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Young actor acquires Keshava Theatrical Rights


Keshava Theatrical rights

Promising actor Nikhil is on success streak and after a small gap, he is back testing his luck with Keshava which is said to be an action thriller. Sudheer Varma directed the movie which is all set to hit the screens this Friday. Ritu Varma played the female lead and Isha Koppikar played a crucial role in the film. The recently released trailer is a smashing hit all over and is trending all over. Though it is surprising, Keshava is made on a strict budget of Rs 3 crores excluding the remunerations of Nikhil and Sudheer Varma. The movie’s business has been closed in all the regions already.

Young actor Sharwanand and his brother acquired the theatrical rights of Keshava for Andhra Pradesh (excluding Telangana) for a whopping price of Rs 4 crores. Though Abhishek Pictures wanted to release the film on their own, Sharwanand managed to acquire the rights of the movie for a huge price. Sunny MR composed the music and Abhishek Pictures bankrolled this nail-biting action thriller. Keshava is all set for release on May 19th all over. Nikhil’s stunning look is a huge surprise and the film has been carrying massive expectations.

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Radha’s Geethopadesam to Sharwanand

Whenever discussion about script selection among Tollywood heroes comes up, the names of Nani and Sharwanand are mentioned right at the top. However, Sharwanand looks to have made a blunder in the case of his latest film, ‘Radha‘, courtesy Money.

Even before resurrecting his career with a slew of hits starting form ‘Run Raja Run’ to ‘Shatamanam Bhavathi’, Sharwa has impressed with his judgemental skills by accepting critically acclaimed films such as ‘Prasthanam’, ‘Gamyam’, ‘Andari Bandhuvaya’ etc. Choosing Shatamanam Bhavathi after it was rejected by Sai Dharam Tej and Raj Tarun is the latest example of how acutely Sharwa can judge scripts.

Hence, it came as a shocker to movie lovers when they saw an utterly routine film like ‘Radha’ from this talented young hero. One wonders what point did Sharwa like in this template story. Buzz in film circles is that Sharwa had to do Radha because of pressure from the film’s producer BVSN Prasad. Sharwa had taken advance amount from this senior producer two years ago itself but he dodged the project for long as he wan’t pleased with any script.

As the ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ producer was adamant and also because he settled the remuneration in single payment, Sharwa finally gave hid nod to ‘Radha’. Prasad even didn’t show interest in overseeing the film’s final edit work besides not promoting the film enough to get attention of film goers amidst Baahubali storm. Sharwa’s well wishers who acquired the film’s rights for Andhra region have spent good amount of time in reediting Radha to make the second half at least watchable.

The belief of movie lovers on Sharwa managed to bring reasonable openings but the lame film doesn’t look to sustain at box office for long. ‘Radha’ looks to have done Geethopadesam to Sharwa that story always weighs over factors like money, producer etc.

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Radha Theatrical Trailer: High Voltage Entertainer


Young actor Sharwanand who is on a success spree is gearing up for the release of his next movie titled Radha. The movie has been directed by a debutant Chandra Mohan and is said to be a mass entertainer. Sharwanand essayed the role of a cop and Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead in the movie. The makers unveiled the theatrical trailer of Radha today which is thoroughly entertaining. Sharwanand essayed the massest role in his career till date.

The trailer of Radha has been packed with loads of entertainment which suits Sharwanand and he has been completely apt in the role of a cop. Radha has a list of top actors in the movie and the trailer even promises a cute love story which is expected to be the film’s major highlight. Radhan composed the music and BVSN Prasad produced Radha on Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner. The film is all set for May 12th release.

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Sharwanand’s Radha to have a Massive Pre-release Event


Young actor Sharwanand is back with his next outing titled Radha. The film has been carrying massive expectations as Sharwa scored back to back hits in the recent times. Radha is said to be a mass entertainer which has been helmed by a debutant Chandra Mohan. For the first time in his career, the actor will be showcased as a cop and the teaser received exceptional response all over. The audio of the movie will be out today directly at 6 PM and the makers are in plans for a massive pre-release event.

The event will take place on May 6th in Vijayawada ahead before the film’s release. Radhan composed the music and Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead. The entire shoot of the movie has been wrapped up and BVSN Prasad is producing Radha. The film is all set to entertain the audience in theatres from May 12th. Sharwanand revealed that Radha is the most entertaining role played by him till date.

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Sharwanand signs one more Film


Young and promising actor Sharwanand is now one among the most wanted actors among the youngsters in Tollywood. His last outing Shatamanam Bhavati ended up as a huge money spinner and it even won National Award as the Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. The actor is currently shooting for his next movie in the direction of Maruthi and it is all set for release during the second half of this year. Sharwanand has many interesting films lined up currently and the actor is said to have signed a film in the direction of Dasaradh.

Dasaradh who directed many impressive films like Santosham and Mr Perfect failed to repeat the magic recently. After a huge gap, he is making his comeback with a sensible family entertainer and Sharwanand is said to have been quite impressed with the plot. Top producer Tagore Madhu is said to produce the movie which will start rolling from July. Once Dasaradh got the nod from Sharwa, he is busy finalizing the cast and crew.

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Busy work life keeps me grounded: Mehreen

Actress Mehreen Pirzada, last seen in Anushka Sharma’s “Phillauri”, says busy work life keeps her grounded and makes her respect what she has achieved so far in her career.

With nearly half a dozen projects in her kitty currently including Telugu films “Raja The Great” and “Jawaan”, she is fast rising as one of the busiest actresses in southern filmdom.

“I have realised that I am nothing without my work. The busier I get with projects, I become even more grounded because this lifestyle has made me respect my work and take it even more seriously,” Mehreen told IANS.

She doesn’t find it challenging to juggle multiple projects. In fact, she enjoys being busy.

“I have always asked for more. It’s a blessing that I have been presented with so many opportunities. I just have to focus on working hard. I like the whole process of waking up early, working out and then going to the sets,” she said, admitting she did have to face setbacks.

“After Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha’, the rest of the last year was not great. Films that were supposed to start were postponed and I was a little worried. Luckily, it all changed this year as I signed back-to-back projects,” she added.

Talking about working with Ravi Teja in “Raja The Great”, she said, “It’s amazing to be working with a star so early on in my career. Although he plays a blind character, audiences are going to love him in this role. I have an equally different role.”

Mehreen also has Telugu project “Mahanubhavudu” with Sharwanand, and she’s all praise for its director Maruthi.

“He is the coolest director I have worked with yet. This is a fun project and it’s special for Sharwa because it’s coming after his hat-trick of hits,” she said.

This year, she will be making her Tamil debut with Suseenthiran’s “Aram Seidhu Pazhagu”, a bilingual which also stars Sundeep Kishan and Vikranth.

“I feel lucky to be launched my Suseenthiran sir. In the film, I’m paired with Sundeep. This year is going to be very special for me,” she concluded.

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Express Raja Review : A Comedy Express


Express Raja Movie Review

Sankranti race is not for the weak-hearted. So, when “Express Raja” announced release for Sankranti, eyebrows were raised whether Sharvanand will be able to pull it off. It does seem to pull it off the incredible. Yes, the director of “Venkatadri Express” gives us a satisfying family entertainer again with “Express Raja” with the huge production values of UV Creations banner – the banner that gave us “Mirchi” and “Run Raja Run”. What makes the film  watchable is a stylish presentation with relentless efforts to make us laugh with a handful of artists. Director Merlapaka Gandhi has a knack of making a plot-less story come alive on screen with a panache for humor that just doesn’t know when to stop.

Genre of the film:

In 144 minutes, Gandhi has recreated the magic of entertainment with characters that seem more than cardboard cutouts in other movies. Look at the starcast of comedians, not the regular ones but the Jabardast variety of Dhanraj, Shakalaka Shankar, old star and loudmouth Urvasi, Prabhas Seenu and of course, Saptagiri. With all of them and a bevy of traditional villains you see as extras in today’s movies, Gandhi creates a ruckus that generates a decent laughter.


The story is about a wayward youth Sharwanand who kidnaps the girl, sorry, the cute dog that is being walked by the girl. The girl is the daughter of a benami called British who has to give back cash to another warlord Keshav Reddy who is aspiring to be an MLA but eyes the same girl that Sharwanand is in love with. Sharwanand is helped by Prabhas Seenu and Saptagiri in his kidnapping attempt. The twist in the story is that Benami British converts all his benami cash into a Rs.75 crore diamond that is tied around the dog that is kidnapped by Sharwanand. The first half is about establishing the characters and the flashbacking of the plot where the action begins with Sharwanand’s kidnap to where the background motives of each character begin from. This makes the plot a bit slow-moving with all the zigging and zagging of the story. The second half is where most of the flashbacks end and the stage is set for the real action of chase and fight among the villains and the gang of Sharwanand. The emotional glue to the whole story is the father-son sentiment between Nagineedu and Sharwanand who seemingly see friction but in the end rapproachment comes with a happy ending.


Technically, the film is an A-class effort with all the framing and style of an accomplished director who knows how to combine the 64 crafts well to make a good story. BGM by G.B gives the energy booster and songs by Praveen Lakkaraju (Sankarabharanam fame) give a fresh sound. Picturisation is realistic while giving the cinematic touches in the usual Sharwanand style – the use of color glasses, Numaish-e-Hyderabad ambience gives the larger-than-life appeal to the songs. Right from the first frame, there is an over-zealous attempt to surprise you with new imagery, new characterisation of oft-beat artists and gigs at every turn attempts to make you laugh.

Performances and Highlights :

Comedian-wise, Urvasi’s performance as Sridevi in Vasantakokila is loud and cliched. Barring that, almost everybody else shines. Prabhas Seenu gets his best scenes in a while in the film. But the one who steals the thunder is Saptagiri with the longest characterisation of the season. One cannot make out whether he is spontaneous or deliberately improvises the dialogues because they look interminably funny and pack a punch in every line. His timing is one of the most unique in Tollywood today and it appears we are not going to tire of his antics sooner given his form in the film. After Prudhviraj, he is the next star who can carry a comedy track on his shoulders and this film is a trophy prize for his performance. Sharwanand is stylish and looks good in all songs and romantic scenes but the characterisation is familiar to what we saw in “Run Raja Run”, this film with all the troupe of comedians may not get his potential noticed in a role that passes from one scene to another without substance. Surabhi, his lady-love, is a big disappointment as she lacks the oomph for a heroine. It looks like UV Creations doesn’t have the budget for casting a heroine who can fire up the screen with their heroes.


What makes the film a bit tedious is the tonnage of jokes and gigs that follow in each scene without a break. If only Gandhi knows how to balance humor with some serious story, we have a winning formula director. It cannot be all flippant and light-heartedness to make you laugh. You sometimes needed a break from comedy also and that’s what made directors like Jandhyala and EVV Satyanarayana stand out from nonstop comedy directors like Relangi Narasimha Rao and Siva Nageswar Rao. A film is about all the nine emotions and even if you can’t have all nine of them, you need to balance the most-dominant emotions with countervailing ones. In this film, Merlakapati Gandhi wrote some of the funniest lines in the book but doesn’t tell a story with depth that can tug at your hearts. But sure, he has great promise and it needs some tweaking to give a wholesome treat to the family with the basic command he has over the crafts. You cannot have strawberry ice-cream for dinner all the time, you need some salt and pepper and some Rasam to begin with.But, the film is a worthy one to go kite-flying this Sankranti with family and friends who are looking for some laughs.

Telugu360.com Rating 2.75/5

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Sharwanand wraps up his next


Talented actor Sharwanand, who is riding the success wave with back to back hits, has wrapped up the shooting of his upcoming film, Express Raja. Directed by Venkatadri Express fame Merlapaka Gandhi, the film has young actress Surabhi playing Sharwanand’s romantic interest.

The film, which has its story penned by the director himself, is about a road journey. Successful production house, UV Creations, is bankrolling the film. Actor Brahmaji is playing an important role in the film. The post production work has been started and the film is slated to hit the screens later this year.

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Young hero’s next titled ‘Juliet’


Actor Sharwanand, who is busy shooting for ‘Express Raja’ in the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi, has signed a new project, which will be helmed by ad filmmaker Bhaskar. Young Tamil actress Nivedha Thomas will be playing Sharwanand’s romantic interest in the film.

According to an official confirmation, this film has been titled as ‘Juliet’ and the tagline is ‘Love of Idiot’. Touted to be a breezy romantic entertainer, the film will be launched very soon and the regular shooting will start later this year. More details are yet to be announced.

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