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Is Mega family’s honeymoon with BJP over?


Is the Mega family sending clear indications that its honeymoon with the BJP is over? The Mega family of late has been getting closer to the BJP and have been making conciliatory statements. But, suddenly things seem to have soured a bit and they appear to be sending feelers that they are not happy with the BJP.

Pawan Kalyan and his close team of advisors are now said to be of the opinion that the alliance with the BJP was not benefiting the Jana Sena in any way. The BJP, they feel, is taking the Jana Sena for granted. Chiru, who gave some indications that he was getting closer to the BJP, has now focused on film shootings. He is not said to be talking politics with anyone.

But the biggest indication is the way Nagababu is behaving. Nagababu, who made several pro-Hindu noises and had even given interviews to known pro-BJP channels, is now backing Prakash Raj in the MAA elections. Prakash Raj’s antipathy with the BJP is well-known. He has in fact contested against the BJP in Bengaluru city. On several occasions, he has come out strongly against the BJP. By backing him in the MAA elections, he has indicated his disenchantment with the BJP.

Now, he has come up with a campaign for famed industrialist Ratan Tata as the next President of India. He has tweeted in support of hashtag #RatanTataforPresident. He said that he wants someone who does not play politics as the president of the country. This is an indirect indictment of the BJP. Sources say that Nagababu’s statements show that the family is done with the BJP. It is only a matter of time before Pawan Kalyan too opens up, those close to the Mega camp say.

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