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“Jabardast” question before RK Roja


The hottest topic of discussion in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh these days is whether actor-turned politician RK Roja, the MLA from Nagari in Chittoor district, will become a minister in YS Jagan’s cabinet. Though a two-time MLA, the ministry has been eluding her all these days mainly due to unfavourable caste equations.

But the question bigger than whether she becomes a minister is whether she will stop being a judge in the Jabardast show. Yes. This is the most debated topic and there are reasons for this. The show borders on the lewd and some of the skits are way too below the belt and bawdy. Yet, Roja did not stop being a judge in the show despite becoming an MLA and the chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (APIIC).

The second and the bigger objection is that the show is aired in a TV channel that is known for anti-Jagan approach. Despite its political stand, Roja continues to be on the show. This has been questioned by several YSRCP leaders. But, Roja has steadfastly maintained that she has been on the show even before she became an MLA and even before the YSRCP came to power. Hence, there is no reason why she should shun it, she argues.

But, being an MLA or being the chief of a corporation are different. But, should she continue on the show even after becoming a minister? This is the question being posed in political circles. In fact the likes of NTR have acted in films even after becoming the CM. Similarly, the likes of Ch Vidyasagar Rao anchored TV debates even after being an MLA. TDP MP Shiva Prasad (now deceased) used to act in films even while he was an MP. So, what is wrong with Roja doing a show on TV, ask her supporters.

But, will Jagan allow her to continue with the Jabardast show if she is made a minister? Well! One has to wait and see how things shape up.

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Adirindi vs Jabardasth war reaches peaks


TV channels competing for TRP rating is not a new thing. But the specific program in one channel waging war with another program in a different channel is not very common. In Telugu tv world, one such war is currently going on. The war between the programs Jabardast and Adirindi seems to have reached peaks this Sunday. Details as below.

Mallemala team showing doors to directors of Jabardasth, Nagababu, and comedians of Pataas:

Jabardast program that is telecast on Thursday and Friday on ETV has been a very successful program in the Telugu TV industry. Nagababu, one of the hosts in this program, recently quit this show owing to the differences with Producers of the show. Prior to this, Nitin and Bharat, the directors of the show were shown the door by the production team of Jabardast. As per reports, Nagababu didn’t like the way the directors of the show, who put their entire efforts for this program, were removed from the show and that finally led to his exit. Mallemala team, the producers of Jabardasth, who also produced Pataas show did the same with several comedians of Pataas show earlier.

Jabardast extra show on Sunday to clash with Adirindi:

Now all those who got offended by Mallemala team, including the directors Nitin and Bharat, Nagababu, comedians of Pataas joined the new show with the title ‘Adirindi’ that is telecast in ZEE. This program is telecast on Sunday 9 pm while Jabardast is telecast on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 pm and so there is no clash between these programs. Adirindi program started last week and it is just 2nd episode this Sunday. But Jabardast program that is usually telecast on Thursday and Friday is telecast on this Sunday at the same time of Adirindi program, probably to hamper prospects of Adirindi show in the initial stage itself. It looks like Jabardasth makers intentionally telecast one of the old episodes of Jabardast at the time of the telecast of Adirindi.

Adirindi seems to be successful but…

On the other hand, ‘Adirindi’ program also seems to be successful and it garnered almost the same kind of views on youtube. As the artists in this show – Dhanaraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra, and RP are already familiar faces to the audience. But the initial hiccups are clearly visible. Even though Adirindi is entertaining the audience, the skits are not yet on par with those of Jabardasth


Telugu audience loves comedy. That’s why we have so many comedians in our industry. Definitely, there is scope for more comedy programs in TV industry and there is no need to kill the prospects of other programs for any of these programs. Makers of these programs need to realize that there is no need for unhealthy competition or predatory practices. More comedy programs also mean work for more TV artists.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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Bandla to replace Nagababu?


Bandla Ganesh is making comeback as an actor after a long gap in Mahesh Babu’s upcoming release ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’. Bandla Ganesh is a favorite on social media as he made a lot of nonsensical comments during the Telangana elections. His statements have become fodder for the meme makers. It also helped him resurrecting his acting career.

Now, he has been offered to replace Naga Babu in a reality show. With Naga Babu exiting as the judge of the popular TV program ‘Jabardasth’, the production house has approached Bandla Ganesh to step in. This proves that Bandla has attained popularity with his comic antics.

But Bandla has not yet decided about the show. He is more interested in doing roles in movies.

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Pressure from Jagan made Roja take a break from Jabardasth?


As the latest promo of adult comedy show, ‘Jabardasth’ that gets aired on ETV has a change in the show judges, various rumours have currently hit the media circles. With Nagababu and choreographer Sekhar taking the seat as judges, the absence of Roja is widely discussed now.

From a long time, there are rumours that actress, Nagari MLA Roja is under pressure from YS Jagan, the current CM of Andhra Pradesh, to quit Jabardasth. It was felt that she will quit the comedy show after she has won in the 2019 elections. Beating all the rumours, she is back on the show, sitting in the judge’s seat along with Nagababu.

A fresh set of rumours coming from political circles says that after Roja made a foul cry for not getting Minister post, Jagan offered her APIIC Chairman post over a condition. That is nothing but quitting all sort of movie and TV work in order to appear like a full-time politician. As Roja is now out of the next week’s episode, many are buying in that rumour.

On the contrary, Roja has shot for Vinayaka Chavithi special episode along with Nagababu and is likely to return to Jabardasth after taking a short break as per insiders in Mallemala group that produces this show.

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Jabardasth : Rashmi out and Hari Teja in?


Hari Teja in Jabardasth

Hari Teja who got fame with Bigg boss program is now getting several opportunities from movie industry as well as TV industry. There is a news doing rounds currently about Hari Teja replacing Rashmi Gautham in Extra Jabardasth program.

Mallemala productions seem to have approached Hari Teja for this program. As this is one of the most popular program on Telugu TV, seems Hari Teja has immediately accepted the role. Another news doing rounds is that Rashmi herself expressed her desire to take a break from Jabardasth program as she got opportunity for Bigg boss
season -2..

So, it seems Hari Teja and Rashmi are swapping their roles. There is no official confirmation yet on this. Also it is not clear whether Rashmi is completely moving out or she is just taking break for 10 weeks. Anyway official confirmation on this is still awaited.

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Chiranjeevi vs Pawan Kalyan on Jabardasth, Roja left in tears


Dasara Mahostavam Special Event of Jabardasth is all set to be telecasted on Etv on 30th September 2017. The promo was interesting and quite controversial. Comedian Sudhir asks Judge Nagababu if Chiranjeevi is great or Pawan Kalyan who came in the middle.

A furious Nagababu was seen leaving the sets of the show. This possibly could be an act put-up by Sudhir along with Nagababu who are known to be good at doing such controversial stuff in the name of comedy.

The episode also shows the emotional side of Roja who otherwise is a firebrand. She was seen relentlessly weeping and crediting her win in 2014 assembly elections to the Jabardasth show. As the show witnessed sentimental moments, Anchor Anasuya passed out.
Roja’s crying was in spur-of-the-moment but we have to wait and watch what went about with the Anasuya.

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