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Butta Bomma Movie Review


Butta Bomma Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.25/5

Buttam Bomma is an official remake of the Malayalam film Kappela. Sithara Entertainment made the film in Telugu. Let us look at the Telugu makes of Kappela:


Satya (Anikha Surendran) lives in Araku and looks after her mother. When her mother asked to dial someone, by mistake she get connected to Murali (Surya Vashistta) with the wrong dial, who is an auto driver by profession. When the conversation goes on, love blossoms in between. Both decide to meet in person and travel to Vishakapatnam. At the last minute, Murali misplaces his mobile and then enters Ramakrishna aka RK(Arjun Das) into the story. The havoc created by RK and how the couple’s love story lasted is the major story of the film.


Malayalam films are slow-phased films. When it comes to Telugu, this slow phase will not work. Kappela was one Malayalam film which gained positive reviews during the time of the pandemic through OTT watch. But for Theatre watch, Kappela might be a boring film with a good message. Telugu director Shouree Chandrashekhar T Ramesh might have pushed the film fast rather than following the same slow phase. The film deals with romance and human trafficking. Tension evokes emotion in the second half. Rather than very small changes everything was a copy of an original version. In Malayalam, the film is from Wayand’s background and in Telugu story starts at Araku.


Director has picked up a strong casting for this film. Anikha Surendran was the best with her performance as a teenage girl, who doesn’t have many hopes rather than buying a smartphone. She has done her job excellently. Surya Vashishta is an auto driver and short-tempered. Arjun Das as RK and Navya Swamy did their best with their performance. But the slow drama tests our patience. While exposing a message on human trafficking, the film should be gripping and racy. But Butta Bomma haa more drama and is mostly boring. Cinematographer Vamshi Patchipulusu is impressive. Araku has been shot beautifully and the songs are okay.

Verdict: A simple romantic tale with a human traffic message and impressive performances but Butta Bomma ends up boring.

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Butta Bomma Trailer: A Thoroughly Engaging Drama


Anika Surendran played the lead role in the joint production venture of Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas Butta Bomma directed by debutant Shouree Chandrasekhar T Ramesh. Hero Vishwak Sen launched the theatrical trailer of the movie.

What it begins as a beautiful love story set in a village, the trailer shows the other side of the movie. Anika is a strong-willed girl who wants to lead her life in own terms. But that’s not possible with a strict father in the family. This girl falls in love with an auto driver and she sees the colors in life with the romantic journey with him. They unexpectedly encounter a stranger Arjun Das who is mostly seen fighting with others.

Shouree Chandrasekhar T Ramesh showed lots of maturity in dealing with this subject that has lots of elements such as romance, drama, action etc. It’s thoroughly engaging with wonderful performances and good technical standards. Vamsi Patchipulusu’s camera work and Gopi Sunder’s BGM are big assets.

The trailer definitely makes a good impact and assures the movie is not restricted for one particular section. Butta Bomma will arrive in cinemas on February 4th.

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