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BARC Ratings: TV9 tops but NTV sees steep fall

BARC Ratings: TV9 tops but NTV sees steep fall

Ravi Prakash’s TV-9 has become supreme in Telugu news channels and the latest Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) ratings shows that it continuous to be a leader. Veteran journalist Rajinikanth’s prime time BIG Debate has been garnering consistently good BARC ratings.

In a very surprising decline, NTV which has been closely trailing behind TV9 has seen a steep fall to sixth position, giving its second place to TV5. ABN persisted at third spot. With NTV’s fall in ratings, 10TV and V6 secured fourth and fifth places respectively.

T-news which has been closely competing with Sakshi for quite some time now, is leading at seventh leaving the eighth spot for Y S Jagan’s media house.

The ninth and tenth position of ETV AP and ETV TS evidently prove that the media mogul Ch Ramoji Rao’s dream of surpassing TV-9 is not going to happen any time soon.

I News, Gemini News, HMTV, Studio N and TV1 are the tail enders respectively.

BARC News Channels Ratings:

Market : Total AP+TS TG:15+, Wk 42/Wk 41
All News Channels GRPs – 381.7/379

Channels Ratings
TV9 69.1/60.3
TV5 46.3/42.6
ABN 45.6/42.5
10TV 38.3/39.4
V6 37.6/34.4
NTV 37/44.8
T News 28.1/26.3
Sakshi 23.1/30.9
ETV AP15.8/15.6
ETV TG9.8/9.6
I News8.4/6.7
Gem News8.3/7.9
HMTV 8.2/11
Studio N 3.6/4.5
TV 12.4/2.6

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BARC Ratings : TV9 remains the market leader


Andhra Pradesh witnessed two elections in the month of August, but there was hardly any impact on the ratings of the Telugu news channels. TV9, NTV and ABN Andhra Jyothy continue to be TRP toppers. V6 and 10TV have been vigorously competing for the fifth position. While in the previous month V6 was in 5th position, this time it slipped one place paving way for 10TV in the top five. The inclined coverage of Nandyal election did not effect, Sakshi which remained in the seventh position. ETV Telangana and ETV Andhra Pradesh evidently alone or together couldn’t surpass the regional channel T News which is 8th in the list. Gemini which tops the ratings in entertainment segment has never made it to top10 in the news segment. HMTV, I News, Studio N and Jai Telangana TV are the tail enders.

Total AP+TS, TG:15+, Wk35/Wk34
All News Channels GRPs – 453.5/432.9

News ChannelGRPs
TV9 79.1/70.n4
NTV 57.3/55.6
ABN 54.1/52.7
TV5 51/49.9
10tv 41.9/41.3
V6 40.6/38
Sakshi 39.1/35.1
T News 33.2/33
ETV AP19/17.5
ETV TG9.9/11.3
Gem News 8.6/9.4
I News5.9/5.4
Studio N4.2/4.3
Jai TG TV 2.4/2.4

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TV-9 flies high and high in BARC ratings


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(S.Ravi Seshu)

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India’s latest ratings (Week-38) reiterate the undisputed dominance of TV-9 in Telugu television news channels with 210.5 Gross Rating Point (GRP). TV-5 and N-TV stand behind Ravi Prakash’s channel with 184.5 and 158.6 GRPs respectively.

The first public-funded Telugu news channel, 10-TV, could beat its nearest rival V-6 News of Viasaka group for the second time in the last three weeks. While 10-TV scored 87.1, V 6 news got 84.4 GRPs, according to the ratings released on Thursday.

“TV-9 is insurmountable for other channels because of the quality of programmes it offers. Investment on making programmes would also play a vital role in getting GRPs. For example, TV-9 doesn’t mind doling out huge money to buy audio release rights of movies. Ravi knows pretty well that he gets more than he spends. It is working out well for his channel,” a TV analyst said. High entertainment value programmes thus play crucial role to get good ratings. Of course, presentation and dynamic nature of programmes too matter a lot.

TV-5 has surpassed TV-9 in rural areas of AP and Telangana six weeks in a row. In the week-38, TV-5 scored 194.7 GRP while TV-9 got 182.2. Similarly, TV-5 and N-TV could outsmart TV-9 in terms of the time spent by viewers in minute.

The highlight of this week’s rating is 10-TV’s growth rate. Compared to the previous week’s (Wk-37) rating of 75.8, it gained 15 % growth this week. In terms of growth, 10-TV scored 12 points higher than the market leader TV-9. This can be attributed to the 10 TV channel’s continuous focus on public grievances in the wake of severe rains that lashed both Telugu states in the last week.

“10-TV has slowly evolved as a force to reckon with. A dynamic team of editors drawn from HM-TV and Ee-TV are working in tandem to compete with the other channels. A close monitoring by the red brigade (read the leadership of Communist Party of India-Marxist) is also a factor in improving the quality of programmes in 10-TV,” a senior journalist opined.

More than TV-5 (-5 %) and V-6 (-10 %), Vemuri Radhakrishna’s ABN-Andhra Jyothi (-17 %) showed a considerable drop in viewership. Even as Ee-TV (AP) gained 3 %, its Telangana version showed -22%!

I-News stands last (16th) with a drop of -35% in its ratings. The Kapil Group’s HM-TV gained 12th position indicating that Prof.K.Nageshwar’s all out efforts have started working.
The order of the Telugu channels as per the latest GRP is as follows:

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