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NTR – Sukumar film first look


First look high quality picture of NTR from his Sukumar film was released today. NTR is seen in a blazer in this still. NTR went for a complete makeover for this film and the result is there for everyone to see. Sukumar is busy mounting a high voltage action entertainer. Devi Sri Prasad is said to have composed some refreshing tunes for the much awaitef project. Recently a song was picturized on Rakul Preet and NTR in London in the choreography of Sekhar master. Producer BVSN Prasad and Reliance are planning for a Pongal 2016 release.



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NTR Sukumar Film Release Date Revealed


NTR Sukumar film gets a release date. This family entertainer is all set to release on January 8th 2016 as a Pongal gift for the star’s fans. NTR will be seen in a all new avatar in this film. Sukumar will wrap up the first schedule of the film in London by September 15th and the unit will be back in Hyderabad in time for Vinayaka Chavithi festivities. After a short break team will be back in Europe to complete the remainder of shoot. A song and few scenes will be shot in India. Rest of the film will be shot in picturesque locales of Europe. Relaince and BVSN Prasad and co-producing this high budget extravaganza.

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NTR – Sukumar film song shoot in London


NTR is busy with his 25th film in the direction of Sukumar. A song is being shot on the pair of NTR and Rakul Preet in London. This song is being choreographed by the super talented Sekhar master who is very famous for his short signature steps and montage songs. With this song, this film will be done with 2 songs picturization and 4 will be pending. The impending schedule will be wrapped up by September 15th and the unit will be back in Hyderabad for Vinayaka Chavithi festivities. A special still will be unveiled on August 15th on the occasion of Independence Day. Jagapathi Babu is playing antagonist role and Rajendra Prasad will be seen as NTR’s father. Devi Sri Prasad is scoring tunes for this film. BVSN Prasad and Reliance are co-producing this revenge drama.

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NTR – Sukumar first look for Independence Day


NTR is busy shooting for his next film with Sukumar in London. An unofficial first look of the film was released recently and got good response from the fans and audience. Now, the official first look of the film in high quality will be release by thr production house on thr occasion of Independence Day. Sukumar is busy shaping up the film as an action entertainer. Devi Sri Prasad is scoring energetic tunes for this film. Rskul Preet Singh is paired with NTR and Jagapathi Babu is the main villain. Producer BVSN Prasad is looking at Pongal 2016 release.

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Jr.NTR as Lord Sri Krishna : S.S.Rajamouli


S.S.Rajamouli is basking in the glory of the success of Baahubali. Recently he gave a television interview to a leading channel and he made some interesting revelations. It is known to us that S.S.Rajamouli’s dream project in Mahabharata. Rajamouli revealed that he will cast Jr.NTR as Lord Sri Krishna in this epic saga. Rajamouli further went on to say that Jr.NTR is the only available option for the role of Sri Krishna if and when he goes on to make Mahabharata. This came much to the delight of this talented actor’s fans who are ardent fans of Rajamouli as well. Considering the acting prowess of NTR, we have no doubt that he will be a perfect fit for this role.

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NTR doing Kaththi remake is mere speculation


Young Tiger NTR is busy shooting for his 25th film in the direction of Sukumar in London. Recently rumors came to fore that NTR will be doing a remake of tamil blockbuster Kaththi in Telugu. Latest we hear from NTR camp is that this is mere speculation and 26th film of NTR is yet to be finalized. NTR will decide about his next film once he is back from the lengthy London schedule of his Sukumar film. NTR will be back in town in September. His next film most likely will be with a director whose film is ready for release now.


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Bapu-Ramana with NTR – Not a Fairy Tale beginning, but a Fairy Tale ending

It is indeed poetic justice that the statues of Bapu and Ramana were installed alongside that of N T Rama Rao on the banks of River Godavari around Pushkaram. Not many people know this but the relationship of the duo Bapu Ramana with NTR has not begun well. But once a relationship got established, it grew into a life-long friendship that culminated into many fruitful associations.[pullquote position=”right”]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bapu-Ramana’s statues just got erected alongside NTR. Is this a collaboration that was made in heaven? A recount of one of the most creative associations in Telugu film industry – something that never got noticed.


Here’s how it began. Bapu-Ramana already created a sensation with début film “Saakshi” and films like “Buddhimanthudu” in which Sobhan Babu played Krishna – which became as popular as NTR’s Krishna role. By that time, NTR already attained demi-god status as Lord Krishna. Nobody had the guts to make a film revolving around Krishna or Raman without invoking the blessings of NTR at that time. But Bapu-Ramana had that courage because they sought to make films in which the story was the real star. They followed it up with a brand-new first-time color version of Ramayana called “Sampurna Ramayana” in which Sobhan Babu played the title role of Rama. The film faced lot of issues because of fears of antagonizing NTR at the helm of stardom.

Distributors tried to stall the film itself – how can you make a film based on Rama without NTR? Produced by Bapu-Ramana themselves, the film struggled to find distributors because nobody dared to displease NTR. Then the legendary actor SV Ranga Rao (who played Ravana in the film) stepped in and decided to take the soliloquy sequence of Ravana at the climax to be shown to NTR, the boss relented and the film found buyers. It didn’t run for the first few weeks but later went to celebrate 100 days in almost every centre it got released. Many weeks later, the great NTR requested a screening of the film and watched it, sitting next to Sobhan Babu and patted him for a stellar performance.

The sensation of “Sampurna Ramayana” led to NTR grudgingly accepting the directorial genius of Bapu and the craftsmanship of Ramana to create characters that breathe fire on screen. He wanted to work with the writer-director duo that is making new wave cinema in Telugu. Lakshmi Films, one of the foremost distributors and producers came forward to make a film again based on Ramayana, this time with the original NTR himself. Everybody thought if a film with Sobhan Babu as Rama created such sensation, then the combination of Bapu Ramana and NTR will create a bigger sensation.

The story was a lesser known episode of a war between a God and his supreme devotee – “Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddham”. The film showed NTR in sparkling costumes and dazzling crown and amulets and had the unmistaken stamp of Bapu and Ramana. Few songs also stood out. But the film bombed and sank the producers. It brought good name for NTR as a handsome Rama but failed to create magic at the box office closing the doors for a long, long time on Bapu-Ramana to make any more films with NTR. While the film looks squeaky clean and classy, Bapu and Ramana later opined that had NTR listened better to some suggestions made by the makers, the film would have got better angles and treatment. In some crucial scenes, they felt the star didn’t cooperate.

After “Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddham” in 1974, the makers surged ahead with a magnificent blockbuster “Mutyala Muggu” in 1975 – the same year that “Sholay” was released. Just as “Sholay” had made Amjad Khan the most famous villain in Bollywood, “Mutyala Muggu” gave Rao Gopal Rao the chance to become the ruling villain for the next decade or so in Telugu films. It was that big hit – again NT Rama Rao saw the film early on and lavished praise on Bapu and Ramana for creating the most exquisite sequences of marital bliss between Sridhar and Sangita, which made NTR recall his marriage days. He liked the film at the première and suggested to Bapu that if had included some fights, the film would run for at least a year. Without fights, with due apologies to NTR, the film ran for a day less than an year!

And NTR and Bapu Ramana never worked together as the duo made hit films with Krishnam Raju, Krishna, Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Rajendra Prasad, Mohan Baba, Chandra Mohan, Anil Kapoor and others but a movie with NTR never came calling. Both NTR and Bapu-Ramana attained giddy fame with paths that never crossed.

When NTR became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he summoned the duo once again.

Click here to read Part -2

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Purandewari’s Elevation: What is BJP’s Game Plan?

Two Telugu leaders, one from Andhra Pradesh, the other from  Telangana, have been given national assignments by BJP leadership. While new comer, D Purandeswari is appointed in-charge of Bharatiya Mahila Morcha, senior leader Muralidhar Rao will look after Bharatiya Yuva Morcha.  Incidentally both are from ruling communities, Kamma (Purandeswari) and Velama(Muralidhar Rao).

What surprises many is Purandeswari’s elevation to the national level. During entire UPA tenure, she was a minister and Congress leader. She opposed the division of Andhra Pradesh and quit Congress only to join BJP which was a staunch supporter of the division.

Is there anything more than what meets the eye in the projection of Purandeswari, daughter of TDP founder NT Ramarao?

Purandeswari has been a successful parliamentarian ever since she entered the Lok Sabha in 2004. Her rise in New Delhi was quick for two reasons: one-she is a daughter of NTR and arch rival to brother-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu, and two- her articulation and affable nature.

What would be the game plan of BJP in promoting Purandewari to national level? Would she be the chief ministerial candidate of BJP in Andhra Pradesh in case the BJP and TDP fall apart in in the state?  Or is it a ploy to remove her from state to please TDP chief minister Naidu? She is  one leader to be watched out in Andhra Politics.

Muralidhar Rao, an alum of Osmania University, is influential leader, like Ram Madhav, in RSS. Till assigned BJP, Rao was in-charge of Swadeshi Jaganran Mach. Known for intellectual understanding, articulation and commitment, Rao has been given very important assignment by BJP president Amit Shah, to organize youth toward’ Modi’s BJP.

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Your Excellency, Don’t Become Another Ram Lal : Marri to Guv

Marri Sashidhar Reddy, a senior Congress leader and former MLA from Sanathnagar, Hyderabad, leveled a serious charge against Governor ESL Narasimhan for his alleged constitutional impropriety.

He cautioned Governor against becoming another Ram Lal.

According to Reddy, governor failed on two counts in upholding the constitutional values in Telangana.

  1. He administers of oath office to an MLA who was facing anti-defection charges
  2. He is allowing the minister to continue to hold office even after six month instead asking him to face elections.

Ram Lal, was Governor, when NT Ramarao was toppled by Nadendla Bhaskhar Rao, NTR’s finance ministery,in a coup of sorts, way back in August 1984. There was a hue and cry against Ram Lal’s constitutional impropriety in removing NTR and allowing Nadendla form government when the former was in US undergoing treatment. Later, buckling under the pressure from people across the country, Ram Lal was removed by the centre.

Sashidhar Reddy accused of Narasimhan of same constitutional impropriety for administering oath of office and secrecy to TDP MLA Talasani Srinivasa Yadav as a minister in KCR’s cabinet. Incidentally, Talasani wrested the Sanathnagar seat from Sashidhar Reddy in 2014. But he defected to TRS and a petition seeking his disqualification under anti-defection law is under consideration of the speaker. The question Sashidhar Reddy was asking that,”can a governor ignore the constitutional status of a defected MLA and administer oath of office?”

“Governor was aware that Talasani was elected to Assembly as TDP candidate in 2014. He was inducted into cabinet on December 16, 2014 and  completed six months,” he said in a letter addressed to the governor.

“You administered,” he said in the letter, “oath of office to Talasani as a minister in the government run by TRS, which is not the political party through with which he won as a legislator.”

“Instead of protecting and upholding the constitution, you are protecting the unconstitutional acts and activities of the Telangana government. People of the state still remember the infamous Governor Ram Lal and feel that, hopefully, we should not see another one in the making.


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Madhavi Latha on Anushtanam

I took a gap for education and in the industry it means out of sight is out of mind, also my PR is not strong and the third reason Telugu industry doesn’t encourage Telugu girls. Whatever I get, I choose the best and do it. My last film was Aravind 2. I am not into limelight because I am not doing glamorous roles, now I am ready to take it up”, says Madhavilatha in an exclusive chat with telugu360.com on Anushtanam.

How is it working with the team? 

Everyone worked with love, passion for Anushtanam. We have been working for two years and the crew be it costume person or hair stylist, make up department all have stayed on. I did not read the novel and did whatever the director Krishnavasa told me to do. From the accessories, Nallapoosalu, Pateelu onwards everything he selected and the diction resembles that of what the characters spoke in Kanyasulkam. How Savitri and NTR would speak to each other in black and white films, that sort of conversation you will find here. RR will be less and there will be clarity in dialogues. For instance there is a dialogue, “Yemite nuvvu chestunna pani? Aadhemitamma aa rojullo munulu rushulu vocchinnappudu…aadavaalu yilane dhaakunnevaara lekapothe bayatakocchi matladevaara?”

Was it tough?

I was upset for a day as I didn’t get it right, the entire night I saw Kanyasulkam and the next day did it. I settled down a bit. The director encouraged me and said I alone could do it. Learnt so much in the process, for pathetic scenes, I had to crumple one end of my pallu and cover it on my nose and mouth and express anguish and cry after running out and holding the wooden pillar. The director would be particular about how I would drape my saree, what sort of anklets I should wear and how much curve from behind I should show while putting ‘muggu’ just like a Bapu Bomma.

What is Anushtanam?

It is a 1950 novel titled Anushtanam by Chalam..it is a satisfying feeling that you experience when you sacrifice something. It is a woman oriented film, shot in Palakollu where century old houses were available. We shot a song in Sarathi Studios, it came out very well. The lady will be discussing with her mother, she reads a lot of mythology, history about men going astray those days and what the wives did. Were they silent or did they question them? The mother says, “Mee naanagaru inthakanne ekkuva tiregevaarule. She replies”Appudu Nuvvu enduku tiragaledu, ” Yemite aa maatalu? Magaadu cheste nyayamu mari aadadhi cheste tappuna? Mari natho itihaasalu puranaalu enduku chadivacchavu? Chalam’s women in the stories always had a questioning spirit. She takes a resolution and it is a revolutionary decision. Her husband works in a bank, she is traditional but modern thought. I found difficult wearing cotton sarees and sporting a lengthy plait

How many characters are in the film? A husband, devadasini, a rowdy with the devadasini and a few others, hardly a handful characters in the story. I learnt Telugu, earlier I would pronounce Telugu as Telgu and the director would correct me. I realised why yesteryear actors were considered legends. There is only one song, that too montages during the initial stage of marriage to show how compatible they were. There is no romance at all.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)

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KCR Seeks Support from Non-BJP CMs

Peeved at the Cetre’s plan to invoke the Section-8 of AP Reorganisation Act-2014 which gives special powers to Governor over joint capital region of Hyderabad, Telangana chief minister KCR has reportedly planning to mobilise non-BJP chief ministers against the move.

It is a throwback to NTR’s move in 1983 to mobilize all non-Congress chief ministers in the country  against Congress at Centre which finally resulted in the formation National Front. NTR himself was appointed chairman of the historic move which formed the government in New Delhi  VP Singh as Prime Minister.

KCR is said to have initiated consultations with non-BJP chief ministers in the country to muster their support to his fight against usurpation of State’s power under Section 8. He is expected to write  letters to non-Congrerss chief ministers such as Nitish Kumar, Akhilesh Yadav, Naveen Patnaik, Siddaramaiah etc. Explaining the nature of Section 8 and centre’s intensions along with the cash-for-vote scam hatched by Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. He is said to have kept Governor ESL Narasimhan of his move when he met the latter.


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AP to Roll Out New Liquor Policy


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ndhra Pradesh Government is all set to release liquor policy today. In a note released to the press, the government has said that it decided to handle at least 10 per cent of liquor shops while 90 per cent will be handled by the liquor vendors who obtained licences.  The government, however, didn’t release the list of liquor shop owners. In its new liquor policy, liquor vendors will be refrained from the use of names pertaining to religious figures and Gods.

[pullquote position=”left”] Hailing Chandrababu Naidu, Balakrishna has stressed that only Babu has the capacity to run the efficient government. [/pullquote]

It is known that there were severe objections from the public over the use of Goddesses names and photos on liquor shops. On noticing the same, the government came out with this stringent regulations, said sources close to the officials. Meanwhile, TDP MLA Balakrishna has drawn curtains on the speculations. He put an end to the rumours that were rife over the change of chief minister and that Balakrishna would become the next Panneerselvam in Andhra Pradesh, given the ongoing infamous cash-for-vote scam that allegedly kept Babu in bad light.

Hailing Chandrababu Naidu, Balakrishna has stressed that only Babu has the capacity to run the efficient government. He was, however, tightlipped on the liquor policy as it’s known how his father, the then chief minister N.T. Rama Rao became a Godly figure amongst households for having banned liquor in Andhra Pradesh during his tenure.

Even KCR, who apparently idolised NTR, is bringing in new liquor policies in Telangana state that are undoubtedly objectionable to households. All in all, it looks like Telugu chief ministers are more concerned over the revenue generated by liquor shops.

(Phani B)

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N.T. Rama Rao- Profile


Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, also known as NTR, is a legendary figure in Andhra Pradesh politics and also a veteran Telugu actor. NTR was born on May 28, 1923 in Nimmakuru village, Krishna district. Right from his childhood, NT Rama Rao developed a fascination towards acting . It was the same passion that paved way to his shift of base from Nimmakuru to Madras city, the then hub of South Indian cinema, in search of film roles.


NTR’s first cameo appearance was in the movie Mana Desam (1949). He later essayed protagonist role in Palletoori Pilla, directed by India’s iconic director Adurthi  SubbaRao. NTR’s commendable acting fetched him a key role in Patala Bhairavi (1951), which was screened at first India’s International Film Festival. Later, he appeared in Maya Bazaar (1957) mythological movie. His first mythological role as Lord Krishna opened new annals in the Telugu cinema. Soon, he went on to appear in many mythological films. Even today, there’s a saying amongst film circles that none would come on par with NTR in terms of mythological appearance and performance.


N.T Rama Rao plunged into direction with Daana Veera Shura Karna (1977) wherein he essayed four roles and amused everyone. The movie not only won critical appreciation but kept NTR at zenith. In the same year, he appeared in a commercial flick Advai Ramudu through which he successfully grabbed the pulse of the mass audience and expanded his fan base. He went on to appear in many commercial movies in later part of his career. In total, he acted in 274 movies in Telugu,  three in Hindi and 15 in Tamil. He produced many films and even tried his hands at screenwriting.


Political entry:

NTR’s entry into politics was historical. Making sacthing attack against the Congress, that ruled Andhra Pradesh, for five consecutive terms, alleging the party mortagaged the interests of Telugu people in Delhi, NTR launched Telugu Desam Party on March 29, 1982 in Hyderabad.  He raised a slogan ‘Telugu Vari Aatma Gouravam’ and went into the public. He was the first politician in India to take up rathayatras. He, along with his son Hari Krishna, traveled length and breadth of the state in ‘Chaitanya Ratham.’


NTR’s powerful dialect and his advocacy fetched him to adorn chief minister’s throne in 1983. In a landslide victory, TDP swept 199 seats out of 294 and gained absolute majority. He became the first non-Congressman to become Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister. On 9 January 1983, he sworn in as the CM. However, the then Governor Ramlal nullified NTR as the chief minister and made Nadendla Bhaskar Rao the CM of the state in August, 1984 citing the majority. The action was soon reversed and NTR was remade chief minister in September, 1984.


The next month, the country witnessed the assasination of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi. NTR dissolved the assembly over Nadendla’s episode. Although Congress was successful in banking votes on sympathy post Indira Gandhi’s assasination, it showed no impact in Andhra Pradesh. TDP won with absolute majority and became the first ever regional party that took the opposition seat in the Lok Sabha.


In 1989 elections, Congress defeated TDP. However, in 1994 Telugu Desam Party came back to power. It was for the last time that the state saw NT Rama Rao as chief minister. Unfortunately, his term lasted just for nine months as his son-in-law executed a coup against NTR and took over the office of the chief minister. NTR criticised Chandrababu Naidu vehemently and accused him of power greedy. He even compared Babu to Aurangazeb. The legendary politician passed away in 18 January 1996.

Andhra Pradesh witnessed rapid development during NTR’s regime. He banned alchol in the state and distributed ration rice at just two rupees per kilogram. It is no exaggeration to state that Telugu language gained prominence during his term. Even today, TDP banks upon the developmental programmes of NTR and uses his slogan ‘Telugu Vari Aatma Gouravam.’

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