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‘BJP, RSS want to end reservations in garb of discussion’


The Congress on Monday hit out at the ruling BJP and the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), accusing them of being anti-Dalit and anti-backward and said they want to end reservations in the backdrop of discussions.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, senior Congress leader P.L. Punia said, “Baba Saheb B.R. Ambedkar believed that socio-economic inequality would be a challenge. Thus reservation was brought in place for the same reason.”

“But the BJP has always been trying to change the Constitution. They always advocate abolishing the Constitution. Now they want to debate reservation,” he said.

Punia said that the BJP tried to end reservations in educational institutions and that it also played an important role in weakening the SC/ST Act.

“During the debate they said that there are some shortcomings in it and it can be misused,” he said referring to the debate on SC/ST Act. “Based on this, the Supreme Court gave its decision,” he said.

Slamming the government, Punia said, “Ending reservation is a well-planned strategy of the BJP and the RSS. They want to end reservations in the backdrop of discussions, which is condemnable and shows their ill thoughts.”

The Congress leader’s remarks came a day after RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat stirred a row after he said that there should be a conversation in a harmonious atmosphere between those in favour of reservations and those against it.

Criticising the BJP for diverting the real issues, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said, “It has become the habit of the BJP and RSS to keep raking up issues and creating conflict in the society, issues on which opinions are sharply divided that can divert voters’ attention from day to day problems of the government.”

He said the only motive behind BJP’s decisions is to distract people. Citing examples, he said, “Be it demonetisation or Article 370. People have to understand this trap of BJP, that they try to divert attention from the main issues. The atrocities on tribals and Dalits are not hidden.”

Congress’ Dalit face Udit Raj said that the BJP does not accept the Indian flag and the Constitution. “On December 11, 1948, the RSS had organised a big rally at Ramleela Maidan in Delhi and they also burnt the effigy of Ambedkar.”

Udit Raj alleged that by ending reservations the BJP’s motive is to make people of different communities fight among themselves.

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Reader Writes – Frustrated startup Entrepreneur about reservation in private sector


I think all states should institute 100% reservation for insiders. Why allow outsiders to come into your state at all? After all, they are hostile aliens.

And by the way, when that happens, let us stop calling ourselves Indians. We will not be a country anymore. In fact, we are already becoming less of a country and more a collection of banana republics of different flavors.

Let me ask you this question: How does a business decide whom to hire?

I can answer this question for my startup, ConceptOwl. We hire people who we feel can get the job done. I don’t care about their state, skin color, ethnicity, religion, caste, or whatever. The only question we ask is: Will they do a good job and enjoy being part of the team?

Very often, the person who fits our requirements is from Kerala. But sometimes from Harayana, UP, or wherever. Why should the government bother about whom we hire, as long as we pay our taxes? What incentive does a business have to discriminate against people from one state vs. another?

If a government wants its youth to get the local jobs, train and educate them. Let them have the right attitude. Not do this monkeying around and destroy the fabric of this country.

As it is, doing business in India is a nightmare. And you are now trying to add to that?

And don’t forget, if you keep doing this kind of thing, businesses will move out of your state and your youth will have to go to other states for jobs. And what if those states don’t allow outsiders?

As an example, what if Karnataka government mandated that all the IT companies (Infosys, TCS, etc.) should have 75% employees from Karnataka? That will be fun!

Let me finish by sharing a funny statistic. If you go to the US, a big chunk of Indians, especially in the East Coast (New Jersey etc.) are from Andhra. And why should they not if they are enterprising and hard-working enough? But will the Andhra Government want the US to have a locals-only policy?

Our politicians are selling what is easier to sell: fear, hatred, insecurity, jingoism, and caste and religious animosity.

Any sellers for love, tolerance, integrity, and genuine patriotism? Anyone??

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KCR’ s Ramzan Mood :T-Cong to Play Spoilsport


Telangana Congress is playing spoilsport chief minister KCR’s Ramzan mood by reminding him the annoying and un-implementable election promise of 12 per cent reservation in Jobs to Muslims. Rao, in an emotionally fired moment of 2014-elections campaign, assured everything to everybody and 12   per cent reservations to Muslims in Telangana. Everybody knows it was a pie in the sky. Yesterday, to strike a chord with Muslim, he chose to announce Iftar-dinner, free cloths,  honorarium to Imams etc on the occasion of  holy Ramzan month. He asked the government and his party to organize Iftar parties across state. All to cost Rs 26 crore.

However, Congress is planning to play spoilsport by reminding both, the chief minister and Muslim community,about the forgotten assurance of 12 per cent reservation.

The T-Congress has decided to organize, down from village to Hyderabad, counter Iftar parties and will remind them that they should pressurize the government for the implementation of 12 per cent reservation poll-promise of KCR.

On Friday, TPCC President N Uttam Kumar Reddy and Leader of Opposition in Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir criticized chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao for his Iftar sops for Muslim stating that it was bait to divert the attention of community from election promise of 12 per cent reservation.

“The Rs 26 crore fund for Muslims announced by KCR is pittance. They don’t want to survive on crumps thrown at them. Muslims are waiting for the implementation of 12 per cent reservations offered by the chief minister KCR,” said Uttam Kumar Reddy.

Shabbir Ali accused KCR of trying to humiliate the Muslim community. “Is he trying to give us ‘Khairaat’ (Alms)? KCR has insulted the entire Muslim community by offering a meagre Rs. 1,000 monthly salary to Imams, who enjoy highest respect in Islam. Has he consulted the Ulemas before making this announcement?” he asked while adding that a similar attempt made by the then Congress Government in 2004-05 to pay Rs. 5,000 per month salary to Imams was rejected by the Muslim Personal Law. He said KCR cannot take unilateral decisions on matters involving religion and religious sentiments.

Shabbir Ali also questioned the silence of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen on the issue. He said both TRS and MIM should clarify their stand on Alair encounter and also explain when report on Kishanbagh police firing incident would be made public.



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