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Centre: No Instruction Issued to Guv on Sec.8


Union Government clarified that no advisory had been sent Raj to Bhavan of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on the implementation of Section-8 of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act-2014. In the backdrop of political brouhaha over the reported legal advice to Governor ESL Narasimhan by Attorney-General of India, union law minister DV Sadananda Gowda cleared clouds of confusion over the issue. Two days ago NDTV reported that Attorney-General Mukul Rohatgi adivised the Governor Narasimhan that he could monitor the cash-for-vote scam inquiry being carried by Telangana ACB. The report raised a thick political dust in Telangana and Andhra Prades, with political parties taking open stand opposing and favoring the Rohatgi’s advice. While T-CM warned that he might have to sit on fast in Delhi in case governor intervenes in the investigation, other political outifits of Telangana stated that they would launch an agitation against governor’s special powers. Congress and intellectuals like Prof. Haragopal also joined chorus. On the other side of the boader in AP, ministers and civic organizations, launched concerted campaign for implementation of Sec. 8. However, YSRCP took a different stand and said there was no need for central clearance as the provision has already been in force since June 2, 2014. AP Congress sought CBI inquiry into cash-for-vote and telephone tapping. PCC president  Raghuvira Reddy is prepping to file a petition to this effect in AP High Court.  Amid this commotion, Sadanada Gowda told Times of India, that law ministry was the appropriate authority to issues such advisories. “ As per the procedure, the ministry of home affairs has to write to us seeking our opinion on such issues. The MHA, however, has never asked about our views. And there is no question of the law ministry writing to anybody on this,” he told a leading newspaper.


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What does Section-8 of AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 Deal With?


As TDP leaders and Andhra Pradesh chief minister, N Chandrababu Naidu continuously highlighting the need for implementation of Section-8 of AP Reorganisation Act. 2014, a large number of people in Telugu states are confused as to what this section would deal with and how it would benefit Andhra Pradesh.

Before we look into Section-8 of this act, it is pertinent to know what Section-5 of AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 as both sections deal with Hyderabad—the matter of concern for TDP leaders as of now.

Section-5 of this act has two sub-sections. While the first sub-section states that Telangana and Andhra Pradesh would have Hyderabad as common capital for a period ‘not exceeding ten years.’

The second sub-section of section five clearly mentions that Hyderabad, after the expiry of period as mentioned in sub-section one of section five, will be the capital of Telangana and there would be a new capital for the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Now, read on to know what the most-debated and demanded ‘Section-8’ highlights.

Section-8 of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 has four sub-sections. The first sub-section stresses that governor would have special responsibility to safeguard the liberty and property of people who reside in Hyderabad. 

According to the second sub-section of section eight, governor will handle the law and order, internal security and allocation and maintenance of government buildings in Hyderabad.

The third sub-section states that governor would take an independent decision regarding the matters mentioned above only after consulting the council of ministers of Telangana state.

Two advisors, appointed by the Central Government, will assist the governor, according to the fourth and last sub-section of the act.

Will it benefit Andhra Pradesh economically?

The answer is certainly no, as said by many legal experts and economists, as no where it’s mentioned in Section-8 that the revenue of Hyderabad would be shared with Andhra Pradesh. This section deals only with law and order besides allocation and maintenance of government buildings.

Why governor would consult council of minister of Telangana state?

Before taking any decision with regards to Section-8, the governor will consult the Telangana Government as Telangana police would act in Hyderabad, which will, however, be controlled by the governor.

All in all, TDP should now at least focus on development of north Andhra and Rayalaseema regions as the development in four Rayalaseema districts besides Vizianagaram and Srikakulam is limping.  Instead, the party leaders are choosing to fight on an issue that might benefit the party-given the ignorance of people on section eight-but will not benefit the region in any manner.

(Phani B)

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TDP Uses Brahmastram Against Governor, Repents Later


As cash-for-vote scam involving TDP legislator from Telangana region is intensifying with ACB reportedly getting a letter from the election commission asking its sleuths for a stringent probe, TDP leaders are trying to use all their brahmastrams.

It is known that TDP folks recently brought in section eight of AP Reorganisation Act into the picture. As Governor ESL Narasimhan is not responding despite TDP supremo Chandrababu meeting him time and again over the implementation of governor’s law and order in Hyderabad, the party leaders chose to target ESL Narasimhan, the constitutional head of the state.

TDP senior leader Acham Naidu recently, in a press meet, addressed the governor as ‘you’ (without a pinch of respect) and said that he was acting as a ‘gangireddu’ (meaning a bull). Lashing out at governor, Acham Naidu said why governor was tight lipped when KCR said that Andhra Pradesh police cannot execute their duties in Hyderabad.

Centre Serious:

The Centre, which noticed these severe objectionable comments made by Acham Naidu against the governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, has reportedly warned AP chief secretary that TDP leaders were launching verbal attacks against the governor.

Acham Naidu Apologizes and Withdraws:

After learning that Centre expressed its serious concerns over derogatory comments he made against governor, Acham Naidu spoke to the media and said that he was apologetic about the statements he made. He elucidated that he made those remarks only in agony after he looked at the situation of Andhra Pradesh. In case my statements had hurt governor, I withdraw them immediately, added Acham Naidu.

Need for Naidu to Control Leaders:

It is known that TDP leaders are speaking whatever they want that are sometimes lacking logic and sounding contradictory. Earlier, Parakala Prabhakar, who spoke about cash for vote scam has said that the voice in the audio tapes was not that of Chandrababu Naidu. Shortly, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said that the audio was fabricated. 

Even as these leaders continue to make contradictory statements, TDP MLC Somireddy went a step ahead and said that TRS was obstructing the bail of Revant Reddy. How can a political party influence the court was the question then. He was allegedly trying to send wrong messages to people on courts, which was again a matter of serious concern,

This confusion among leaders must be curtained. It is high time for Chandrababu Naidu to bring in a proper code of conduct within the party. Verbal attacks on political leaders are at times acceptable as criticism, however, using the same policy for courts, constitutional heads and constitution is highly not acceptable. 

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