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Bigg boss 4: Kumar Sai to re-enter?

Bigg boss season 4 is going in a directionless way. With each week, for the last 4 weeks, the graph of the show is going down. As per the latest update, Bigg boss makers are planning to re-enter Kumar Sai into the house again. Details as below.

Bigg boss season4 makers’ overconfidence:

Bigg boss show got better in Telugu with the passing of each season. Bigg boss season 2 was much bigger than big boss season 1 in terms of the number of votes polled in the grand finale. Bigg boss season 3 broke all the previous Bigg boss Telugu records in terms of TRP. Seems this success made the team Bigg boss 4 over-confident. Their over-confidence and take it for granted attitude was visible right from the list of housemates. They selected contestants who are not known to the audience much. Audiences don’t know many of them like- Sohail, Akhil, Ariyana, Mehboob, Divi, etc Audience wants to see how the celebrities behave in different situations rather than youtube stars who are just like the guys next door.

Kumar Sai’s unfair eviction:

The overconfidence of makers doesn’t stop at the selection of the contestants but they thought they can ‘design’ and manipulate the game and fool the audience and still tell that the eliminations are based on the voting of the audience. When Devi was eliminated, the audience thought she might have got fewer votes despite having a good name. But when Monal was getting the worst feedback and least votings on every social media handle and yet getting saved, the audience was clear that Bigg boss makers are running this season as per their whims and fancies. Everyone opined that Kumar was made the scapegoat to save Monal.

Bigg boss in correction mode now?

Even after getting negative feedback during Kumar Sai eviction, Bigg boss makers continued to eliminate strong candidates and save the ‘Pulihora batch’ (the name given the contestants who think flirting with others in the house is better than playing the game to continue in the show). All this backfired and currently, the show is receiving terribly bad feedback. Nagarjuna stopped announcing the ratings long back. Netizens stopped voting because they know it doesn’t really matter. All this seemed to have reached the Bigg boss team. They want to address the issues. By re-joining Kumar Sai, it seems, they want to address the negative feedback on the show.

As of now, Kumar Sai re-entry is just a rumor. We need to wait and see whether Kumar will rejoin the house or not.

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Kumar Sai was made a scapegoat by Bigg boss to save Monal?

There were reports from Friday that Bigg boss planning to save Monal despite she got the least number of votes this week. Now Bigg boss proved them true.

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Is Bigg boss turning biased?

It seems Bigg boss is turning biased towards certain contestants. In one of the previous episodes, when Mehaboob was in nominations, Bigg boss gave Sohail, the then captain of the house, a chance to save someone in the house. He would save Mehaboob, given their friendship, and finally, he did the same. It seems, in Telugu Bigg boss, this trend started only in season 3. In season 1 and season 2, Bigg boss eliminated based on the votings and the decisions of Bigg boss were very much incongruent with the opinions of the audience.

In season 3, during the week when Rohini was evicted, as per reports, Rahul was supposed to leave the house. But Bigg boss wanted to ‘push’ the romantic thread of Punarnavi and Rahul to the audience for a few more weeks so that the thread gets registered with the audience. For the same reasons, he saved Punarnavi during the week when Ramya Krishna hosted the show.

Monal got the least votes this week:

As per the reports, and also as per the predictions by every social media handle that follows Bigg boss Telugu, Monal got the least votes. But she has been giving a lot of footage to the show by running a romantic thread with Akhil. She also initially tried to move close with Abhijit but he didn’t like her hypocrisy. Meanwhile, she got a lot of negative feedback for the double standards she demonstrated. E.g. during the nominations, she shouted at Abhijit not to tarnish her image as all this will be aired on a national channel. But the same Monal was seen hugging and flirting with Akhil after lights went off. Moreover, her continuous weeping also irritated the audience. All this reflected in the votes.

Kumar Sai was made scapegoat:

As soon as reports came out that Bigg boss wanted to save Monal despite getting the least number of votes, many started predicting who would leave the house this week. In season 3, when the Bigg boss wanted to save Rahul despite getting the least number of votes that week, it was Shiva Jyothy who was in the next position. But Bigg boss wanted to save her also for some reason and all this became a bane for Rohini, who had to leave the house. Now the history repeated and it seems Kumar Sai was neither at the bottom rank nor the next rank as per the votings. But still Bigg boss chose him to evict and it’s just his bad luck.

Probably Bigg boss may need to listen to the feedback of social media and mend the ways and go by the voting if he doesn’t want to lose the audience.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Kumar Sai gets sympathy voting


Bigg boss season 4 entered into its 3rd week. Surya Kiran and Karate kalyani left the week in the past 2 weeks. This week, Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar Sai, Mehaboob, Monal, and Harika nominated for eviction. Out of these, one contestant who got sympathy voting is Kumar Sai. Details as below.

Sai entered as wild card contestant after the first week. Right from the day-1, the housemates didn’t mingle with him properly. He was even asked by the housemates to voluntarily nominate himself during the ‘boat task’ for the same reason. He conveyed the same to Nagarjuna that joining the house as wild card is actually a disadvantage. Even today also most of the contestants nominated him citing silly reasons. More than that, the way he was snubbed by the housemates like Akhil during the nominations also creating sympathy on Sai. At the same time, Sai is giving answers to the housemates without raising his voice.

Going by the trend, it seems Kumar Sai may get saved this week too. We need to wait and see who will leave the house this week.

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