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Senior Telangana leader Srinivas denies joining Congress


A day after “rejoining” the Congress, former MP of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Dharmapuri Srinivas on Monday denied it and clarified that it was his son Dharmapuri Sanjay who joined the Congress.

In a letter to Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, Srinivas said that he had accompanied his son to Gandhi Bhavan, the state party headquarters.

“By offering me party kanduva, some leaders claimed that I too have joined the Congress. If it is believed that I joined the Congress party, I am hereby resigning,” wrote Srinivas, whose other son D. Arvind is the BJP MP from Nizamabad.

The former minister requested the Congress party not to drag him into any controversy and clarified that he was staying away from politics due to his age.

Srinivas named his wife D. Vijayalaxmi as the witness. She also issued a separate statement requesting Congress not to use Srinivas for politics.

Stating that he suffered a brain stroke in the past, she claimed that due to yesterday’s pressure, he suffered fits last night.

“I am requesting Congress leaders with folded hands not to come this side again. At this age when he is not keeping good health, allow him to live peacefully,” she wrote.

Srinivas had visited Gandhi Bhavan on Sunday and it was claimed that he re-joined the Congress after nine years.

Srinivas was leading the Congress in undivided Andhra Pradesh when it returned to power in 2004. He twice headed Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and also served as a minister in Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy cabinet.

Srinivas had switched loyalties to Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) after it formed the first government in newly-carved out Telangana state in 2014. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had rewarded him with the post of special advisor to the government and later made him Rajya Sabha member in 2016.

However, on the eve of 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the senior leader from Nizamabad faced allegations of anti-party activities. It was alleged that he promoted his son Arvind who joined the BJP.

Since then Srinivas was staying away from active politics.

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Is this why D Srinivas’s joining was postponed?


It is now emerging that former PCC chief D Srinivas’ joining of the Congress Party has been postponed. He was expected to join the Congress on Friday in the presence of Sonia Gandhi. On Thursday, he met Sonia Gandhi and discussed the modalities of his joining the party. The meeting went on for some 40 minutes and Sonia Gandhi even invited seniors like Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and others to be present at the time of DS’s joining.

However, the programme has been deferred. At the last moment, there was a communication from Telangana Congress affairs incharge Manickam Tagore to DS that the joining was deferred and that another date would be intimated soon. This has set off several speculations about why the programme was postponed?

Sources say that the Congress high command felt that DS still has six more months of tenure as Rajya Sabha MP. He represents the TRS in the Rajya Sabha. If he joins the Congress at this juncture, it could lead to his disqualification under the provisions of the anti-defection act. So, the Congress decided that he would be admitted only after Sankranthi so that it does not attract the provisions of the Act.

But some other sources say that several Congress leaders from Nizamabad district have strongly opposed the entry of D Srinivas They said that DS’s son Aravind Dharmapuri is a BJP MP and is known to be a very strong Congress baiter. Recently he had made several disparaging remarks on Sonia Gandhi. The anti-DS group is said to have pointed this out and wanted the Congress High Command to take into consideration this factor too while admitting DS. Sources say the high command felt that it should wait for some more time before admitting DS.

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Revanth meets DS: Will BJP MP’s father rejoin Congress Party?


Is veteran politician D Srinivas planning to join the Congress Party? Likely, say political watchers. The Thursday meeting between PCC chief Revanth Reddy and D Srinivas has fuelled rumours of D Srinivas’s probable Ghar Vapsi. In fact, Revanth personally invited DS to come back to the Congress Party

DS is currently a Rajya Sabha member from the TRS. However, his relations with the TRS are strained. The TRS has not been inviting him to the party meets and he too is keeping a distance from the party. His son Sanjay is already in the Congress Party. DS was a two-time PCC chief of the undivided AP and was a minister during YSR’s tenure. He joined the TRS in 2014 and has been a Rajya Sabha MP. He has been estranged from the Congress for the past several years.

If he joins the Congress, it would be a huge political statement. DS’s son D Aravind is a BJP MP from Nizamabad. He defeated KCR’s daughter Kalwakuntla Kavitha in 2019 general elections. This could affect Aravind’s prospects in 2024 elections.

According to Congress sources, DS responded positively to Revanth Reddy’s request. This attempt is being seen as part of Revanth Reddy’s efforts to bring all ex-Congressmen back into the party. He has met several such leaders who had recently left the party. If all goes well, DS could resign from the Rajya Sabha and the TRS during the Sankranthi season and then join the Congress.

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Video: TRS MP Meets Amit Shah

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Line clear for DS entry into Congress?


There have been rumors about DS leaving TRS to join Congress since last 3 months. ( https://www.telugu360.com/why-ds-leaving-trs/ ). It seems now all lines cleared for him to join Congress.

Senior leader and former PCC chief D.Srinivas today met with Telangana PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy . This morning DS visited Uttam’s house and met him there. Uttam Kumar Reddy officially invited DS to come back into the Congress party. They both had discussions for around 45 minutes. Also, DS will be soon meeting Rahul Gandhi too.

Nizamabad TRS leaders have been complaining to KCR against DS. Also, cases have been filed on DS’s son in last couple of months and DS supporters are alleging KCR is taking political revenge on DS for the reasons best known to him alone. We will have to wait and see on further developments on this.

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D Srinivas path of enlightenment


The path to power  seems to be also the path to enlightenment in D Srinivas case. He is shining with new found wisdom.

Srinivas quit Congress, the party which made him PCC present and Minister and his son mayor, on july 8, to join TRS.

Two days ago, TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao came to his residence to meet him and surprise the Telangana.

DS emerged as an embodiment of wisdom from the  30-minute meeting.  He said he was surprised that KCR had so many great and grand plans to develop Telangana state  and he was thoroughly convinced by the CM’s argument to abandon the approved design of Pranahita-Chevella project.

He went to the extent of chiding his former colleagues in Congress. He advised them to see whether the new design would be useful or not, nothing more.

The 30-minute meeting he had with  KCR had transformed him so much that he was now  fully confident of creation of bangaru Telangana.

“ He (KCR) has wonderful ideas. Telangana state  will become number one if they are implemented,” he told media with eyes wide open with astonishment.

He also praised KCR’s clarity of thought and purity of mind.

” The CM was marching forward with commitment.  I was amazed by the  depth and breadth  the KCR thoughts reach. the meeting  threw so much light on me that I am ready to work in any capacity the CM offers,” he wondered.


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KCR Caught up in Munnuru Kapu Triangle


Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is caught up in Munnuru Kapu Triangle.He sprang a surprise yesterday giving rise to a thick political speculation among watcher of T-politics. KCR paid a visit to the residence of D Srinivas, former PCC president,who defected to TRS on July 8. What transpired between Chandranna and Seenanna, though kept under wraps, is being thickly speculated in the state.

KCR drove down to Srinivas’s house  reportedly to place his predicament in accommodating the latter in the party or government level because he foresees problems from other Munnuru Kapus. He said to have discussed possible solutions for tricky Munnuru Kapu  Problem.

The problem is D Srinivas is a Munnuru Kapu leader. If he is sent to Delhi as a Rajya Sabha member it would create caste imbalance in the party as  already an equally strong  Munnuru Kapu is there occupying an important position. He is the most talkative and articulate K Keshava Rao, also a former PCC president. Rao, is not only a Rajya Sabha member but also the secretary-general of the party. Sending a second Munnurku Kapu to Delhi’s Rajya Sabha would displease Rao.


Srinivas can’t be appointed as the special representative in Telangana Bhavan either as the post is already occupied by S Venugopalachary. Chary can’t be replaced.

Now, D Srinivas has to be accommodated some where at state level and this also likely to engender a problem of intra-Mnnuru Kapu rivalry. By rewarding Srinvas with an important position either in the party or in the government , KCR is certain to  face the risk of being branded as pro-Munnuru Kapu, one. It would disappoint leaders from other backward communities. Two, it would  miff  Konda Surekha, another Munnuru Kapu MLA from Warangal district.

KCR inviting Konda Surekha into TRS

On the day Konda Surekha joined TRS from YSRC  before 2014 elections, Chandrasekhar Rao showered praises on Surekha and announced to the thunderous applause from the public that she would be inducted into cabinet as woman and child welfare minister. Surekha is Padma Sali by birth and married to Konda Murali, Munnuru Kapu. Politically, Surekha is as stronger and influential in politics as any other leader, including D Srinivas in the state politics. She was a minister in YSR Cabiinet.

One year into the term of the present Assembly, KCR has not fulfilled his promise given to Surekha even though no woman has been appointed minister in his cabinet. Accommodating Srinivas ignoring Surkha may be taken by the latter as insult. The chances of Surekha leaving the party can’t be ruled out. If she is pressed to wall, Congress is ready to roll out red carpet to Surekha, who won  Warangal East Assembly seat by defeating Basawaraju Saraiah of Congress in 2014. If Surekha were to leave the party, she would  damage the image of TRS in the eyes of public  and people are bound to think that all is not well within the ruling party.

Can KCR afford to rehabilitate D Srinivas  in the government and invite the wrath of Surekha? KCR is said to have discussed these problems with  D Srinivas and asked some time to find a way out.Anything can happen in politics, after all politics is a game of possibilities.

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DS in TRS: A Plus or Minus ?


Dharmapuri Srinivas’ defection to ruling TRS is unlikely to greatly change the political equations in Nizambad district.

D Srinvas (DS), a Munnuru Kapu, was a leader of standing in district some time back when TRS was not in the picture and TDP was the only rival.

After advent of TRS into the political arena,  Sriniva’s clout as the tall leader of the party began to fade away.His defeat in the past successive election bears testimony to this. The last election he won was the Assembly election held in 2004 from Nizambad Urban constituency, when Congress fought in alliance with fledgling TRS. He lost every election he fought later. In 2009 he lost to BJP candidate Y Lakshminarayana. In the by-election held in 2010, following the resignation of all Telangana MLAs demanding Telangana, D Srinivas could not wrest the seat from Lakshminarayana. He lost again by 12600 votes. He could not recover in 2014 election either, even after Congress granted the Telangana separate state.

He shifted his base to Nizambad rural. The Congress heavy weight was trounced by Bajireddy Goverdhan Reddy, who joined the TRS party just two days ago. The series of defeats have tarnished his image as a leader of Congress. In between the Congress nominated him to the Council. So, observers say his joining would not add up anything to TRS politically except for the negative publicity to the Congress.

Why TRS Wants DS

TRS wants to make Nizambad Lok Sabha Constituency pocket borough of Kavita, party MP and daughter of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. By weaning away all the opposition leaders, TRS wants the constituency an Amethi for Kavita. To achieve this goal, a strong hype need to be created in state about how Congress is becoming irrelevant. After DS, former Congress minister and senior leader Sudarshan Reddy is likely target of TRS. With this, Congress will be left with only leader, former MP Madhu Yaski, who is now AICC spokesperson in Delhi.

Last Ditch Attempt

Congress’ last ditch attempt to pacify D Srinivas has failed. Accompanied by TPCC working president Mallu Bhattivikramarkha, D Sridhar Babu, DK Aruna etc. PCC president N Uttamkumar Reddy tried to meet Srinivas this morning. But, before the team arrived at his Banjara Hills resident, DS had already left for the residence of chief minister KCR. The team got back to Gandhi Bhavan without meeting DS.

Srinivas is expected to send  his resignation letter to the party president Sonia Gandhi tomorrow.

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