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Kerala, Karnataka fight over who owns K


Both Kerala and Karnataka are fighting over K. Sounds strange? Yes. Both the states are fighting over the use of K for their respective state transport corporations. Karnataka calls its state transport service as Karnataka State Transport Corporation and Kerala calls its service as Kerala transport service. The acronyms for both are KSRTC. Since 2014, a fight is raging between Kerala and Karnataka as to who should use the acronym KSRTC.

There is a reason for fighting over such small things. The Karnataka SRTC has registered both KSRTC.com and KSRTC.in as its online domains. So, many Keralites are booking tickets through these websites thinking they represent Kerala transport service. As a result, Kerala is using heavily in terms of revenue.

In 2014, Karnataka had got KSRTC registered with the Trade Marks Registrar. Not just that. It even served a notice to Kerala SRTC not to use the acronym.. Kerala had approached the Trade Marks Registrar, but its appeal was rejected. Thus began a tussle for K. Later both went to the court. Kerala had contended that it was using KSRTC even before Karnataka has set up its transport corporation.

As a proof of this, Kerala government has submitted clips from a film called “Kannur Deluxe”, where in a bus is shown plying between Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram. It said it has the first user advantage as per Section 34 of the Trade Marks Act.

Since Karnataka is using KSRTC.com and KSRTC.in, Kerala is using KeralaSRTC.com for its online ticket booking portal. As Karnataka is using both the portals, Kerala is losing heavily in the inter-state services. So, the fight over K continues even as both the states say this is not a fight between the two states.

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Election Counting: Initial results conform to the predictions

Today is a big day in the political arena of India. By the end of today, we will have the results for not only the state assembly elections of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Assam and Kerala , but also for the bypoll elections of Nagarjunasagar and Tirupati. The initial results in all these areas seem to conform to the predictions. Details as follows.

Ruling party advantage in bypolls:

In the initial rounds, Nomula Bhagat, the ruling TRS party’s candidate in Nagarjunasagar,is in the leading. The Congress candidate and the veteran Jana Reddy is trailing and the BJP candidate does not seem to have made any impact as of now.

YSRCP candidate Guru Murthy is also leading in the Tirupati MP by-election. In the first round of counting in Tirumala, a total of 3,000 votes were counted and out of them 2,500 votes were polled to the YSRCP. Telugu Desam Party candidate Panabaka Lakshmi came out of the counting center after seeing these results. YSRCP leaders are signaling that they are going to win by a huge majority, TDP party, however, is alleging that YSRCP did election mal-practices by bringing fake voters from other places. It is interesting to note that BJP did not even have a counting agent in Tirupati.

Stalin will be next CM of Tamil Nadu?

In Tamil Nadu, the DMK alliance racing towards the magic number. The AIADMK party, which has garnered a lot of anti incumbency since Jayalalithaa’s death, is lagging behind. But the party is actually performing better compared to some of the exit polls that predicted wash out of the AIADMK party. Meanwhile, DMK chief ministerial candidate Stalin and AIADMK chief ministerial candidate Palaniswami are leading in their respective constituencies. Along with them, TTV Dinakaran and film actor Kamal Haasan are also leading in their respective constituencies. Another actress Khushboo is lagging behind though. The DMK, however, is heading for a clear lead. Out of total 234 seats, DMK is showing lead in 134 seats at the moment.

In Puducherry, the NDA continues to have a slight lead. It is known news that the BJP overthrew the Congress government through the lieutenant governor just a few months before the elections. Out of 30 seats, AIADMK-BJP alliance is leading in 13 seats while DMK-Congress is leading in 8 seats.

West Bengal highlights: TMC leading but Mamata trailing

The neck to neck battle continues in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is leading in 161 seats while BJP is leading in 116 seats at the moment. Left party, that ruled the state for decades earlier, is now leading only in 5 seats. Another highlight is, though TMC is leading and racing towards the clear majority, the party supremo Mamata Banerjee is trailing behind BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari. It is known news that he was earlier with TMC and was at top 2 position but he defected into BJP in the last minute.

NDA leading in Assam

Even in Assam, the results are in line with exit polls. The NDA alliance is leading in 59 seats while the UPA alliance is leading in 26 seats only. NDA is reaching towards clear majority here.

LDF leads in Kerala

In Kerala, the LDF Is all set to rewrite history and get into power for the second time. Out of 140 seats, LDF is leading in 78 seats. UDF is leading in 60 seats. Metro Sreedharan, the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate, is also in lead. Similarly, Chief Minister Vijayan also in lead. Congress chief Omen Chandy is also in the lead. The competition continues mainly between the LDF and the UDF. The NDA coalition is leading in only 2 seats.

The final results are expected by this evening.

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Industry shall speak as one voice soon: Kamal on TN theatre strike


Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan on Monday said Tamil filmdom will speak with “one voice” on the ongoing cinema theatres shutdown in the state following the government’s decision to levy 30 per cent entertainment tax over the newly implemented GST.

The Goods and Services Tax came into effect from July 1.

Speaking at the launch of a dubbing studio here on Monday, Kamal told the media: “The entire industry is gathering together and we shall speak as one voice soon.”

Theatres across Tamil Nadu have been shutdown from Monday in protest against the double taxation.

On June 30, Abirami Ramanathan, President of the Tamil Nadu Film Chamber of Commerce, said the government should fall in line with the other southern states’ tax slab.

While a Rs 100 ticket in the neighbouring states (Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka) would cost Rs 118 post-GST, it would cost Rs 148 in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the government’s additional 30 per cent state tax on the ticket.

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DJ is a Tribute for Mallu Fans: Bunny

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is back with his next movie titled Duvvada Jagannadham. Harish Shankar directed the movie and it features Allu Arjun as a Brahmin cook. His traditional look (Panche Kattu) has been getting wide response from the audience. Speaking during the promotions of Duvvada Jagannadham, Allu Arjun said that he has a huge fan base in Kerala and whenever he has been there, Bunny was asked to turn traditional for his next film.

Bunny said that Duvvada Jagannadham and his look is a tribute to all his Kerala fans. After Harish Shankar narrated the Brahmin character, Bunny decided to essay the role in the traditional look. Pooja Hegde is the female lead and Devi Sri Prasad composed the music. Dil Raju is producing Duvvada Jagannadham on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. Duvvada Jagannadham is all set for June 23rd release.

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Rohini Plays a Tribal Woman in Baahubali

Is this is the first time you’ve worked on a period film?

No, Yashoda Krishna is my first film; I have done mythology before. I acted in Kota Lo Paaga when I must have been barely eight. When something as old as 1000 years is being recreated, we get to know how we lived then. In Bahubali’s case, Sabu kept it rustic. They had done so much home work, about what they cooked in their homes and offerings they would make to God. Every aspect and character has been designed meticulously. I have done art films where I have seen detailing but for a commercial film, I have never seen this kind of preparation. I greyed my hair for the role and I don’t even mind playing a granny’s role, if the role and story are good. I have worked for more than 30 days and I stay in the first part only.

What kind of excitement did you go through?

We went to Kerala, Athirapally waterfalls. Twenty days or so, we shot there and moved back to RFC. It was so exciting in Kerala; I have been there and shot for so many Malayalam films but I never went to the interiors like I had gone for Bahubali. It is risky, we could slip from the stones; it is a terrain we never explored but Rajamouli and Peter Hein would lead and we would follow them. The detailing for every shot, every gesture is something you should see to believe it. For me, the excitement is to work with a film maker who is dedicated, in such a commercial set up.

What did you observe about Rajamouli?

Many directors like Kamal Haasan, Balu Mahendra don’t move until they get what they want. Even I don’t give up. I remember for Virumandi (Potharaju), it  was shot in live sound (even for Yashoda Krishna). Soon after the shoot, he would go back and would edit there itself. There was something wrong once and he returned to shoot the entire episode again. I grew up watching such film makers and to see that that kind of single mindedness in Rajamouli, I was obviously excited. He keeps a frame and decides what he wants. Ikkada seleyaru ravali, ikkada pedda chettu undali and he gets it. To get that, we need to keep certain things ready, pumping water to that place, uprooting and getting trees with mud. It is either generated or he uses special effects. With that kind of preparation for every frame, not much time would be wasted.

On the people around him

He had ten technicians or so on his finger tips who would get what he wanted. On one side, I would see the people making Siva Lingams and I kept watching them. They must have made 100 Siva Lingams for Bahubali. It was like an industry where there were tents. I am just citing an example of Siva Lingam but there are lot more things. Everyday I would go and see how and why they are making. The battle field, the caves would be made then and there itself; it was fantastic.  For me Bahubali is big because of the director not compromising and not moving on till he got what he wanted. He would re-shoot if it was not perfect. I dubbed for both Telugu and Tamil.

Your current projects

At the moment I am leaving for Paris to do stage shows. Theatre needs a lot of time. For one play, we need to invest that time and also there is no money. I have three shows in Paris, supported by an Indian cultural wing and we’re invited by a French theatre. I shot for a Malayalam film recently for Abrid Shine, the director of 1983 and it’s his second project. It is a great role that comes in the end and has one long sequence. Nivin Pauly is one of the producers for this film and as an actor, I was motivated by the work we did.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)

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