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Open Letter : Muslims are not happy with mutton marts


Many people of Andhra Pradesh are not happy with the decision of the Jaganmohan Reddy government regarding the establishment of mutton marts. The YSRCP government says that the aim of this decision is to sell hygienic mutton to the customers. And one more thing the government says this is to bring the sky touching rates of the mutton to down. Whatever the governmen says as reasons for its decisions no one in the state is ready to believe. If the government wants to sell hygienic mutton to the consumers, there are so many ways to do it. The government need not enter directly into the business. And circar wants to bring the prices down. No other ways to bring the mutton prices down. Is there any logic in entering the mutton business ?

It seems that the government wants to bring the mutton business into its control. Now a days CM Jaganmohan Reddy wants everything under his control. A few days back the government issued a GO regarding the sale of cinema tickets through a special portal. This is nothing but to control the Telugu film industry where Kamma community is in the lead. Mutton business is not a corporate business. Its a small business generally done by poor muslims and yadavs in some areas normally. If the government enters into this business, what about the livelihood of the poor muslims ? Except a few pockets the entire muslim community supported YSR CP in the recently concluded assembly elections. Now Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy wants to give a return gift to the muslims of AP. As a Chief Minister there are so many things to look after for Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy.

The government should act as a govenment. It has to formulate policies which can bring changes in the lives of the poor and middle income people. It should focus on the unemployment issue. What about the industrialisaion in the state ? The government is not in a position to establish any new industries in the state. Moreover many industralists are not happy with the policies of the AP government. They are shifting their industrial establishments to oher states. The growth regarding IT industry is very low. Thousands of young people are fleeing to Hyderbad and Banglore in search of jobs in IT industry. In these circumstances why the government is eager to launch mutton marts questions the common man of Andhra Pradesh.

S. Abdul Khalik

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