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Raghuveera to promote daughter in politics?


Former minister, several times MLA and former PCC chief N Raghuveera Reddy is fast becoming an enigma. This veteran politician, who has seen all and done all, is now busy developing the temples in his village and is trying to bring LV Prasad Eye institute in his village. But, will he come back to active politics? This is the hotly debated topic in Anantapur district now.

Both YSRCP and the TDP are trying to lure Raghuveera into politics. Many leaders are meeting him of late and are trying to seek his advice on politics. Many more are trying to make him join their respective parties. But, Raghuveera is inscrutable as always. He is not giving away anything. As of now, he is busy with developing his village of Neelakanthapuram.

Sources say that the TDP is wooing him to come back to active politics. There were rumors sometime ago that he would become active again. But, Raghuveera is neither talking politics nor giving any inkling of what his plans are. Sources say that Raghuveera is actually trying to promote his daughter Amrita Veer and is planning to carve out a political career for her. Sources say that she could enter the political fray in 2024. However, it is not clear which party she will fight from.

Amrita Veer is no stranger to the rough and tumble of politics. She had actively campaigned for Raghuveera in both 2014 and 2019. In fact, she covered over 55 villages in Madakasira, from where her father tried his luck. She is also well-known to the cadres. Amrita Veer is well-educated and knows politics well. Sources close to Raghuveera say that he is planning to make her fight the elections from Madakasira in 2024.

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Not BJP, Raghuveera may join YSRCP!!


Till recently it was rumoured that former APCC chief Neelakantham Raghuveera Reddy will join the BJP. His religiosity, spirituality and proximity to the politicians in Karnataka were touted as the reason. He had even renovated a couple of temples in his home village. All these were shown as symbols of his moving close to the BJP.

However, now it turns out that Raghuveera Reddy is inching closer to the ruling YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. If sources are to be believed, two of his friends in the YSRCP are bringing pressure on him to join the YSRCP. In fact, several of his former Congress friends are already in the YSRCP and they too want him in the YSRCP.

MLC Tippeswamy is considered very close to Raghuveera. Raghuveera helped him during his MLC election. Not just that, Tippeswamy sought Raghuveera’s blessings before launching the campaign for the recent panchayat and ZPTC elections in Anantapur. Similarly, MLA Ananta Venkatrami Reddy too is considered very close to Raghuveera. He recently met Raghuveera and requested him to join the YSRCP. Several leaders like Botsa Satyanarayana too are considered very close to Raghuveera. In fact, even Jagan respects Raghuveera a lot.

Raghuveera is an MLA from 1989 and has lost only in 2014 and 2019. He was the APCC chief from 2014 to 2020. At one stage, he was considered a possible CM in the wake of the unfortunate death of YSRCP. However, in the later developments, Raghuveera remained in the Congress and suffered a massive defeat as the Congress was totally rejected by the voters in 2014. Now with the reports of his inching closer to the YSRCP, hopes of a revival of his political fortunes are being rekindled.

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Is this the real reason behind Raghuveera’s religiosity?


Senior politician N Raghuveer Reddy, who has almost become a distant bleep in the political radar, is back in the news again, albeit in a new avatar. This time around, there is no political swashbuckling and swagger. Raghuveera’s new avatar is that of a man with deep religiosity. He is now talking of renovating old temples in the village.

He is now all set to get renovated the ancient Neelakantheswara temple in his village. Along with it, a massive standing Hanuman murthy and others are also going to be consecrated. But, tongues are wagging as to why Raghuveera has become so active suddenly, though in a new avatar. A man not known to overtly display his religiosity, Raghuveera’s videos performing poojas, pradakshinams and other rituals are flooding the social media.

Raghuveera was considered extremely close to YSR and was second in his cabinet. He was even considered for the CM’s post in the aftermath of YSR’s untimely demise. After 2014, he was made Congress chief for Andhra Pradesh. After that, 2019 elections have seen him humbled fair and square. He lost his security deposit. Since then, he has almost slipped from the news screens.

Now he has resurfaced again. The buzz is that he is planning to launch his daughter Amrita into politics. The real aim of all these rituals is to re-imaging himself and promote his daughter into AP politics. His daughter is a constant fixture in all the videos and photographs of the temple works. Sources in the know say that Raghuveera wants his daughter to join the YSRCP and emerge as an MLA candidate in the next assembly elections. Raghuveera, who belongs to Madakasira, a Karnataka border constituency, has deep and wide contacts with the BjP politicians in Karnataka. So, he is even considering Amrita joining the BJP if the YSRCP does not offer her anything. Not many know that Raghuveera began his political career as the Anantapuram BJP president.

The suspense over whether she will join YSRCP or the BJP will end very soon, say the sources.

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Video: Raghuveera Reddy Requests Jagan to Convince PM Modi on Special Status

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Jagan and Pawan have shut down their parties in Telangana?


Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president N. Raghuveera Reddy has made a bitter attack on the YSR Congress Party and Jana Sena Party. He asserted that Jaganmohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan have shut down their respective parties in Telangana as there was no response for them. He asked why Jagan and Pawan were maintaining silence without questioning the Modi government on crippling of national institutions like the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Reserve Bank of India, etc. Raghuveera asked whether YCP and Jana Sena have colluded with the BJP and whether they all have a secret understanding.

During his visit to Guntur, Raghuveera Reddy said that the main opposition party in Andhra has failed utterly to fight against the injustice being done to AP by the Central Government. He said that while Jagan and Pawan never bothered to question the BJP, the ruling TDP has woken up late to oppose the Modi government on injustice to AP. He recalled that AICC president Rahul Gandhi had vowed to put his first signature for conferring the Special Category Status on AP.

The PCC president said that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government had betrayed and deceived AP after making tall promises on special status and so on.

Raghuveera further said that the future of AP depended heavily on the party that would form government at the Centre in 2019 and the Congress would be the only party that would improve the lot of AP. Rahul Gandhi had said that he would come back to AP only after conferring special status, he recalled.

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#RakhiProtest to remind Modi of special status and other forgone promises

On the auspicious occasion of Rakhshabandhan sisters tie a sacred thread to their brothers who promise to protect their sisters in times of need. To make the most out of the event, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee leaders (APCC) decided to remind Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the election and reorganization promises by sending him virtual Rakhi’s through social media.

There are several Rakhis designed with Rahul Gandhi’s image in the centre and and slogans demanding special category status, Completion of Polavaram, Tribal University, Special package for Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema, Vishakapatnam railway zone, steel factory and other promises that were part of AP Reorganisation and 2014 elections.

The poster of the virtual Rakhi was released by N Raghuveera Reddy on Sunday who informed that women party workers would send the bands to the PM. He requested people to use social network to take part in the virtual #RakhiProtest.

It may be noted that, curtains were pulled down for several other promises like Steel factory, increase in Assembly seats, Vijayawada Metro Rail apart from the above-mentioned undertakings have not been realized.

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Raghuveera faced TDP’s ire in Kuppam


Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president Raghuveera Reddy is working hard to extricate the lost glory of the grand-old-party in the state. In recent past, he has been organizing many protests and public meetings exposing the government’s omissions and commission. However, on Monday he faced the wrath of TDP supporters in Kuppam, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu’s home constituency, in Chittoor district.

TDP workers raised slogans against the Congress, ” The Congress, which did nothing to Kuppam in their 10-year rule is now stalling the development process initiated by TDP government,” they said demanding the delegation to go back.

Raghuveera went to Kuppam to meet the rebellious farmers who are reluctant to give up their lands to the proposed cargo airport in the area. Raghuvira with a team of Congress leaders arrived in Kuppam town and set off to villages where the government started survey of the lands for proposed to acquire for the airport. En route, the Congress leaders were way laid by the local TDP leaders, who sat on the road blocking the way. A war of words ensued and followed by pushing and shoving by TDP workers and follower of Dr Suresh, a local Congress leader, according to Goutham Jagan, APCC spokesperson. AT the spot, Laxmipuram village, in Kuppam, TDP workers hurled eggs, stones and chappals on Raghuveera’s convoy. Local DSP intervened and escorted the Congress team out to Kadiriobanapalli village, the venue of a public meeting. At Obanapalli, Raghuvira interacted with the farmers who said that government was planning to take away their land against their will.

“We were given these barren lands thirty years back. We struggled a lot to make them arable. Now these lands have become our livelihood. Suddenly, the government wants to take back these lands. Can any compensation make up for the sweat and blood we put into these lands? We don’t want to leave these lands,’ the farmers told the Congress delegation. Raghivira addressed a public meeting in which about 1500 people from 20 nearby villages gathered.

Assuring them full solidarity, the APCC president told them that the Congress party would stand by them. ” As per the existing land acquisition Act, acquiring the land without farmers’ consent is illegal. First the government has to conduct a social impact survey and asses the damage the project may cause to the livelihoods. Without doing it, the government started survey of lands. We oppose this,” Reddy told the farmers.

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Naidu lands himself in embarrassment


What would be the reaction of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu now, as his challenge to opposition parties for a debate on the special status is accepted by two leaders?

Chief minister yesterday hurled a challenge for a open discussion on the special status and his efforts to get it. Opposition parties are not sure that Naidu was sincere and believe that he had traded the special status with centre intervention to bail him out in cash-for-vote scam in Telangana. Now, they accepted the challenge.

First to accept the challenge was APCC president N Raghuvira Reddy, later former Rajahmundry MP Undavalli Arun Kumar announced he was ready for open debate at anyplace and at any time ” I am ready for a debate. Fix up the date and venue,” Raghuvira Reddy said on Friday . He asked the chief minister to fix the date, timing and venue at his convenience and he had no reservation whatsoever on these matters. “We will discuss what you placed before PM. Your deputy CM says he was not taken into confidence. Let us discuss all the issues, including the package for Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra,” he said.

Undavalli has gone a bit further and conveyed his readiness for the debate in writing. Writing a letter, he requested the CM not go back on the challenge and fix the venue as early possible. Welcoming Naidu’s bold decision for a public debate, the former MP urged the CM, “to provide him with an opportunity to raise the sentiments and emotions pent up in the minds of the people in debate within confines of agenda you fix up and on the date you choose.” He said he wrote many letters earlier expressing his desire to debate the issues like Pattiseema, but he did not get even acknowledgement.

” This is it heartening that you (the CM) had invited us for a debate,”  he said hoping that CM would invite him the debate. Now we have to wait and watch if Naidu would backtrack on the challenge or go forward to fix date and venue for the great debate..

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Congr fixes dates to file cases vs Modi, Naidu and Venkaiah


Andhra Pradesh Congress announced the dates for the filing of cheating cases against Prime Minister Modi, chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and union urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu. PCC President N Raghuvira Reddy said on September 7, 8 and 9 the cases would be booked in all 1200 police station across the Andhra Pradesh.

He says chief minister Naidu not only failed miserably in bargaining for the special category status to the Andhra Pradesh which was the commitment of union government.

“For union government the party in power is immaterial. Party can come and go. But the administration continues forever. For this we have a permanent bureaucracy. The UPA cabinet approved the special category status on March 2, 2014 itself. The proposal was even sent to planning commission. When the planning Commission was studying the issue, NDA government had scrapped it. Now Arun Jaitley says the matter had not had planning commission clearance. If Modi feels he can announce the special category status in minutes,” Rahuvira said.

According to Raghuvira, Naidu is feeling shy of raising the UPA cabinet decision to buttress his defense for special status because the credit goes to Congress government.

“The whole issue is nothing but blatant cheating of people by state and central governments. It’s sheer political bankrutcy on the part of TDP and BJP leadership. We want to drag them to the court on behalf of people of Andhra Pradesh,” the PCC president said in Madakasira, Anantapur district.

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“Don’t return home with hands empty”


Andhra Pradesh Congress today advised CM Chandrababu Naidu not to come back with hands empty from Prime Minister’s residence. “If the CM returns home without special category status to Andhra Pradesh, the Congress party will file cheating cases against the PM Modi, CM Naidu, union minister Venkaiaha Naidu,” PCC president N Raghuvira Reddy said. In order to put pressure on the Modi government, Rahuvira said AP Congress, along with nine Congress chief ministers would present a memorandum with one crore signatures to the Prime Minister.

On Monday, on the eve of Naidu’s Delih visit, the AP Congress held an extended meeting of the party to discuss the political situation in Andhra Pradesh with special reference the demand for special category status to the state.

“CM should meet the PM with only one agenda that is achieving special status,” he said cautioning him not to fall prey to the designs of BJP. “The BJP is floating an idea of special package in lieu of special status. It is a ploy to prepare the people to an alternative,” the PCC president said adding that nothing short of special status was acceptable to the Congress.

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