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SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 Telugu finalists: Ali Reza


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu entered the final week. There is curiosity among the audience to see who will be the winner this time. Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul, Varun, and Sreemukhi are the finalists. Out of these finalists, each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Earlier Telugu360 has done SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss 1 and Bigg boss 2 and now coming up with SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 finalists.

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Ali Reza: 

To be frank, he is the weakest contestant in this finale. Ali Reza joined the show as an underdog quickly earned lots of fan following because of the tenacity he showed in physical tasks. However, after his eviction and subsequent re-entry, he didn’t enjoy the same support and there are many reasons for that. Overall, his strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threats as below.


His strength and stamina during physical tasks is his biggest strength. To be frank, there is no match for him in physical tasks not only in this season but also in the two previous seasons of Bigg boss Telugu. His near-perfect physique also earned him lots of fans.


His re-entry turned out to be the biggest weakness. Had he reached the final without that intermittent eviction, he would have been the favorite for the title today. But being outside the house for 2 weeks makes him the least deserved candidate for the title, from the point of view of the audience. 

Another weakness is his aggressiveness. In fact, his aggressiveness towards Mahesh and others cost him the eviction. But even after re-entry, he behaved the same with Baba during ticket to finale task.

The third weakness of him is the way he supported Shiva Jyothy during the tasks. It gave the impression to the audience that, he re-entered the house only to help Shiva Jyothy but not for his own game. He looked lackluster after re-entry, probably for this reason. 


He doesn’t have many of the opportunities to win the title, but for some unknown reasons, his voting suddenly improved last week and if he gets the same kind of voting, he will raise from 5th position to 4th or 3rd position at the best. But chances of that also slim as of now.


He didn’t come to nominations many times and that’s the reason he didn’t build a fanbase for himself in the form of voting. It is too much negativity on Shiva Jyothy that saved him last week and in the absence of her and other such candidates with negativity, Ali is definitely in danger zone

We will have to wait and see if Ali improves his prospects in next couple of days. 

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Bigg boss episode 68: Ali Reza’s grand re-entry into the house


As already reported, Ali Reza, re-entered the Bigg boss house today His entry was planned in a grand way by the Bigg boss team. He entered in the house with a grand dance sequence with female dancers. All these dancers and Ali Reza entered the house dancing. Even though Ali Reza was having a mask on his face, almost all the housemates predicted that it is Ali Reza. Housemates like Ravi and Shiva Jyothy shed tears by knowing Ali’s re-entry. Sreemukhi, as usual, screamed in high pitch after seeing Ali Reza. Even though Punarnavi and Mahesh also behaved as if they are happy with Ali’s re-entry, it looked a bit fake.

Click here: Ali Reza Re enter into the house

Before this, the task of previous days continued and came to an end in today’s episode. After this task, Sreemukhi, Ravi, Baba and Shiva Jyothy selected for captaincy task. As Sreemukhi and Baba built bigger wall that Rahul-Punarnavi and Varun-Vitika, they were selected for captaincy. Shiva Jyothy successfully hidden her will from other housemates and so she became contender for captaincy. When Bigg boss asked housemates to select one best performer in the task, house selected Baba, almost unanimously.So these 4 became contenders for captaincy.

We will have to wait and see how will Ali Reza’s re-entry influence the game.

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Ali Reza’s emotional post after eviction moves people


Ali Reza is one of the strong contestant in the Bigg boss season 3 Telugu show. Even though many people considered him to be finalist, he got evicted from the house after 50 days. His eviction shocked housemates, who had no clue on the voting trends among audience. Even though many audience predicted his exit because of the way his arrogance projected in telecast, the way entire house stood by him during eviction made them emotional. But more than that, his recent post in Instagram after exiting the show is making people emotional. He shared that,, his uncle passed away last week but his family didn’t communicate that to him because he is in Bigg boss show and as they know how important is the show for him.

Ali shared his memories with his uncle and wrote,

“You wanted to see me successful in life and now that i have so many people loving me and praising me ur not there to see that. I wish i could atleast see you for the last time. Mom dad could not send any information cause they knew how important Bigg boss was for me and they dint wanted this to effect my game but they dint know you were equally important for me in life .

By the time I could come out of my elimination shock i got another huge shock of you being No more.

There has been so much of greef at home and still everyone trying to stay happy and support me . I want nothing more in life after seeing all the love and support from all over . Mama you were the best, Your the best and will always remain the best. Ill always have the regret of not getting to see u for the last time. May your soul rest in peace.”

Ali Reza’s letter went viral and people expressed their solidarity with this Bigg boss star.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Will ’11th entry’ make Ali Reza also title winner?


Strange are the sentiments that are followed in the fields like movies and politics. Even TV industry is not an exception for this. Now among the audience watching Bigg boss show, there is an interesting discussion about one such sentiment.

Bigg boss season 1 hosted by NTR was good hit. Shiva Balaji won the title in the show. During the first episode after Bigg boss 1 Telugu, Shiva Balaji entered into the house as 11th contestant. Bigg boss season 2 hosted by Nani also was a big hit and it surpassed previous season in terms of the number of audience viewed the show. Kaushal emerged as winner in the show and he earned huge fan following also. During the first episode of Bigg boss show he was also 11th contestant to enter the house. Now Bigg boss season 3 it was Ali Reza, who entered the house as 11th contestant. So, some people started predicting that Ali Reza may win the title this time as per the sentiment.

Not only based on sentiment but as per performance also, Ali Reza is slowly emerging as favourite contestant for some people. Especially the way he handled Tamanna despite being provoked by her several times earned him applause not only from the audience but also the host Nagarjuna.

We will have to wait and see if the sentiment repeats and Ali Reza becomes the title winner. But it is too early to predict that.

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