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NTR to juggle between two Biggies


Young Tiger NTR took a break after RRR and he took a long time to kick-start the shoot of Koratala Siva’s Devara. The actor surprised the nation after he has been roped in for one of the lead roles in War 2, the biggest actioner that also has Hrithik Roshan in the other lead role. The shoot of the film starts next year once Hrithik and NTR are done with their current projects. NTR also signed a massive actioner in the direction of Prashanth Neel. The shoot of the film too will start next year.

NTR signed Prashanth Neel’s film even before he heard the script of War 2. But the Bollywood project has changed his plans. NTR has to allocate dates for both these bigges next year and complete as per the schedules. NTR is also expecting both these films to release in 2025. Prashanth Neel will work on the script of NTR’s film after the release of Salaar. Siddharth Anand who is working on Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter will kick-start the work of War 2 next year. NTR will have a packed 2024.

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Modi pays homage to NTR on his 100th birth anniversary


While addressing the nation through ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to the legendary figure, N.T. Rama Rao, on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary.

NTR, as he is fondly known, was not only a superstar of Telugu cinema but also a revered political leader who left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions of people.

“NTR’s incredible talent and versatility made him an iconic figure in the film industry. He mesmerised audiences with his performances in over 300 films, bringing to life various historical characters. His portrayals of deities such as Bhagwan Krishna and Lord Ram resonated deeply with people, who still remember him fondly for his exceptional acting prowess,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi also highlighted NTR’s influence beyond the silver screen, and said he (NTR) ventured into politics and garnered immense love and support from the public. NTR carved out his own identity as a political leader, ruling the hearts of millions of people in India and across the globe.

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged NTR’s exceptional contributions to both film industry and politics. He paid tribute to this extraordinary personality that continues to inspire generations with his talent and charisma.

“As India commemorates NTR’s 100th birth anniversary, his legacy stands tall as a testament to his remarkable achievements. He will always be remembered as an iconic figure who transcended boundaries and left an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of people through his cinematic brilliance and political acumen,” said Modi.

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As Andhra CM, NTR went beyond giving rice for Rs 2 a kg to the poor


From announcement of his entry into politics to the colourful campaign he conducted ahead of 1983 Assembly elections, and from swearing-in as the Chief Minister to the decisions made by the new Cabinet, whatever NTR did was dramatic.

After the first mammoth public meeting of TDP at Tirupati in May 1982, NTR decided to undertake a state-wide tour to cover the entire length and breadth.

When Gemini Studios in Madras downed the shutters, NTR had bought many items and one of them was a Chevrolet van of 1940s. He sent the vehicle to Madras for refurbishing. He got the chairs replaced by bedding along with an aircraft-style chair and table. On his instruction, a sunroof was made so that he could climb up with the help of a stepladder to address people during road shows.

NTR named the vehicle ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ (chariot of awakening). He was thus a pioneer of the Rath Yatras in politics. The vehicle served as his house during visits to remote parts of the state. He used to eat and sleep in the vehicle and hold meetings with his close confidants.

From June 1982 to January 3, 1983, NTR undertook the campaign in phases, covering 35,000 kms. He was sleeping for only 3-4 hours in a day while his food was very simple. The actor politician used to do his morning ablutions in the open. He used to shave and wash his clothes by the roadside surrounded by curious onlookers. This sent a powerful message to people that he is sacrificing all comforts for a greater cause.

At every place, thousands of people flocked to his road shows. Attired in khaki pants and a bush shirt and standing atop Chaitanya Ratham, NTR used to address the crowds. His distinct style of speech laced with both classical Sanskrit expressions and idiomatic Telugu, his trademark baritone voice and the gestures sent people into a frenzy at every meeting.

After creating records of sorts by storming to power with a huge majority, NTR took oath as the Chief Minister on January 9, 1983 at L. B. Stadium in the presence of thousands of people. In a clear departure from the laid-back approach of previous Congress regimes, NTR introduced a unique work culture.

The bureaucrats faced a big challenge as the new Chief Minister was an early riser and used to begin work before dawn. He was known for seeing officers and even visitors from 5 a.m. Punctual with his appointments, he used to dispose of matters and files quickly. He announced several measures to streamline administration and issued dos and don’ts for government employees to enforce discipline in government offices but faced stiff resistance from them.

A month after assuming office of the Chief Minister, NTR made some dramatic decisions at the first Cabinet meeting. These include reducing age of retirement from 58 to 55 years for government employees, intention to abolish Legislative Council, the upper House of the state legislature, introducing a bill to ban defections of elected representatives from one party to another, ban on donations in professional colleges, bringing a bill to provide equal rights to women in ancestral property and to establish a women’s university.

NTR implemented his poll promise of Rs 2-a-kg rice through a public distribution system. This came as a boon for families living below poverty line.

With a non-political background and without any consideration for vote banks, NTR took revolutionary steps to set things right. He rationalised the government corporations to bring down their number from 48 to 34 as they had become political rehabilitation centres. He made Telugu the language of correspondence at all levels of administration, discontinued pension for former legislators, prohibited private practice by government doctors and private tuitions by government teachers.

NTR’s decision to lower the age of retirement resulted in the retirement of 18,000 government employees and 10,000 public sector employees. The employees were up in arms while he argued that this was necessary to solve the unemployment problem. They went on strike but NTR too approached people and called the action of the employees unjustified. The strike ended after 19 days but the confrontation had already created bad blood between the government and the employees.

As the Chief Minister, NTR vowed to chase corrupt officers like Yama (the god of death). Certain steps taken by him created terror among top bureaucrats including IAS officers. He also brought Lokayukta Act in the very first year to check corruption.

After completing the first year as Chief Minister, NTR launched another revolutionary step to bring changes in social and political structure in the countryside. He abolished part-time hereditary village officers – karanam and munasabu (munsif) in Andhra and Patel and Patwari in Telangana. Mostly upper caste landlords, these hereditary officers wielded enormous power and clout. The move was hailed by marginal sections of the society who were victims of the exploitation by these hereditary officers.

After seeking a fresh mandate and returning to power with another huge majority in 1985 following a coup against him, NTR introduced more changes in the administrative system and panchayat raj. He created 1,104 revenue mandals in place of 305 talukas to decentralise administration. This curtailed domination of upper castes in local bodies.

Going a step forward, the TDP founder conducted direct elections for Panchayat bodies and provided quota for various communities. This ensured participation of backward classes and women in local bodies.

NTR government passed an order to reserve 30 per cent of all government jobs for women. In another major move, the Assembly passed a bill in 1985 to give daughters, who were majors but unmarried, a share in the Hindu joint family property. This made Andhra Pradesh first state to give equal rights to women by amending Hindu Succession Act.

It was during NTR’s regime that the practice of registering house site pattas in the name of women began.

NTR also increased reservation of backward classes from 25 per cent to 44 per cent. This triggered massive protest by forward castes and also some castes within BCs who objected to exclusion of creamy layer. The High Court struck down the government order citing the Supreme Court judgments that total reservation should not exceed 50 per cent.

NTR’s costume drama grabbed all the attention during his reign as Chief Minister. He was known for strange sartorial selection, which was believed to be influenced by on-screen characters.

The actor-politician, who wore khaki trousers and shirt for his campaigns, started wearing Telugu-style dhoti and kurta after becoming the Chief Minister for the first time in 1983. A few months later, he appeared in the saffron attire of a sanyasi as he was disturbed after reading about the rape of a young girl. On other occasions, he appeared in the attire of Swami Vivekananda.

“He often appeared wearing saffron but he was secular to the core. He had immense respect for people of all faiths and demonstrated his secularism in practice by dealing firmly with attempts to vitiate communal harmony,” recalled a senior journalist.

During his regime, NTR ensured peace and communal harmony in Hyderabad which witnessed major communal riots during the Congress rule.

After becoming Chief Minister for the third time in 1994, NTR imposed total prohibition in response to the demand by women from across the state. This was yet another revolutionary and pro-women measure by him.

In his brief political career of 12 years, NTR was a three-time Chief Minister for a period spanning over seven years. But even in this brief period, he demonstrated that if the ruler has the political will, he can make big decisions for the good of his people.

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NTR showed might of Telugus in Delhi, says Pawan Kalyan


Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Sunday said that legendary actor and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N. T. Rama Rao symbolised the Telugu pride and that he demonstrated the might of Telugus in Delhi.

The Jana Sena Party (JSP) leader paid rich tributes to late NTR on his 100th birth anniversary.

Pawan Kalyan recalled that at a time when the recognition of Telugus was fading in Delhi politics, NTR entered the electoral fray with the slogan of Telugu self-respect and after achieving the historic electoral victory showed the power of Telugus up to the national capital.

The JSP leader said NTR was not only a legendary actor but he made his mark in politics by storming to power in eight months after floating the party. He also recalled that the Rs 2 per kg rice scheme launched by him as the chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh proved a boon for many.

“It’s matter of pride for all Telugu people that Sri N. T. Rama Rao who excelled in both the cinema and politics was born as a Telugu son,” he said in a statement.

Former Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu also paid tributes to NTR on his birth centenary.

“I offer my respectful homage to the memory of legendary actor & people’s leader, former CM of undivided AP, NTR on his landmark Centenary Jayanti. A versatile actor NTR essayed a range of roles in films & is remembered for his performances as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna & Karna,” tweeted Venkaiah Naidu.

“When he turned to politics, NTR rode to power in Andhra Pradesh in a spectacular manner & ushered in an era of people-centric governance which reflected his profound concern for the upliftment of the underprivileged,” wrote Venkaiah Naidu.

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From demigod to mass leader who redefined Telugu politics


From superstar of Telugu films to a regional satrap who redefined political culture in united Andhra Pradesh, Nandamuri Tarakarama Rao’s real life had all the color and trappings of his onscreen roles.

While only a few leaders could match the massive popularity he enjoyed, perhaps there is no one with a demigod-like status and whose contributions to people of his region and the influence he had on the state politics are felt even 28 years after his death.

Popular as NTR, the actor-politician had a multi-faceted and colourful personality who enjoyed the status of a demigod for his portrayal of mythological characters on screen and had a Phoenix like rise to change the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh forever.

A flag-bearer of Telugu self-respect, he dominated the film world and politics like a colossus and gave Telugus a distinct identity.

Though dubbed a “maverick” by many for his political theatrics, he was a leader from the heart who extended his onscreen image to become a real life hero for his people.

The fact that NTR still casts a large shadow over the politics of Telugu states speaks volumes about the difference he made to people and the political culture.

The legendary actor and three-time chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh still lives in the heart of the Telugu people for whom he had become a symbol of self-respect.

From storming to power within a year after floating Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to end the single-party rule of Congress and challenging mighty Indira Gandhi and from several pro-poor schemes to giving a political identity to the backward classes, NTR will be remembered for many watershed moments.

“NTR was a man of fascinating contradictions. He was commanding personality but resorted to baffling theatrics and bewildering sartorial predilections. He was considered orthodox by many, but he displayed radical tendencies that caused a furore in the establishment,” writes senior journalist Ramesh Kandula in the foreword of his book’ Maverick Messiah’, a political biography of N. T. Rama Rao.

“Though outwardly religious, he was staunchly secular. A leader who fought on the plank of regional aspirations, he remained a committed nationalist throughout. A man of no known ideological persuasions, he was able to come up with his own brand of populism and clearly enunciated doctrine on Centre-state relations,” writes the author.

He described NTR as the most colourful personality in the drab world of politics who never ceased to amaze because of his complexities.

“The element of drama was deeply embedded in his rather momentous life. In his last days, the personal and political got merged in his life in an unusual mix, resulting in a tempestuous climax that has few parallels in modern Indian politics,” writes Ramesh Kandula.

Born on May 28, 1923 to a peasant family in a remote village in Krishna district of the present day Andhra Pradesh, NTR worked hard to come up in life. When he was 20, he was married to Basvatarakam, daughter of his maternal uncle.

During his college days in Guntur, he developed interest in acting. However, he had to take up the job of sub-registrar in 1947 due to his poor family circumstances. Determined to carve a niche for himself in the film industry, he moved to Madras where the Telugu film industry was based and thus began his journey to stardom.

The huge success of movies like Pathala Bhairavi, Malliswari, Missamma and Maya Bazar in 50s helped him establish as a leading actor. With a variety of roles in the 1960s and 1970s, he became a house-hold name. The mythological characters played by him made him a demigod for Telugu-speaking people.

The superstar vowed to take up public services after celebrating his 60th birthday in 1982. The plans later evolved into the launch of a political party. The author of ‘Maverick Messiah’ wrote that living in Madras, NTR witnessed how Dravidian parties were able to protect the interests of Tamil Nadu but in Andhra Pradesh Congress party was treating its chief ministers as doormats.

NTR was influenced by his friend M. G. Ramchandran (MGR), who was already chief minister of Tamil Nadu. NTR too vowed to work for Telugu renaissance and announced the launch of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on March 29, 1982, much ahead of the May 28 deadline.

The new party took the state by storm as NTR embarked on a state-wide tour on his ‘Chaitanya Ratham’ addressing Telugus to awaken them. Riding on the massive popularity and with his unique style and new political idiom, he struck an instant emotional chord with the people.

In the elections held in January 1983, NTR created history by storming to power with 198 seats in the 294-member Assembly. He knocked out Congress, which for the first time since Andhra Pradesh’s formation, had to be content with 60 seats.

After taking the reins of power in his hands, NTR announced a series of schemes to win people’s hearts. The most popular was his Rs 2-a-kg scheme. “Roti, Kapda aur Makan was the slogan of those times and NTR addressed the most basic need of Roti to alleviate starvation,” said an analyst.

“Since the time NTR ventured into politics he had a unique style and welfare was his top agenda. From launching Rs 2 per kg rice scheme, housing for the poor, even clothing for the poor were among his popular welfare schemes,” said another analyst Palwai Raghavendra Reddy.

The coup against NTR in August 1984 by Nadendla Bhaskar Rao with the support of Congress party and the governor dismissing NTR government without giving him a chance to prove his majority in Assembly triggered the save democracy movement. The manner in which NTR fought and came back as the chief minister made him more popular and he grabbed the national attention.

However, five months after his reinstatement, NTR decided to seek a fresh mandate and recommended dissolution of the Assembly. The TDP swept the polls once again, this time winning 202 out of 250 seats it contested. NTR became invincible and the next five years saw him bringing many landmark reforms in administration.

Political analyst Jinka Nagaraju feels that the unique contribution of NTR to Telugu politics is the way the electoral battle is fought in the Telugu regions.

“He effected a structural change in the politics that heralded a new phase which is still governing the politics of Telugu states. With his well thought out strategy NTR’s Telugu Desam Party broke the stranglehold of the Congress on Andhra Pradesh politics. His strategy was to target those sections of society the Congress thought non-existent as a vote bank. These sections are middle castes of the society which are politically called backward castes,” Nagaraju said.

Congress’ winning formula had heavily depended on two extremes Brahmins and SCs. It was a party of extremes. The middle castes had never figured in the electoral framework of the Congress because these castes were divided and had not coalesced into political communities i.e Backward Classes as yet. So, Congress had ignored them, he explained.

“What one should not lose sight of is the fact that many of NTRs initial political advisors were all former socialists influenced by RM Lohia, who believed in the concept of political empowerment of backward castes against the Brahminical Congress. This appeal of targeting a huge mass of Backward Classes looked irresistible for NTR and he experimented with the idea in earnest.”

The analyst recalled that NTR chose active youth from backward castes even though they lacked money and muscle power, as candidates. Many of them won in the election. For the first time dozens of youth from politically unknown families entered the corridors of power. It changed the entire complexion of the Assembly.

“This experiment, for the first time, while crystalizing the political community, namely BCs engendered a sense of unity among these sections. This was further fortified when he created mandals and legislated reservations in the local bodies,” observed Nagaraju.

“Much before V.P. Singh implemented the Mandal Commission Report, NTR had his own means of giving power into the hands of the backward classes. His Telugu Desam Party is arguably the first in the country which had fielded BCs in large numbers in the State Assembly and local body elections. Though NTR was criticised by upper castes over dismantling the Patel-Patwari system in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State, he is widely respected by the backward classes and other poorer sections of the society for the reforms he introduced in the State,” said Palwai Raghavendra Reddy.

After five years of Congress rule in between, NTR returned to power with a landslide majority in 1994. NTR was always considered as man of his word, and banning liquor in the state after he returned to power in 1994 was the result of the demand arising from the women.

A senior journalist recalls that after the defeat in 1989 elections, NTR’s family members had abandoned him.

NTR, whose first wife Basvatarakam succumbed to cancer in 1985, was a lonely man. It was at this stage that Lakshmi Parvathi entered his life.

A college lecturer who had separated from her first husband, Lakshmi Parvathi was working on his biography and used to come to his house regularly. They married in 1993 and the rift in the family came into the open after TDP returned to power.

In August 1995, NTR’s son-in-law N. Chandrababu Naidu led a revolt, citing Lakshmi Parvathi’s growing interference in the government and party affairs.

Backed by NTR’s sons and daughters, Naidu became the chief minister. NTR called Naidu a betrayer and vowed to unmask him. Barely five months later, NTR died of cardiac arrest at the age of 72.

Like his film career and politics, NTR’s end was also dramatic.

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Nandamuri Family at NTR Ghat


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NTR Statue Gets Jolt From High Court


On the occasion of NTR’s birth centenary celebrations, NRIs living in North America (TANA) have wished to install a statue of NTR in Lakkaram Lake, Khammam on May 28th. Jr NTR was invited to unveil the statue resembling Lord Krishna. Telangana High Court has suspended the permission granted by the Telangana government for the statue, i.e., from the principal secretary of the irrigation department in order to install the statue in the middle of the river.

Yadava organizations have pleaded with the court to stop the statue’s inauguration as the statue is resembling Lord Krishna and is hurting their religious sentiments. Krishna Chaitanya Tripurani, E Prabhakar Yadava and Bharatha Yadava Samithi have opposed this. After this, Statue committee has done modifications to the statue like removing the flute and crown. They requested the court to give permission as they have made changes to statue and a decision is awaited.

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Hollywood Director’s Desire To Work With NTR and Charan


Hollywood director Rob Marshall, who is waiting for his ‘Little Mermaid’ release expressed his interest to work with NTR and Ram Charan. The Disney movie, Little Mermaid is the old-age story of a princess Ariel, starring Halle Bailey and will have its world premiere on May 26th. The director of the film while promoting it globally, interacted with one of the Indian publications and he was asked about his interest to work with Indian actors.

Rob Marshall in no time said that he is interested to work with Naatu Naatu actors NTR and Ram Charan. He said he is impressed with their performance in the RRR movie and mainly their dance moves for the Naatu Naatu song. Rob Marshell’s statement once again proves the popularity of RRR globally.

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NTR30 Title Loading


Young Tiger NTR will celebrate his birthday on May 20th and his fans are eagerly waiting for an update about his 30th film. The makers have locked the title and the first look poster along with the title will be out on the occasion. There are reports that Devara is the title locked and an official announcement is awaited. Tarak and his team completed two quick schedules and the next one will start in a week. Koratala Siva is quite confident about his comeback with this untitled action entertainer and NTR is eager about the film.

The film is said to be a pan-Indian attempt and Janhvi Kapoor is the leading lady. Saif Ali Khan is the lead antagonist in this action entertainer. Anirudh is the music director and Yuvasudha Arts, NTR Arts are the producers of NTR30. The film is announced for summer 2024 release.

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NTR Crosses 25 Million Mentions On Twitter


After the success of RRR, NTR has turned out to be a global star. Besides this, NTR is active on Twitter, he keeps posting wishes to his friends, fans and family. NTR also finalized his film Bollywood debut beside Hrithik Roshan in War 2 and his next movie in Koratala Siva’s direction has got Bollywood diva Janhvi Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. NTR also keep supporting small movies of Tollywood. All these helped NTR to cross over 25 million mentions from 2022 March to April 2023 on Twitter, which is the highest for any Tollywood actor.

NTR is hailed as the “Man of the Masses” and he proves it again with his very strong fan base. NTR has got 6.8M followers on social media. Every achievement of him and every single activity of him will be celebrated on social media by his fans. All these made NTR cross the 25M mentions on Twitter.

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NTR back to Action Mode


Young Tiger NTR is not in a hurry. He is committed to work with Koratala Siva and the shoot commenced after a long delay. Koratala too worked for a longer time on the script before heading for the shoot. Two short schedules of the film are completed last month in which an action episode was canned. The shoot of NTR30 will resume next week and one more action episode will be canned. A massive set is constructed for the shoot in Shamshabad and the schedule will continue for ten days.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of the lead antagonist and Janhvi Kapoor is the heroine. NTR30 is an action thriller that is packed with action and a strong emotional drama. NTR Arts and Yuvasudha Arts are the producers and the film is announced for summer 2024 release. NTR signed an action entertainer in the direction of KGF fame Prashanth Neel and the shoot starts this year.

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NTR’s whopping remuneration for War 2


While NTR’s fans are waiting for the official announcement about his role in War 2, there is one more interesting buzz about the actor’s remuneration. NTR is among the top 5 highest paid celebrities of Tollywood and he is charging a whopping remuneration of Rs 30 cr for War2. There are also reports that he will also have a share in the profits. As per national media, he charged Rs 45 Cr for RRR and he has hiked his fee after the film’s release.

On the flipside, NTR is the only choice for Aditya Chopra’s War 2. National media also reported that Aditya Chopra wrote the character for NTR and he also designed a fight sequence between Hrithik Roshan and NTR. War 2 is part of the YRF spy series world and will go on floors in November. Currently, NTR is shooting for NTR30 in Koratala Siva’s direction. Jahnvi Kapoor is the lead actress and Saif Ali Khan is the lead antagonist. This untitled film is announced for summer 2024 release.

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NTR has a special surprise Loading


Young Tiger NTR is shooting for his 30th film directed by Koratala Siva. Two major schedules of the film are completed in Shamshabad and a high-voltage action episode is canned. Saif Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor joined the sets of the film in these schedules. The next schedule is expected to take place this month. NTR will be turning 40 on this 20th and the makers are planning a special surprise for fans.

The first look poster of NTR from the film will be unveiled on May 20th. A motion poster too will be released along with the poster. Anirudh scores the music for this pan-Indian film. NTR Arts and Yuvasudha Arts are the producers. NTR30 is aimed for summer 2024 release.

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NTR30 Latest Updates


NTR’s 30th film is tentatively titled NTR30 and the shoot of this untitled film is happening at a brisk speed. Due to unavoidable situations, the movie shoot has been delayed for a long time and now the NTR30 team has completed two schedules in a month. A major action sequence was shot in this schedule and it was completed on time.

The latest buzz is that the next schedule is going to start in the second week of May. Saif Ali Khan who is the main antagonist in the film also joined the shoot in this schedule. Anirudh Ravichandran is composing music for the film and Jahnvi Kapoor is the lead actress. NTR 30 is directed by Koratala Siva and is jointly produced by Harikrishna K of NTR Arts and Sudhakar Mikkilineni of Yuvasudha Arts. The film is announced for summer 2024 release on a pan-Indian scale.

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DC Studios Head James Gunn Wants to work with NTR


After the global success of RRR, NTR seems to be on a roll. After landing the lead role in Yash Raj Films’ Spyverse film ‘War 2’, the actor is now on the radar of one of the world’s top international filmmakers.

Director James Gunn recently revealed in an interview that he enjoyed watching NTR in RRR. The director also stated that he would ‘love to work with Jr NTR someday’. In an exclusive interview with News18, James Gunn was asked which Indian actor he would like to cast in his ‘Galaxy’ films.

To this, the director said, “Who is the guy from RRR that’s so good. What’s his name? RRR, the big one from last year? With all the tigers coming out of the cage and everything? That guy!” “I would love to work with that guy someday. So amazing, so cool.”

He added that he does not yet have any particular role for him in his head. “I don’t know, I would have to figure that one out. That would take a little while.” The director has films including the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise in his kitty, He is also the head of the craziest universe of DC studios.

Meanwhile, NTR is currently busy with the filming of his upcoming actioner, NTR30. The pan-India film stars Saif Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor in the lead roles and is being helmed by Koratala Siva.

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NTR hosts a Surprise Party


Young Tiger NTR is delighted with the response of RRR. After getting Oscar for Naatu Naatu song, the entire team is delighted and celebrated the occasion. NTR hosted a special party in his residence last night. His close friends and well-wishers attended the bash. SS Rajamouli, Trivikram, Koratala Siva, Shirish, Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar and others attended the party. “An evening well spent with friends and well-wishers. Was great catching up with James and Emily. Thanks for keeping your word and joining us for dinner” posted Tarak along with some of the clicks.

NTR is currently shooting for his 30th film directed by Koratala Siva. The film is shot on a lavish scale and is a pan-Indian attempt. Janhvi Kapoor is the heroine and Yuvasudha Arts, NTR Arts are the producers. Anirudh is scoring the music and background score for this mass entertainer. Tarak has signed Prashanth Neel’s film and the shoot commences this year. Tarak is also making his Bollywood debut with War sequel which has Hrithik Roshan playing the other lead role.

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Vetrimaaran about his film with NTR


From the past few days, there are speculations that critically acclaimed Tamil director Vetrimaaran met NTR and the project may happen soon. During the recent press meet in Hyderabad, Vetrimaaran issued a clarity. He said that he has met NTR sometime ago and it is bound to happen. He said that it takes a long time for him to complete a film and the announcement would be made at the right time. Vetrimaaran also clarified that he met Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun in the past.

Vetrimaaran’s recent film Viduthalai that released recently is a super hit and it is releasing this weekend in Telugu as Vidudhala. Geetha Arts is distributing the film across the Telugu states. Vetrimaaran won five national awards till date and his next film is titled Vaadivaasal.

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Big News: NTR onboard for the Biggest Actioner


NTR is the new pan-Indian star and the actor is not in a hurry. The actor is keen to collaborate with Bollywood filmmakers. The actor recently joined the sets of his 30th film directed by Koratala Siva and the film releases next year. As per the ongoing Bollywood speculation, NTR is in talks to play the crucial role in War 2 that features Hrithik Roshan in the lead role. An announcement about NTR’s presence is awaited. Ayan Mukerji will direct the second installment of War and the shoot commences this year end.

Yash Raj Films will produce this biggest actioner and pan-Indian film that will release next year. There are talks that Hrithik Roshan and NTR would lock horns in this film. NTR’s presence would be a huge boost in the South Indian market. War 2 is the sixth film from YRF Spy Universe. More updates awaited.

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Buzz: NTR in talks for a Bollywood Biggie?


There is huge demand for South Indian stars in Bollywood after the super success of biggies like Baahubali and RRR. Telugu actors are knocked by several top Hindi producers and actors like Ram Charan, NTR are extra cautious. They are not in a hurry. After Prabhas, Vijay Deverakonda and Allu Arjun, NTR is the latest one to sign a Bollywood biggie. Top producer Bhushan Kumar of T Series has signed a film with NTR. The director is yet to be finalized and the project will start rolling once NTR is done with his current projects.

The hunt for the director is on. Recently Bhushan Kumar announced a film in the combination of Allu Arjun and Sandeep Reddy Vanga. NTR will take the final call once the director is finalized. For now, he is completely focused on his 30th film that will be directed by Koratala Siva. The shoot commences next month and Tarak will move on to Prashanth Neel’s film after he is done with his 30th film.

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NTR 30 makers rope in Hollywood’s action producer Kenny Bates


NTR is gearing up for his next with director Koratala Siva for NTR 30. This is the second collaboration of this sensational combo after Janata Garage. NTR 30 grandly launched recently in Hyderabad. As we all know the team working on pre production for almost a year now and Koratala Siva is planning to start the shoot in a few days.

After the Koratala Siva speech at the launch, the expectations raised on the film. To take them to the next level, the makers surprised everyone with the latest update. The makers of NTR 30 have roped in the best action director Kenny Bates. It appears that the filmmakers have enlisted Kenny to provide some intense action sequences that will leave viewers stunned.

Kenny Bates, the world-renowned action director who has worked on some big-budget films like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, The Italian Job and the Transformers franchise is also a part of the magnum opus. The stunt master has many career’s best works in his portfolio.

Mikkilineni Sudhakar and Hari Krishna K bankrolling the film under the banners of Yuvasudha Arts and NTR Arts. Sreekar Prasad is the editor of the project. Ratnavelu is handling the cinematography and production design will be handled by Sabu Cyril. Nandamuri Kalyan Ram presenting this highly anticipated action entertainer. The film will be releasing worldwide on April 5th, 2024.

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