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Mudragada writes yet another open letter to Pawan Kalyan

Former minister and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham, on Friday wrote yet another open letter to Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. He made it clear that he would be contesting the next general election in 2024.

He said that both Pawan Kalyan and the Jana Sena leaders have made him take a call on contesting the election. He said he was of two minds on contesting the election until Pawan Kalyan criticized him during his tour in Godavari districts.

In his strongly worded open letter, Mudragada blamed Pawan Kalyan and the Jana Sena leaders for criticizing him in the public meetings. He wanted to know if Pawan Kalyan had any evidence to prove that he had exploited the Kapus or had amassed wealth in the name of the Kapu movement.

Mudragada wanted to know if Pawan Kalyan had ever visited the Kapus in jail after Vangaveeti Ranga’s murder in 1988. He also wanted to know if the Jana Sena chief had ever met the family members of those who were jailed or killed for being with Vangaveeti Ranga.

He also posed a question asking him whether he is aware of the police cases filed against hundreds of Kapus in 1993-94 and had ever represented to the government to withdraw the cases.

Mudragada referred to the 2016 public meeting of the Kapus in Tuni and wanted to know whether the Jana Sena chief had ever visited any of those Kapus or their families or even ever tried to get the cases withdrawn by the government.

He also wanted to know whether Pawan Kalyan had visited any of the Kapu family members who were arrested during the recent struggle over naming of Konaseema district as Dr B R Ambedkar Konaseema district. The former minister wondered where the Jana Sena chief was when the Kapu youth were facing police cases or being victimized in different forms for the community.

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Will Kapu politics minus Mudragada work in AP?


Think Kapus and think Mudragada Padmanabham. Mudragada is one rare politician who shunned bright political career and ministerial positions to fight for the Kapu cause. He has become synonymous with the Kapu cause in AP. But, is there an attempt to sideline him and plan a Kapu movement sans Mudragada?

Of late, Kapu leaders such as former ministers Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Vatti Vasanth Kumar and former JD of the CBI VV Lakshminarayana have held a series of meetings in Hyderabad and other places to unify the Kapus and leverage on their numerical strength to get their due. However, this group has not so far either invited or taken Mudragada on board.

The group is all set to meet in Vijayawada again in the second week of February. A debate is now on as to whether to make Mudragada part of it. It is also not known if Mudragada himself is keeping a distance from the group. While the group wants only Kapus to come together, Mudragada feels that Dalits and Kapus should come together. He feels that this combo would be politically unbeatable.

But, will a Kapu formation without Mudragada work? Will they be able to inspire confidence among the Kapus especially in the wake of two successive failures to weaoponise Kapu community. Are the other leaders keeping away from Mudragada because he is being seen as pro-Jagan? Watch this space for further developments on the issue.

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Mudragada political future: To be Janasena MP candidate from Kakinada ?


Mudragada Padmanabham, Kapu leader fighting for Kapu reservations, may contest from Kakinada on Janasena ticket. This is the rumor currently circulated widely among political circles. With this rumor circulating widely, Kakinada politics and Mudragada political career became a discussion point once again.

Mudragada’s political career:

Mudragada Padmanabham one as MLA in 1978 from Janata Party for the first time. He was on winning spree in subsequent elections and he won in 1983 as independent, won in 1985 from TDP and again won in 1989 from Congress Party. For the first time he lost elections in 1994 from Congress Party and TDP candidate won over him. In 1999 he was Kakinada MP from Telugu Desam Party again. In 2004 elections he contested to Lok Sabha from same Kakinada and from same Telugu Desam Party but he lost the elections in 2004. In 2009 he joined Congress again and contested from Pithapuram but he lost it to Praja Rajyam Party candidate Vanga Geetha. He associated himself with Kapunadu since 1990s. He resigned his Ministry in N. T. Rama Rao’s cabinet and started Praja Rakshana Samiti. Later, he started the Telugu Nadu Party with K. E. Krishnamurti and K Jana Reddy but that party did not sustain. He also was associated with BJP for brief stint and helped Krishnam Raju win from Kakinada as MP in 1998. He supported YSRCP too for a very brief period. So, he was in several parties and he founded some parties too.

Mudragada moving towards Janasena?

Once, he was winning elections continuously, but later he lost his ground. He lost in 2004 and 2009. But in last couple of years again he gained image of the crusader of Kapu reservations. During Tuni incident, he was seen maintaining close relationship with Jagan but after recent U-turn from Jagan on Kapu reservations he seemed to have moved away from Jagan and his party. At the same time Pawan Kalyan spelling his stand on Kapu reservation very clearly seems to have attracted Mudragada to that party. He has welcomed Pawan’s announcement on Kapu reservations (https://www.telugu360.com/mudragada-welcomes-pawan-stand-on-kapu-reservations/). Moreover, there has been pressure from Kapu youngsters on him to join hands with Pawan but he used to tell them that he cannot take such decision unless Pawan supports the issue of Kapu reservations. But YSRCP, that supported Mudragada during Tuni is disappointed with these latest rumors.

Kakinada constituency and Kapu factor:

Kakinada has been forte of Kapu leaders. In last 30 years, except for one or two times (e.g. Krishnam Raju), always Kapu leaders won from this constituency. Mudragada last served as MP from this constituency in 1999. Later in 2004 and 2009 the seat was won by Pallam Raju from Congress. But after state bifurcation, like all other Congress leaders, he also lost the elections. In 2014 elections, TDP candidate Thota Narasimham won from this constituency. So f he contests from Kakinada, he has high chances of winning and if he joins, it may help consolidating Kapu vote bank towards Janasena.

So after seeing these latest developments, many political analysts are also predicting that he may contest from Janasena ticket in 2019. At the same time rumors are rife that he will contest again from Kakinada constituency. We will have to wait and see how true these rumors are and whether Mudragada will face elections again or will confine himself to be crusader of Kapu reservations without contesting elections.

-ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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Mudragada packs a punch on Jagan


Mudragada Padmanabham who has been fighting for Kapu reservations for last several years packed a punch to Jagan today.

It is known news that Jagan took U turn on Kapu reservations and announced yesterday that Kapu reservations is in the purview of union government but not state government and so he can’t assure on Kapu reservations. Jagan added, even though he will not be able fight for Kapu reservations or promise on Kapu reservations, he will be doubling the amount given to Kapu Corporation from 5000 crores to 10000 crores. Obviously his statement irked Kapu leaders.

Mudragada questioned Jagan, why he supported Kapu reservations after Tuni incident and why he announced his support on this issue in assembly. Doesn’t he know that it is in the purview of Central Government then, Mudragada questioned. He also delivered a punch on Jagan by questioning- several issues like special category status, railway zone are also in the purview of Central Government and why Jagan is fighting on those issues, if he can’t fight for Kapu reservations citing the reason that it is in the purview of Central Government.

As per analysts, this is one more self goal from Jagan and Kapu leaders themselves are finding it difficult defending his stand on Kapu reservations.

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Mudragada emulating TRS’s strategy


Mudragada, the main man behind agitation on Kapu reservations reacted on AP cabinet’s decision on granting 5% reservations to Kapus in education and employment. He responded that only 5% reservations for Kapus of all sects (Ontari, Balija, Telaga and Kapu), who comprise nearly 30 per cent of the state’s population, is not justified and he demanded for 10% reservations. However, the way Mudragada responded reminded the way TRS leaders responded when Congress party announced Telangana state. TRS leaders’ response was mainly on below lines –

  1. Telangana state realized not because of any party but it is the Telangana people who fought and won the Telangana statehood
  2. It is too early to celebrate. We will celebrate only when the bill is passed in both the states and President assents the bill. Because, we have seen this kind of gimmicks many times and are not ready to get cheated again.
  3. Congress delayed Telangana state by many years and so many lost the lives in the movement. Congress has to give the explanation for the delay.

Now Mudragada also trying to emulate KCR and other TRS leader it seems. At least that is the impression one gets by seeing his response. His response is mainly on below lines.

  1. Kapu reservations materialized only because of Kapu’s agitations and tough fight
  2. We wont completely believe CBN’s statement on Kapu quota and will celebrate only when this is added in 9th schedule of the constitution and merely passing the bill in AP assembly is of no use.
  3. Chandrababu promised to grant reservations to Kapus within 6 months of coming into power. But why did he delay so much.
    All the above responses are “exactly similar (of course, this is an oxymoron)” to the way TRS leaders’ response. But in addition to above, he added one more point –
  4. 5% reservations not sufficient to Kapus who are around 30% in population. At least 10% is needed.

But TRS leaders were succesful in convincing people that Telangana statehood was achieved mainly because of the people’s movement led by TRS. Will Mudragada also achieve similar credit by emulating TRS strategy? Only, time has an answer.

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Mudragada placed under house arrest again!


Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham, who was going to do a meet-and-greet (Aathmiya Palakarimpu) from Sunday in Konaseema was put under house arrest by the police today.

The police served notice to the former minister on his house arrest. Mudragada refused to take the notice, so they stuck it to the walls of his house. As per the notice, considering on the previous incidents, Mudragada has to mandatorily seek permission from police to conduct any event.

Police personnel have been heavily deployed at his residence to stop him from undertaking any event. Tense situation is allegedly being witnessed at Kirlampudi.

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Mudragada by changing tone confirmed TDP’s allegations


Telugu Desam party leaders have time and again accused Mudragada Padmanabam for acting on the behest of the YSR Congress party and trying to create rift between BCs and Kapus. By postponing the Chalo Amaravati Padayatra, the Kapu Patriarch has just confirmed the allegations.

Following TDP’s magnificent win in Nandyal, Mudragada is singing a different tune altogether. He who time and again said that Chandrababu is backtracking on election promise, went ahead to take credit for Nandyal bypoll. He reportedly advised Kapu community people to vote for TDP in Kakinada and Nandyal. The Kakinada Municipal Corporation Elections result will all be out tomorrow and with reports emerging that the ruling party has better chances of victory, his statements sound erratic.

Mudragada’s act of escaping the clutches of police when Chandrababu was touring in Kakinada, and trying to launch the Padyatra is clearly a political gimmick. It is evident from his comments that, “I have shown my calibre by marching 5km on Sunday”. The attempt was to show his calibre and not to pursue the walkathon after being foiled for 30days by the police.

By stating that he is senior to Chandrababu in the political trade, Mudragada clearly established that it was more of personal vendetta than for the cause.

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Mudragada defers his Padyatra until December


Mudragada Padmanabham has postponed his agitation seeking BC reservation for Kapu community. Following a meeting with the leaders of Kapu Joint Action Committee on Wednesday, the Kapu Patriarch gave a deadline of December 6 for the TDP government to accord BC status.

It may be recalled that, on Saturday Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that once the Manjunath Commission submits its report, a resolution will be passed in the Assembly and will be sent to Delhi for the authorization of the Union government.

Mudragada said that by December 6, the government should be able to get the endorsement from Delhi. He said that he voted for Chandrababu believing that he would accord BC status to Kapus. So now he is ready to give time to the government to pass the resolutions. He said that postponing the walkathon does not mean that he surrendered to the pressure from government, but instead he will be touring all the districts in the state to meet members of the Kapu community,

Recalling the incident on Sunday, Mudragada said that he has shown his calibre by not only escaping the clutches of the police but also protesting when the Chief Minister was in town.

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Mudragada requests Pawan Kalyan not to trust TDP

A day after Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu held discussions with Jana Sena chief about Kapu reservation, Mudragada Padmanabham on Tuesday wrote an open letter to Pawan Kalyan.

The Kapu leader noted that a biased Telugu daily wrote that CM expressed anguish over the demand for Kapu Reservation with Kalyan.

Andhra Jyothy reported, Chandrababu informed Kalyan that the GO (No. 30) issued by the then Chief Minister Kotla Vijay Bhaskar Reddy of Andhra Pradesh was struck down by high court as it had procedural gaps. So, with the help of Manjunath Commissions report the government wants to take forward the Kapu reservation without any loopholes following a process.

Mudragada cited a High Court judgement which says that the GO No 30 issued by the government was valid.

He wrote that Minister Atchannaidu had said on 8Feb2016 that Kapu reservation would be implemented within seven months (August 2016) of receiving BC Commission’s report. He said that it’s been three years since the TDP came to power and 18 months since Commission was appointed, yet there has been no progress.

Furthermore, he said that the government has been commenting that they taking support of Jagan, Modi and Trump for the Kapu agitation. He said that the government is blatantly telling lies and asked the Jana Sena chief not to heed to Chandrababu’s words.

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Mudragada’s house arrest extended, says CM is playing football


Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham was placed under house arrest for 24hours for initiating ‘Chalo Amaravathi’ Padayatra on Wednesday demanding reservation for Kapu. After the completion of 24hours, he endeavored the Padayatra on Thursday at 9.00am only to be placed under house arrest again. Police said that since he doesn’t have permission, he should avoid taking up the foot march. Mudragada retaliated, consequently the police put him under house arrest for one week until 2Aug2017.

Mudragada informed the media through his close associates on Wednesday night that the Padyatra is not stalled and will not stop under any circumstances. He reportedly said that political power is not eternal and that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is now playing football with citizens. He said that in the upcoming elections, people will play football with him.

He said that the Chief Minister has to fulfil the promises given to the people. Mudragada asked without understanding the possibilities of implementation, how did they give assurances during elections. He said that it is unfair for the ruling party to allege that Modi and Jagan are backing him

Police said that if the former minister violates the law he will be arrested but till then the house arrest will continue. The police continued to lay a siege at Kirlampudi village and specifically at Mudragada’s residence.

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Mudragada says he is not terrorist, Jagan questions CM


Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabam was furious over his house arrest and questioned, “Is this democracy or police monarchy?”. He appealed to the police to arrest him if there are any cases against him. Mudragada said that he is not a terrorist and should not be kept under house arrest. He accused the police of curtailing his rights and depriving liberty for his caste.

Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy took to twitter to respond on Mudragada’s confinement. He questioned the Chief Minister,”Why is Mudragada under house arrest? Aren’t Kapu’s requesting you to fulfil the promises you made in your election manifesto? Just because they are questioning you, how can you arrest, house arrest or bind over them? Why are police personnel deployed in thousands?”

Mudragada bawled that it is in bad taste of the government to obstruct the Padayatra seeking to fulfill the promises made during the election. He asked all the people of Kapu caste to visit Kirlampudi every day from 9.00am-10.00am till the government gives permission for the walkathon.

Home Minister Nimakayala Chinna Rajappa said that it is not right for Mudragada to behave offensively. He recalled that Chandrababu Naidu took permission when he launched Padyatra. He said that Mudragada will not be given permission for the walkathon at any cost.

Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao said that Mudragada is restoring to these tactics to mark his political existence. He questioned as to where was the Kapu leader during YSR regime when Kapu’s were run-down. Ganta said that the government will release a white paper on the funds allocated to Kapu Corporation.

However, the supporters of the former minister protested against his house arrest. There was tussle for brief moments between women and police who protested at P Gannavaram against the detention of Mudragada.

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Mudragada placed under house arrest for 24hours


Kapu community patriarch Mudragada Padmanabham is placed under house arrest in view of his ‘Chalo Amaravati Padayatra’ on Wednesday. Police prevented him from going on walkathon, so he had to return to his home. The police issued notices to the Kapu leader that he is placed in house arrest for 24 hours under Section 151 of CrPC. Prohibitory orders of Section 30 of the Police Act and Section 144 of CrPC have been imposed in the district. Drone cameras are reportedly being used to keep an eye on the Padayatra.

Mudragada said that the police were trying to curtail his rights and said that he would undertake the march under any circumstances. Police also detained several prominent Kapu leaders across the district.

High tension continues to prevail around the native village of Mudragada – Kirlampudi with nearly 2000 police personnel being deployed. As many as 5000 police personnel are deployed in the East Godavari District alone.

Director General of Police N Sambasiva Rao said that nobody sought permission for the Padayatra, especially with the proposed route plan covering several districts in the state.

It may be noted that, Mudragada announced padayatra from Kirlampudi to Amaravati covering 126kms including several villages and towns in 25 days. It is known that the former minister has been demanding reservation for Kapus.

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Kapu leader Mudragada asks Brahmins to show their mettle in elections

Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabam deplored the termination of IYR Krishna Rao from the chairmanship of Brahmin corporation and held that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu committed a grave mistake. He asked, the Brahmins to show their mettle in 2019 elections by dethroning TDP.

The former minister is all set to launch ‘Chalo Amaravati’ Padayatra from July 26 demanding Kapu Reservation. However, Home Minister Nimakayala Chinnarajappa stated that the government would not give permission to this fresh agitation as it would create law and order problems in the State.

Mudragada said that despite the obstacles they would go ahead with the indefinite march. Speaking on the occasion of releasing the route map for the Padayatra, he questioned the government’s responsibility in fulfilling the promises made during elections and in its manifesto.

In his letter to the CM, the former minister said that they are not asking quota in BC, but are seeking reservation under special category for Kapus. Criticising Chandrababu’s words, he said that there is no point in iterating that Kapu reservation will be given without doing injustice to BC. He alleged that the TDP chief is accustomed in creating rift among communities and said that the government has put the Kapu reservation issue in “cold storage”

Home Minister asked the Kapu youth to avoid falling prey to the designs of self-styled caste leaders. This is third such agitation by Mudragada even though Chandrababu was able to curtail such activisms previously. It is yet to be seen how the TDP supremo will respond to this revolt.

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Kapu Row : Interview with Kanna Babu (Ex-MLA , EG YSRCP President)


Telugu360  spoke exclusively with Mr.Kurasala Kannababu , who was a journalist by profession, a young and dynamic politician,  Ex-Kakinada MLA and Present YSRCP East Godavari Chief ,  about Kapu reservations and Mudragada hunger strike. Here are the excerpts :

Q: To begin with, can you please go through your education qualification and professional accomplishments?

My schooling took place at Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram in East Godavari as well as at Bhutala, West Godavari.  My college education, as a commerce student, took place at Rampachodavaram . And I pursued my PG in public administration at Vizag. I spent 18 years as a journalist.I began my career as a mandal level reporter and by the time I moved on to politics, I was working as a Principal Correspondent in EENADU. When I received an invitation from Chiranjeevi garu, I quit my job to join Praja Rajyam Party (PRP). Due to his encouragement, I was elected as an MLA from Kakinada Rural constituency.

Q: Where have you worked primarily?

A: I worked in Eenadu for 18 years; I also made my name as an investigative journalist during that time.

Q: When you were announced as an MLA candidate from PRP in 2009, the general public perception was ” A reputed journalist, educated and non-controversial person is entering into the politics “ and people hoped you should win. Were you aware of it?

A: Yes, and honestly I never expected to enter into politics. Chiranjeevi garu pointed out to me that if the society has to be improved, and then I have to step forward and do my duty on the right platform. Upon his encouragement, I ended up contesting as an MLA for the Kakinada Rural constituency and winning it.

Q: When the PRP  was being setup, did you request party ticket for election (or) did they initiate the process by counting on you as a good candidate?

A: Due to the acquaintance that I had with Chiranjeevi and Nagendra Babu, I used to visit them for discussing contemporary issues. In this way, my relationship with Chiranjeevi grew, he treated me like a brother.  He respects my opinions. Later, I gained more reputation as an MLA too with my work.

Q: In Assembly, you always stood out as one of the few who spoke very well  representing PRP. Can you explain your homework?

A: I gained a positive reputation for doing my homework on various issues while speaking in Assembly. Later, I also attended a Leadership Program at the Indian Business School as a representative of the government. At that time in 2012, there used to be a program called US Presidential Election watchers, in which US consulate selected a few young leaders from India to visit USA and closely observe the presidential election process. I was one of the six MLAs from India, and only one from Andhra Pradesh selected for this 21-day program. In those 21 days we had observed the way US election commission works; their parties’ presidential campaign and fund raising etc. key process areas.

Q: India is the biggest, US is one of the oldest democracy. What is your take on key differences between these two countries’ election process?

A: The differences are numerous and massive. It will end up being a big subject. So it is better if we talk about this topic independently next time

Q:  Sure, Let us go back to continue our talk about the times when you was an MLA

A:  PRP had then merged with the Congress Party. Then after a while, we had witnessed lot of historical events including state bifurcation, president rule. At that time I was active in Samaikhyandhra Udyamam. In 2014 elections, I didn’t want to content on a congress ticket. Congress leaders including Chiranjeevi garu requested me to contest on congress ticket but I preferred not to contest on behalf of the party which had divided my state. I contested 2014 elections as an independent and got 44,000 votes but lost with thin margin. After that recently I had joined YSRCP party. Our chief YS Jagan garu trusted my abilities and appointed me as East Godavari District president for YSRCP

Q: Since the hot topic now in East Godavari is about Kapu Reservation, let us talk about it. Our request is to keep your party (YSRCP) stand away, and express your personal opinion on the whole issue.

A : Kapu Reservation issue should be viewed from socio angle, but if you treat it as a law and order issue, this cannot be resolved. From 1960 to 1966 there were reservations for Kapus in AP,  and after 1966  for various reasons then chief ministers removed BC status for Kapus. Then Vijaya Bhaskara reddy garu inclined to add Kapus in BC but it did not materialize. So, this issue is not a new one but 60 years old. The reason it is flared up again now is Chandrababu Naidu garu added this issue to TDP 2014 manifesto, but no concrete process has been initiated even after 18 months he came to power. Then, Kapus got suspicious about Naidu’s commitment towards BC status to Kapus and the movement gained steam. After Tuni incident, things got flared up. Now, government is treating this as a law and order issue.

When Mudragada garu took up fast unto death last week i.e. second time, government has created panic in the district with the help of police. While disrupting Mudragada’s deeksha , police had shown highhandedness on family members. They did not spare Mudragada’s son , daughter-in-law nor even his wife. At the same time, government has censored media too. Also, police had arrested some Kapu youth , and if ladies sat for Dharna police did lathi charge on them as well. They are creating panic in the community. Government is handling the issue from political angle. If we treat this as a political issue or as law and order issue, this won’t be resolved.  Government should think “why lakhs of people are responding to Mudragada’s call ?”. These type of restrictions only further flare up the things.

Q: When Mudragada first called for the meeting, few months ago, government gave him free hand. Only after Tuni Train incident and government properties damage had occurred, government turned stricter. Isn’t it?

At that time the Chief minister, without proper investigation, concluded that  “Tuni train incident was caused by Kadapa goondas and  Godavari district people are innocent”.  Then how come now they are blaming us and arresting Godavari district Kapus ?

Q :  When Tuni incident happened, to politically defame YSRCP as well , Chief minister uttered their name as the conspirators –  is the general opinion. Isn’t it?

A : Correct, If Chandrababu Naidu  blames  YSRCP or Jagan  for each and everything , this is bound to happen. The main target deviates.

Q : When Mudragada garu did indefinite hunger strike first time, few months ago, what were the government’s promises that made him to call off the hunger strike ? What are current round of hunger strike key demands?

A: Last time promises were : 1000 crores every year for Kapu Corporation, Government will not arrest any innocents in Tuni incident, only after complete and transparent investigation any arrests will be done etc. Also, Government said, For the first year 1000 crores were not given to Kapu corporation, so this year they will release 1500 crores. But, only 800 crores were allocated in budget. In addition, government is resorting to counter attack on Mudragada’s hunger strike. As long as government look at this as vote bank politics, this will not be resolved. If TDP thinks, their  Kapu vote bank will be snatched away, if reservations given,  that will be wrong notion. Do not treat Mudragada’s hunger strike as a single person’s strike, treat it as a crores of Kapu community wish.

It is Chandrababu Naidu always start caste based politics. He had allowed SC caste ABCD classification demand to gain momentum ,which is still a dispute between the groups within SCs.

Q: Who called for Sunday’s Kapu Caste meeting in Park Hyatt Hotel Hyderabad – which was attended by Congress and YSRCP associated Kapu leaders ?

A: It was unplanned. All the leaders attended who were in touch with each other, on the fly,  thought of meeting in person to discuss the situation.

Q: Was that meeting any indicator that Congress and YSRCP work together, in future, on issues ?

A: No.  There were couple of Kapu leaders from BJP also present there.  That meeting was irrespective of parties, all kapu leaders joined. Somu Veerraju said he would join for next meeting as he was in the Ahmedabad meeting on that day. Kanna Laskhminaraya garu was out of town , he could not join. Apart from politicians, reputed lawyers and IAS were also present. It is instantaneous one but not planned.

Q:  Why did Mudragada met all Kapu leaders in last two weeks, in Hyderabad, prior to sitting for hunger strike? Is this a pre planned strategy?

A: No, he did not inform us that he is going to  sit for hunger strike though he met all kapu community leaders in Hyderabad.

Q :  TDP , YSRCP both are trying to woo  26% Kapu Vote bank in AP. Now with  Mudragada or Chiranjeevi or both together is there a chance of  Kapus growing as third  force on AP arena ?   Whom do you think will be at loss ?

A :  Actually they do not have that kind of agenda,  Mudragada garu is not doing this hunger strike for political reasons

Q: KCR said the same initially, he said his party was mere a party for cause  with no political interest, while he was agitating for Telangana. Infact , at one point, he said he will dissolve the TRS party after attaining Telangana. But rest is history …

A: That is far-fetched idea. I don’t think Mudragada  have such political plan. But, no one knows what is in store in future.

Q : Other than announced to public, is there any other significant developments  been discussed in all party kapu leaders meet ?

A: No, We decided to meet again after two days if government fails to resolve the crisis by that time. They are many leaders yet to join.

Q: Where are you at Kapu JAC for reservations formation?

A: Nothing been formalized yet, too early to talk about it. No discussion happened towards it.

Q: Is Mudragada emerging as leader for Kapus ?

A: No comments. Not the right time to talk about it, government is mishandling the issue.

Q: What do you think about  the top two – three demands of Mudragada to call off this hunger strike?

A : That is what government is about to discuss with them. We are asking to send crisis management team.

Q:  What is your opinion about Chiranjeevi garu participating in caste meetings? Don’t you think it gives an impression to general public that he is confining himself to his caste?

A: That is wrong notion. Today he came forwarded to support Kapu’s cause, tomorrow if any injustice is caused to any other caste, he will fight for them as well. Now-a-days people made Caste as a public thing which used to be something between four walls. If government is  playing caste politics, others  do the same too.

Q:  If  KAPU JAC is formed, being educated and articulative person, are you going to play an instrumental role ?

A: As I said earlier, it is too early to talk about Kapu JAC. It’s up to the bigwigs of the community to decide.

With that, our long conversation with Mr. Kurasala Kannababu has ended and soon we will be  coming up with an another Interview about key differences between India and USA electioneering .

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