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Goutham Nanda 1st week Collections

Goutham Nanda Collections, Gautam Nanda Collections

Goutham Nanda had a poor 1st week with a distributor share of 8.69 Cr in Telugu States. The film is a disaster as it will hardly recover half of the buyers investments by the end of it’s run.

Below are the 1st week area wise Shares

Area1st Week Shares
Nizam 2.90 Cr
Ceded1.48 Cr
UA1.13 Cr
Guntur0.93 Cr
East0.76 Cr
West0.53 Cr
Krishna0.63 Cr
Nellore0.33 Cr
Total AP and TS8.69 Cr

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Gautam Nanda Review : Stylish flick with outdated story !

Goutham Nanda Review Gautam Nanda Review

Goutham Nanda Review Gautam Nanda Review

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5

Gautam (Gopichand) is the only son of a rich businessman Vishnu Prasad (Sachin Khedekar) ranked among top 50 by Forbes. Gautam leads an ultra-lavish lifestyle, always partying until he encounters an eye-opening situation in pub. In pursuit of his identity, he endures a road trip where he runs into Nanda. It comes as a shocker to Gautam and Nanda that they both look alike. Nanda belongs to an inferior middle-class family who reside at a slum in Hyderabad. After knowing his story, Gautam decides to live in the Basthi masquerading as Nanda. The rest of the story revolves around what happens in the lives of the look-alikes after they switch their identities

The story has nothing new to offer but the message that the director wanted to convey is good. “Though money is most important in our life, real happiness lies in emotional things and family bonding” is the point the director picked. However, the justification was not that engaging.

Gopichand’s rich character especially in Gautam’s introduction, his palatial residences, swanky cars and exotic life style has been portrayed satisfactorily. Likewise, the character of poor Nanda, his daily routine as a basthi guy was shown well. After the contrasts in the lifestyles have been established, the crucial decision to switch the identities did not look appealing. Two songs (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Basti Dorasani) which were picturized stylishly looked good on screen. Vennela Kishore and Bitthiri Satthi comedy track is adequate in first half.

However, the villains attempt to kill Gautam and subsequent scenes fail to impress. The family sentiment scenes woven around Nanda’s family look forced and unimpressive. Catherine Tresa in a glamourous role is good and provided commercial elements with her generous skin show in bikinis. Hansika Motwani’s role was insignificant.

The very fact that nobody noticed the striking similarity between Nanda and Gautam’s face is unimpressive, especially with Gautam being a billionaire’s son and a party animal. The reason for Gautam to give up his luxuries and swap the identity was inadequate. Villainy has not been established properly.

In second half, another song Bole Ram Bole Ram is also quite impressive. However, the story and events slow down with the imposition of forced sentiment scenes. The major twist in middle of the second half and another one towards the climax evoke a bit of interest. But it is too late by then.

Director Sampath Nandi who succeeded in bringing stylish look to the film has failed in handling the key second half. Dialogues are pretty boring.

Performances :
Gopichand impresses in both the roles and it is his show all the way. Except for some comedy track, the roles of villains and heroines are limited, specifically with Gopichand’s dual role taking most of the screen time. Catherine Tresa is glamorous and looked steamy in bikinis. Hansika, in her sort of comeback film, is just OK as her role is limited. Sachin Khendeker , Mukhesh Rushi , Nikitin dheer are wasted. Vennela Kishore, Bitthiri Sattthi roles are an average fare and they as usual performed well.


  • Gopichand’s dual role and his impressive variation
  • Lavish budget
  • Three good commercial songs
  • Catherine Tresa
  • Twists in second half and climax


  • Old story with weak justification of the core point
  • Forced old school sentiment tests patience

Gautam Nanda is a high budget stylish commercial film that totally relies on Gopichand’s strengths. In a dual role, he is impressive but the movie is easily predictable. With the growing competition around, this film may find limited space at the box-office.

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5

Release Date : 28th July, 2017
Director : Sampath Nandi
Music Director : S. Thaman
Produced by : J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao
Cinematography : Soundararajan
Starring : Gopichand, Hansika Motwani, Catherine Tresa

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Earlier, I Preferred Commercial Elements Over Story : Sampath Nandi

Sampath Nandi is one rare director who has seen the extremes of both ‘luck’ (grabbing the chance to direct Ram Charan in his very second film) and ‘bad luck’ (losing the chance to direct Pawan even after travelling with him for three years) in the very beginning of his career.

He is regarded as one of the potential commercial directors who proved his mettle with Racha and Bengal Tiger. Ahead of his new release ‘Gautam Nanda’, Telugu360.com had an exclusive chit-chat with him.

* Are you tensed before the release of your new film?

– Slightly. I wasn’t tensed before the release of my earlier films as they were completely commercial films. But Gautam Nanda is a story-driven film with a gripping screenplay. I am tensed as the film is very important for my career.

* So, you say that your earlier films didn’t have strong story?

– I gave more importance to commercial elements than story in the case of Racha and Bengal Tiger. I always felt that story in those two films should have had more teeth, Gautam Nanda satisfied that urge.

* Is the hero’s character name Ghattamaneni Gautam Nanda?

– Yes. As per the story, my film’s protagonist is a very rich and influential person in society. As per my knowledge, people having Ghattamaneni surname are well settled in general so I opted for that surname.

* Gopichand looks very stylish in your film..

– After locking the story, we spent lot of time in finalizing Gopichand’s looks. I myself drew a few sketches and shown them to him. We finalized the one that Gopichand liked the most.

* It is heard that too much money was spent on the film

– Not true. We have spent as per the requirement of the story. We can’t make these kinds of films in low budget. This is the highest budgeted film in the careers of Gopichand as well as mine.

* Do all your films need two heroines?

– Its not like that. Just like in Bengal Tiger, both heroines have key roles in Gautam Nanda. Audiences love to see two heroines in commercial films (smiles).

* Your strength as a director?

– I feel that I can narrate a sensible film in an entertaining manner. If a director can narrate a content-driven film in commercial format, it will become huge success, and the best examples are Srimanthudu and Janatha Garage. Gautam Nanda also has story as strong foundation.

* Next movie?

– Will announce in due time.

* Will you continue making films as a producer after Gaalipatam fiasco?

– Yes. A film titled ‘Paperboy’ is currently on sets. Films with fresh concepts will keep coming from my banner.

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Gautam Nanda marks my comeback says Gopichand


Gopichand is one of the finest actors of Telugu cinema. He scored many decent hits in his career however he has been running in a rough phase currently as some of his recent films have been struggling with financial issues after a series of debacles. He is all set with his next movie titled Gautam Nanda. Sampath Nandi directed the movie which is gearing up for release next month. The recently released trailer caught everyone’s attention and is a huge hit all over. Gopichand pinned all his hopes on the film.

“Gautam Nanda marks my comeback again and it is an action drama with all the commercial ingredients. My character will have two shades and as speculated, it is not a dual role. I am quite confident on the film”. Hansika and Catherine are the female leads in Gautam Nanda which is said to be the costliest film in the career of the actor. SS Thaman composed the music and Balaji Cine Media bankrolled the film. Gautam Nanda has been carrying massive expectations and it has been aimed for July 14th release.

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Gopichand gets his Best ever Satellite Deal


Young actor Gopichand has been struggling to bounce back and he pinned all his hopes on Gautam Nanda which has been announced for July release. The recently released trailer is a massive hit all over and it raised the expectations on the film. Sampath Nandi directed this mass and action entertainer, Hansika and Catherine essayed the female leads. Now the latest we hear is that the film’s satellite rights have been bagged for a record price.

Leading tv channel Gemini tv acquired the rights for a massive price of Rs 5.5 crores which is the best satellite deal in Gopichand’s films. Gautam Nanda is even the costliest ever in his career and the business of the film has been closed in all the territories. Top producer Dil Raju acquired the Nizam rights for a price of Rs 6.3 crores. The Ceeded rights have been sold for Rs 4 crores and AP rights fetched Rs 11 crores for the makers. The Hindi dubbing rights are said to be sold for Rs 4.75 crores which is huge.

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Gautam Nanda Teaser : Spectacular Visuals


Versatile actor Gopichand scored massive hits in his career however he owes a blockbuster for Tollywood. The actor’s recent outings have been struck in financial hurdles and he pinned all his hopes on Gautam Nanda. Directed by Sampath Nandi, Gautam Nanda is the costliest film in the actor’s career. Hansika and Catherine Tresa played the female leads in the film and the makers released the first teaser of the film on the occasion of Gopichand’s birthday.

The teaser looks extremely impressive and hints that the film has been laced with all the commercial ingredients. Stupendous visuals, powerful presentation and Gopichand’s energetic performance along with his stylish look are the highlights of the released teaser. SS Thaman composed the music and Sri Balaji Cine Media produced the movie. Gautam Nanda is all set for July release this year. Hope Gopichand bounces back with Gautam Nanda.

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Gopichand back as Antagonist

Young actor Gopichand impressed the audience big time in characters with negative shades. We still remember his intense performance in movies like Jayam, Varsham and Nijam. Now the latest update is that the actor will be seen as the antagonist in his next film Gautam Nanda which completed shoot and is waiting for release. Gautam Nanda will showcase Gopichand in two completely different roles and one among them will have negative shades. Gopichand will be seen in a never seen look and his look with negative shades has been kept under wraps.

Gautam Nanda is busy with the post-production work and the first poster of the film kept the actor trending. Hansika and Catherine essayed the female leads in the film which is the costliest film made in Gopichand’s career. Produced by Sri Balaji Media, Gautam Nanda is set for July release this year.

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