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Bahubali is a Team Effort: Cinematographer Senthil

Senthil is a marvellous technician. The low profile cinematographer had been with Rajamouli for most of his movies and helped the latter in transforming his craft to a visual wonder. Baahubali is Senthil’s crowning glory and throughout the conversation, the man stresses that it is a team effort and that speaks volumes about his humility. The contribution of a cinematographer from the pre production to the wrapping up of the film is monumental. Senthil draws a deep breath as he says it isn’t over yet and he needs to finish Bahubali II before thinking of a Bollywood debut.

It has been a 3 year journey, how does it feel?

 We are awaiting the release tomorrow. We have done our part and now the people have to give their verdict. I never expected this type of hype though we knew we were making a big budget movie. This rush for the tickets is something I have never seen. The expectations are so much that I have begun feeling a bit sceptical if we will be able to reach it or not. I am tensed. The second part will be more challenging. The first will become the bench mark but the biggest challenge will be to exceed the first part.

You have been with Rajamouli in most of his films. How is this film different?

I have been associated with Rajamouli since Sye. I have seen a constant growth in his story telling and use of technology which became big with Eega. The scale and budget has seen an escalation and we have attempted what no one ever did in Indian cinema. It is purely a fictitious film where we tried showcasing traditions like we saw in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon etc and other Chinese films.

What about this film touching people so much?

Whatever you have seen is a trailer is a visual. Generally when you see it, the connection happens. The cast and the previous film of the director and is being promoted as India’s expensive film. The emotional content is what might strike. So much of homework has gone into it. We were watching so many films to get some reference and show something different. Our concept artistes were working on it and it was complete team work. We were studying and wondering how Hollywood people must have used maximum numbers to get the real war feel. We trained 2000 people. My challenge was to capture director’s vision. The art director, costume designer’s work and finally the emotion that the artiste is delivering, needs to be captured and presented in a grand scale without losing any essence in any frame. It was a tremendous pressure as every frame had to show the grandeur, emotion and detailing that other departments have contributed and then, giving it to the visual effects department to get enhanced.

How long was the shoot?

The shoot happened for 350 days spread across two years, shot in all the seasons. We were equipped with it and shot in minus ten temperatures in Bulgaria. We shot from extreme heat in Hyderabad to continuous rains in Mahabaleshwar. The fog was major challenge as it was ten feet away in Mahabaleshwar and Bulgaria. The camera helped me in seeing in low light conditions. We could hardly see anything, but the big crew was stationed and we couldn’t stop shoot. We had to shoot in worst weather conditions and still give it a good look.

Is giving a personal touch to the frames important?
Giving a personal touch is deviating; it would be a confusion. The basic job is to help the director tell his story in the best possible way. I need to blur my vision into his and  through my craft, deliver whatever best I can. It is finally about story telling. Be it light or the camera movement, every film comes with an inbuilt style and visual approach. We need to find out from the story and deliver it. For war scenes, we did extensive research and story boarding before i.e pre production. Before actual shoot, 2000 people were trained so that they don’t look comical on screen for the battle sequences and the training was shot on video cameras to get right angles. The idea is that once costumes come on board, it shouldn’t go wrong. We then edited, saw the footage and actually went to shoot. On the location, it is a different scene. The  cinematographer goes by his instinct, despite all the preparation on location. What he instinctively feels makes a difference. We have reference point to fall back on.
How are we different from international standards?
It is sad we are comparing with international standards, they are far superior. Perhaps in content, we can compete them but technology wise, they are far superior. It is a blessing to have Ruhi as my wife. Since three years, she was prepared to have no entertainment and made all the sacrifice. My wife has been very cooperative and has been taking care of the domestic aspects. It is because of her that I had zero tension. If I get an offer from Bollywood, why wouldn’t I take it up? It is not the next level. As of now we are doing Bahubali II. This is once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to focus on this.

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Interview With Bahubali Producer Shobu Yarlagadda


[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or Baahubali producer, Shobu Yarlagadda, choosing a project depends on the relationship that he shares with director and artistes. Read on to know more about him.

When did your association with Rajamouli begin?
My relationship with him goes very long back even before our professional association started. I know him since he started working with Raghavendra Rao garu. We were supposed to do a small film first but it never materialised. Then we did Maryada Ramanna, we struck a good rapport and became good family friends. It is more personal friendship between two families. After Maryada Ramanna, he was supposed to do a big project for K Raghavendra Rao. Since Raghavendra Rao didn’t want to handle it on his own, given it is a huge product, we stepped in. It became a joint production between him and us. Arka Media Works belongs to me and Prasad and we do some work with RK Films. I came back from US in 96 and did a couple of businesses and it didn’t work and was looking for a new avenue. Then me and Prasad decided that television is a good option. We entered television and do selective work. Films is a natural progression.

[pullquote position=”left”] Around four thousand screens all over the world will come out with Bahubali. There is so much post production which is a big aspect. For all of us artistes and technicians, producers..it is a once in a life time experience. [/pullquote]

How do you choose your project and people?

It is the relationship that we have with the director and artistes. Krish came and narrated the story. It was more of an accidental narration and we did it. Maryada Ramanna was our first film and we wanted to do it with someone we could trust and we are comfortable with it. We are not in a hurry to do a film; television is our bread and butter and that goes on. Movies, unless we have rapport comfort level and we see some value as we bring as producers to the project, we don’t do it. We bring a lot to the table, not just money. There are two or three lines but Rajamouli wanted to do a folklore or a period film and not a contemporary subject. He and his father went back and forth and both of us liked this subject.

You are being called the real hero for believing in the project

Partly it is inherent in me, not to get perturbed. We are used to ups and downs and we have lot of belief in this project and we know will pull it through. When someone is working, the entire team is genuinely working for the project with genuine interest, you trust and want to support the project to the best. By the time we finish the second part it will be four years. There have been ups and downs, the budgets have gone up. There were certain hiccups and we had to reschedule the whole thing as Prabhas had to go through a surgery. One year has been allotted to pre-production. Even after one year, we did parallel planning and designing. We were mentally prepared in a way that it will be out in 2015, for a long haul. Also we were prepared that the budget will go up, but it went up little more than expected.



How important is Bahubali for TFI ?

It is important in a way that if it does well, the buoyancy will be there. It will spread to the distributors and exhibitors. It will be positive. It will give confidence to others to try something out of the box not necessarily on the same scale. It will bring Telugu film industry on the national map. We have been covered in international trade magazines; they came to the sets and met us. The vastness, the scale is making news and also Eega, the last film of Rajamouli has become an internationally a cult film. It has been screened in film festivals. They are aware of the film and believe in this director.



Risks involved in the making of the film

It will definitely have a strong impact if something goes wrong but I don’t foresee it. About ups and downs, mainly it is trying to get the film ready on time, on schedules in budget. We are trying to do something. It is going to cost more, how much more can we stretch it? These are the challenges we addressed. Rajamouli strongly believes in emotion and the scale to go with it. He didn’t want to compromise on the points. Some areas we reduced and some we didn’t. Second part sixty percent has been shot and the climax and some action episodes is pending.



Reason to split the film into two parts?

Beyond two and half hours, however great a film is, no one has the patience to sit through a film. Both the budgets were such. One film doesn’t justify so much spending. To make it economically viable, we made it into two parts. Originally, the intention was to make one but when the story was written it was coming to three and a half hours to four hours. When we try to make it two and a half hours we lose the essence and the costs were high. We went back to the drawing board and re-looked at the story and screenplay and decided to make two independent films which will slightly increase the budget but the sets would be the same and it would make more economic sense across two films. We would be doing justice to both the stories. It is a continuation; it is one story told in two parts and would have an independent feel.

Confidence levels after execution of the project

This is at a different level and scale. It required a lot of patience, persistence, lot of  detailing, going into minute things. The bigger picture is to ensure the film is made in time in this much budget and it travels to all languages and rest of the world as far as possible. To ensure this happens, you need to do a lot of things at many levels and I was lucky to have people to take it everywhere. Lot of support came in from family and friends for financial and emotional support. RFC played a key role. They provided infrastructure and lot of financing for the film. That is one aspect and to have a place spanning over 2000 acres and getting to do multiple things in one place, the logistics would have been difficult but for RFC. We had sets, a floor with 1000 people working. We could go and check when we wanted. Eighty percent in RFC and then little in Mahabaleshwar, Kerala and Bulgaria. After the visual effects and CG, it will transport you into a different world. Around four thousand screens will be ready for Bahubali. There is so much post production, which is a big aspect. For all of us artistes, technicians and producers, it is a once in a life time experience.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)


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An Exclusive Interview With Baahubali Story Writer -Vijayendra Prasad

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he title Baahubali just came out from me..it wasn’t thought about, it was spontaneous. It has nothing to do with history, says script writer Vijayendra Prasad.

1) When did the idea of making Baahubali trigger?

Three years back my son Rajamouli came to me and said he is making a film with Prabhas and wanted me to write a story. He likes swords, horses and emotions and wanted a period story, he also said that  every character in the story should have a logical ending; a third dimension, they should be in flesh and blood and with grey shades.

2) How long did it take to develop it?

Next day I narrated the last scene in the first part of Bahubali. I could see the spark in his eyes, then the second scene was about a baby placed on a palm emerging from the waters. I could see the same spark in his eyes. The third scene was from the second part of Bahubali. It was totally unconnected, I knew he liked it and it took three months to develop it. The moment he started narrating it to others and discussing it, I knew he liked it. He usually doesn’t do that.

3) What was the necessity for a sequel?

There were too many scenes, the justice wasn’t being done to all so it was imperative that we make two parts. [pullquote position=”left”]If Bahubali, the hero in the story is important so are others, we can’t write them off…..may be in footage they could occupy small space but the importance is monumental.[/pullquote]

4) Why name it Bahubali?

The title Bahubali just came out from me..it wasn’t thought about, it was spontaneous. It has nothing to do with history. Then I got to know that in the North of India,  Bahubali meant a title, any great person is called Bahubali, nothing to do with Gomateswara.

5) What importance does Baahubali hold at the box office?

Narrating a story gives me complete happiness, getting money, being paid is just a bonus. I love my craft so much. I want the film to be a hit for two reasons. A producer has believed in a vision, if he doesn’t get his money back, it is not fair at all. This is a project that will take Indian cinema to the next level. The hero is Shobu Yarlagadda, there is always a smile on his face even as the budget kept escalating. Next hero is Ballary Sai, the distributor.

6) Any happy moments?

Of course yes. My son told me his ambition is to make Mahabharat. Bahubali is a big test to check if he has it in him to do it. Our country has rich heritage and culture, great history, this is Seva and nothing less than that if we make the epic. There was a poll recently in Tamil Nadu, Shankar got 170 votes and Rajamouli 180. The latter shows variety and the former deals with the wrong done to the society.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)

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Rana Reveals Baahubali’s Plot


The much-awaited Baahubali movie is creating waves across film circles. While everyone is cross fingered as to what the movie would revolve around, Rana-who essayed a key role-in Bahubali has revealed the plot of the movie. 

Rana, Prabhas and others who essayed important roles in this flick are in Mumbai to promote Bahubali. Speaking to the media, Rana said that Baahubali is an action drama between two brothers who try to adorn a prestigious throne.

The movie is apparently set in the backdrop of earlier century where kings and kingdoms existed. Bahubali is going to be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. 

The sources said that Rajamouli, who worked on this movie for nearly three years, got a whopping 60 rupee crore remuneration while Prabhas was offered 40 crores. A new language was created for this movie, which will be spoken by antagonist. 

Not just in India, but Baahubali is being awaited by film enthusiasts across the globe. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to state that this movie would undoubtedly escalate the standards of Indian Cinema in the international market. 

Baahubali’s audio was recently released at Tirupati. The movie is slated for a grand release on July 10 this year.

(Phani B)

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