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New web series planned with Big boss hot pair


Bigg boss season 4 Telugu that lasted for more than 100 days earned mixed response from the audience compared to the previous seasons. But the contestants of this season are getting much better options compared to the contestants of other seasons. Now Akhil and Monal, who were considered as hot pair In the house are now coming up with a new web series. Akhil revealed the news from his own social media handle. details as below.

In a big boss season 4, Abhijit won the trophy while Sohail received 25 lakhs prize money. However Akhil who stood as runner-up did not get anything. As long as big boss season 4 was being aired most of the audience were discussing about the chemistry between Akhil and Monal. Now one of the producers wanted to cash on the curiosity of the audience about the chemistry between Akhil and Monal. A web series is planned with Akhil and Monal as lead pair and is titled as Telugu Abbai, Gujarat Ammai. Incidentally Akhil is a Telugu boy and Monal is Gujarat girl.

While Monal has already bagged couple of opportunities after big boss, we need to wait and see whether Akhil too will settle down using the popularity earned during big boss season four Telugu.

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Satires on social media: Monal may be the Bigg boss-4 title winner


Bigg boss season 4’s downhill continues since last few weeks. Netizens have been firing on Bigg boss for being biased towards certain contestants and spoiling the show. Most of the evictions in this season looked like- not based on the voting pattern but the pre-determined decisions of Bigg boss makers. Especially most of the criticism is directed towards Bigg boss saving Monal and giving undue favors to her.

Monal got saved this week too:

Monal is one contestant who bottomed in the voting for most of the weeks. Every week, based on social media voting patterns, analysts announce that Monal got the least votes and may leave this week. But Bigg boss makers save her every week. This has been happening since the week when Kumar Sai left the house. Not only Kumar Sai, but many other housemates were made scapegoats to save Monal just because they didn’t have flirtatious relations in the house with anyone.

The secret of Monal getting saved:

Many opine that she is giving a lot of footage to Bigg boss show with her tears, flirting, and by becoming the cause for the fight between Abhijit and Akhil. Some others opine that there might be other reasons like having a good PR manager or having a prior agreement with the makers of Bigg boss while joining the show. Contestants like Surya Kiran in an interview revealed that they were communicated before joining the show itself that they will be in the house for only 1 or 2 weeks. This means Bigg boss editors might have intentionally telecast the footage of Surya Kiran that will negatively project him so that he would leave in 1 or 2 weeks as per agreement. If that is the case, they might have made a similar agreement with Monal to continue her till finals or for more than a certain number of weeks in the house, By seeing the way she is getting saved week after week, it looks like a possibility.

Satires that Monal may be title winner:

Now as Monal got saved this week also, most of the netizens are opining that Bigg boss makers might have already decided on day-1 to make her a finalist. There are just 2 more evictions in this season and Monal may get saved and become the finalist if she just survives these 2 evictions. It looks like Monal continuing next 2 weeks is very much possible as Bigg boss is intentionally giving tasks related to Monal to Akhil and Abhijit and dragging the torturous triangle story of Akhil-Monal-Abhijit.

Some netizens are asking that if Bigg boss can manipulate voting numbers during the eviction and send strong contestants out week after week, why can’t he do the same thing on the day of finals. Even though it looks like far-fetched logic and pure satire, it cant be really ruled out. At least, she may become a finalist. Bigg boss makers just have to make 2 more contestants ‘Bakhraas’ (scapegoats) to send her to the finale. Probably, in the process, they may also make the lakhs of the audience who watch the show and vote ‘Bakhraas’too.

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