 100% in tasks, at times, it looked like she was bullying other contestants and not giving them their space. This also brought her negativity.


She is the only female contestant to reach the finale this season and she never played gender card in the show. Her fan following outside the show also an asset for her. The way she played the game in the last 100 days also brought lot of fans to her.


Her hyperactivity and the way she targeted Rahul are big threats for her to win the title. Had she not targeted Rahul, probably he would have been eliminated the house long back as he got sympathy because of the way she targeted him.

Overall, Sreemukhi is definitely among the top 3 contestants along with Varun and Rahul. We will have to wait and see whether Bigg boss will give the title to the female contestant at least this time.

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