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Its my government next, says Jaganmohan Reddy


Guntur: YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy declared that his party is all set to come to power in the State in the next elections. Addressing at the two-day protest that he had launched here on Monday seeing remunerative prices to the farmers, Jaganmohan Reddy wanted farmers and the people to wait for two years as this government would not solve their problems. “We are winning the election and we are coming to power. It is our government that is set to come to power next time. Wait till then,” was what he said before sitting in his protest.

Jaganmohan Reddy would be on protest to highlight the problems of the farmers and seeking creation of price stabilisation fund with Rs 5,000 crore as promised by Chandrababu Naidu during the elections.
Meanwhile, Minister for Agriculture Somireddi Chandramohan Reddy and Minister for Civil Supplies Prathipati Pullarao took strong exception to Jaganmohan Reddy’s protest. The Ministers said that the YSR Congress chief had no right to talk about the farmers as his party recognise them during the elections. The Ministers said that the government was taking every step to help the farmers and get remunerative price. The AP government had written twice to the Central government seeking its intervention and increase in the minimum support price. Though the central government had not responded yet, the State government had swung into action and started to purchase paddy, chillies, turmeric and other agriculture produce at various markets. The Ministers said that they were personally supervising the procurement at the market yards in the State and thus helping the farmers.

The Ministers appealed to the farmers not to be carried away by the misleading campaign by Jaganmohan Reddy. They said that the TDP government was doing better than the previous Congress government though the State started with revenue deficit.

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Interesting reason behind CBI seeking cancellation of Jagan’s bail


Jagan bail Cancellation petition by CBI

The CBI officials have filed a petition which was accepted by the CBI Court requesting the cancellation of bail to Jagan in connection with the disproportionate Assets case.Telugu360 has accessed the petition filed by CBI to comprehend the reasons for the serious action based on mere an interview of Former Chief secretary Mr. P.Ramakanth Reddy I.A.S.

The reasons are quite interesting, MR. Ramakanth had flip flopped on his words. During the course of the investigation, he witnessed against Jagan, but in the recent sakshi media interview, he spoke for the accused. This has triggered the ire of CBI, which other wise wouldn’t care if some one else ( than a witness) talks in media. Sakshi media appears to be blundered by interviewing one of the prime witnesses in  Jagan’s case when case is in trial phase.

Role of P.Ramakanth Reddy during the investigation:

P.Ramakanth Reddy is a 1973 batch Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer who was Finance Secretary and later became Chief Secretary during Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy’s regime.He is prime witness in Vanpic case (4th Charge sheet) and Indu Tech Zone (9th charge sheet) who mentioned that misdeeds transpired.
The CBI petition reads that,during the course of investigation Ramakanth Reddy clearly pointed out the irregularities committed in processing the files which were against the principals of the rules of business and the appurtenant responsibilities of the respective public servants on violation.

Ramakanth Reddy’s Sakshi Interview:

The interview was pre-recorded and aired on Sakshi News Channel and the contents have been published in Sakshi Daily Newspaper on 26th Feb 2017. The former IAS officer said that Jagan never wrote a letter or got in touch with him over phone seeking favours.In his interview Ramakanth stated that he asked then CBI JD two questions whose responses made him say “I don’t trust your investigation”. As per his observations CBI is unaware of the rules and procedures of AP secretariat or the Chief Secretaries.

CBI Petition on cancellation of bail to Jagan:

The CBI in its latest petition clearly stated that Jagan has been delaying the trail at this stage of arguments on charges by giving various reasons to prolong the proceedings on one pretext or the other. Further, CBI accused Jagan has influenced or dissuaded Mr P.Ramakanth Reddy.

M/S Jagathi Publications which is listed as accused in the case,interviewed the witness Ramakanth Reddy. CBI said that the witness made unjustified observations and comments, conflicting with the statements given before CBI. It also said that such statements will damage the course of pending trial against Y.S Jagan and others. They mentioned that the CS undoubtedly stated that the cases would not withstand the judicial scrutiny

CBI termed the statements of Ramakanth regarding the mode of investigation and fate of the case as “unwarranted”.

As Jagan was released on conditional bail,the second condition of the bail states “The Petitioner/A1 shall not directly or indirectly make any inducement threat or promise to any person acquainted with the facts of the case so as to dissuade him to disclose such facts to the court or to any other authority

Since Ramakanth is main witness in the two charge sheets against Jagan, by telecasting and publishing the interview, the YCP leader has violated the second condition of the bail, which subsequently led to filing of the petition by CBI.

Mr.Jaganmohan Reddy is in trouble clearly, it will be an interesting legal battle for him next two three weeks.

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Jagan appoints international committees


YSR Congress party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy today appointed party committees for Singapore and Uk&Europe.
The committee for Singapore:

Singapore committee
Committee for UK & Europe
UK &Europre

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Nara Lokesh critcises Jaganmohan


Knowing from the media that he will be invited to foundation laying ceremony for the capital on October 22, the main opposition party in Andhra Pradesh YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy on Thursday evening released an open letter stating that he will not be attending the event as he does not want to be a part of any scams. He also alleged that the state government is developing the real estate business and not the capital city.

Reacting on Jagan’s comment, Nara Lokesh who is the TDP general secretary at both AP and Telangana came hard on Jagan. He stated that Jagan is not able to come to his senses that the dream of AP people is coming true.

He also asked the YSRCP’s leader to donate his 1 lakh cr for Amaravati.

Criticising Jagan, Lokesh tweeted, “Unfortunate Jagan declined to be part of building Amravathi. Hope it comes to his senses that it’s a dream come true for 5cr Andhrites. If he changes his mind, can be part by donating his 1L Cr @ http://www.amaravati.gov.in first, before making baseless comments on @ncbn.”

We have to wait and see how YSRCP will counter these comments from the son of Chandrababu Naidu.

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“Jagan trying to score brownie points with Modi”


Jagan came under heavy fire from Congress for his anti-Rahul remarks from Jantar Mantar. Though entered late into the fray, Jagan, with his big presence in the Assembly and outside, wants to grab attention in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, Jagan gave the call for  New Delhi dharna only after Rahul Gandhi questioned from Anantapur district and announced  that he would come to any place in Andhra Pradesh and anytime to fight to get special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

The self-immolation of  its worker Munikoti in Tirupati on Saturday, chanting, Jai Congress and Jai Sonia, has given Congress new lease of life. Now, Jagan wants to hijack the issue from Congress. He mobilized two train-loads of people to New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for a dharna and a march to parliament. Congress sees Jagan’s visit to Munikoti’s house on Tuesday is also a  part of the larger strategy.

Andhra Pradesh Congress president N Rahuvira Reddy accused Jagan of trying to sabotage the movement. He said attacking Rahul, who was genuinely fighting for special status, was tantamount to sabotaging the movement and split it.

He said Jagan had courage to criticize PM Modi, who was primarily responsible for denying the special status.

“In stead of joining our movement, you are criticizing Rahul. What would be the motive other than creating a split and earn kudos from Prime Minister Modi,” Raghuvira asked. By talking too much, Jagan was exposing his immaturity of politics, the PCC president said.

He reiterated the party stand that Congress would file cases against Prime Minister Modi, urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu and  chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for openly betraying the people of the state in all  1200 police station across Andhra Pradesh.

In Delhi, Rajya Sabha member J D Seelam also launched a scathing attack on Jagan.

“For fifteen months you have never raised the issue. It is the Congress which has been consistently demanding special status. You took up the matter and  gave a call for Dharna only after Rahul Gandhi declared his support and launched a campaign for achieving Special Status, ”  former union minister and Congress Rajya Sabha member JD Seelam said.

Pointing to Jagan’s remarks against Rahul, he said, the remarks were meant to earn some brownie points from Prime Minister Modi.

“Everybody knows you have moved closer to Modi to save your skin from the court cases. You want to reassure Modi that your don’t  have soft corner for the AICC vice-president,” he alleged.

Seelam reminded Jagan that it was Rahul who coined the slogan, ” Special status -Andhra’s right” which had become a mantra on tongues of every Telugu person.

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state bandh: Jagan’s ultimatum to CM


YSR Congress party president and leader of opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy issued an ultimatum to state government to find a solution to the municipal sanitary workers strike in four days or else, he said, his party would give a call for a state-wide bandh.

Jagan, who was on Rythu Bharos Yatra in Anantapuram district, spoke to municipal workers who came down to Kambaduru where he was camping to present a memorandum seeking his support to their demands.

Municipal workers across the state have been on strike for two weeks demanding a hike in their wages.

Jagan took strong objection to the government’s apathy towards striking employees, contract, and outsourcing workers. Stating that the increase of wages for municipal workers would not put a burden more than Rs 200 crore to Rs 300 crore he said  allowing the strike to continue would cost more to the society if the non-cleaning of streets triggered an outbreak of deceases. He asked Naidu to call the employees for talks and find a solution to the legitimate issues raised by them.

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CM Should Quit on Moral Grounds: Jagan


Blaming Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu responsible for the stampede in which many devotees were crushed to death at the Pushkar ghat, YSRC president and Opposition leader  Jagan Mohan Reddy demanded he  should quit on moral grounds.

“Though  Saraswathi ghat was reserved for VIPs, Chandrababu Naidu opted to offer puja at the main Pushkar ghat and it was blocked for two-and-a-half hours for the devotees. When the barricades were removed there was sudden surge as the devotees were waiting for long,” he said in Rajahmundry on Tuesday. Upon coming to the news of stampede Jagan immediately rushed to the Rajahmundry.

There was no need for Chandrababu Naidu to be at the pushkar ghat which is meant for general public he said adding that just for the sake of publicity  he opted to offer puja at the main ghat so that he would seen by general public.

With Chief Minister at the main ghat, he said, the officials became over cautious and blocked all the ways as devotees, who came for far of places became restless as it was 2.5 hours after sunrise and there was no let up by the officials.

“Once the barricades were opened they rushed in like a surge resulting in the stampede in which scores are killed and injured,” he said.

“The ordering of a judicial inquiry is just an eye wash. You cannot bring the thousands of visiting devotees as witnesses. Chief Minister should own responsibility and quit,” he said.


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