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KCR bearing a grudge against AP, says actor Shivaji


Actor turned activist Shivaji mounted his bitter most ever attack on Telangana CM Chandrasekhar Rao. He says KCR is becoming more and more insecure at the prospects of Andhra Pradesh growing into a far more developed state than Telangana. Already, AP has created a record by having a budget which is Rs 1,000 cr greater than Telangana. This has put the TRS government under tremendous pressure.

Shivaji says there are clear indications for AP to score greater victories and register fastest ever development if CM Chandrababu Naidu wins another term in the 2019 election. There’s a closer look at the development activities and projects in twin Telugu states. KCR has failed utterly and miserably to achieve one single project or construct one single landmark building. Shivaji says KCR greatly wants to see Chandrababu defeated and get Jagan to become AP CM.

Shivaji accused KCR of resorting to diversionary politics by maligning AP CM in the needless data theft cases and unwanted investigations by the Telangana police.

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Top officials plotting against CBN govt: Actor Shivaji


Controversial activist and actor Shivaji began a political storm by saying nearly 10 per cent of officials were plotting against the Chandrababu Naidu government in AP. His comments relate to the ‘dotted lands’ and also ‘water tank lands’. In the name of these lands, officials including some District Collectors were harassing the public. This is being done as part of a larger conspiracy to tarnish and make CBN unpopular among the people ahead of 2019 election.

Shivaji said in this respect these officials were not even listening to CM Naidu nor the Ministers which is proof of their anti-TDP activities. The actor said these officials were deliberately creating problems for land owners though they knew well that those lands were regularised by the East India Company itself.

Demanding immediate resolution of these issues, Shivaji said he would go on a fast unto death protest if the officials do not act before Sankranti festival. He said there is a bigger conspiracy to provoke farmers to revolt against the government and work for its defeat. Shivaji advised these officials to quit the government service and join the opposition parties which is a better choice considering their mindsets.


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Shivaji’s life goal to become TTD chairman


Actor-turned-activist Shivaji has become well-known for his fight against the injustice being done to AP after the state is divided. In the past, he had also fought against irregularities and corruption in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). His predictions and leaks on ‘Operation Garuda’ became well known.

Now, Shivaji says that he is an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara Swamy and that it is his life’s ultimate goal to become TTD Chairman. He has suggested several measures to ensure smooth darshan for crores of devotees coming to Tirumala hills for blessings.

Shivaji is coming to India from his US visit in second week of December and he has offered to cooperate if any investigating agency wants to question him on Garuda leaks. He hits back at YCP leaders saying that he has no compulsion to respond to opposition leaders’ calls.

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Vizag attack a coincidence of ‘Operation Garuda’?


Sometime ago, actor-activist Shivaji said that a fake attack would be made on Opposition leader Jagan as part of BJP’s ‘Operation Garuda’ to disturb peace, law and order in AP so as to dislodge the Chandrababu government from power.

As if it is a coincidence, Jagan was indeed attacked at Vizag airport and he escaped with a minor knife injury on his shoulder. The attacker was a fan of Jagan himself which was confirmed by his own brother on video footage doing rounds in social media. The attacker-fan had tied flexis of Jagan along with his brothers in his village during last festival season. On his part, Jagan said such acts of cowardice would not dissuade but further strengthen his resolve to serve the people.

‘Operation Garuda or Operation Dravida’ or whatever it is, this is all reportedly aimed at destabilising non-BJP parties and governments in South India with greater focus on Chandrababu Naidu. PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah are being charged with hatching this conspiracy. It is in this context that TDP is repeatedly saying that BJP has got a secret deal with Jagan and Pawan as part of this ‘unholy Operation Garuda’.

At that time, Shivaji said there would be deliberate violence by YCP cadres and Jagan fans all over the state after the attack on him. But today’s incident was obviously a minor one as Jagan suffered a cut on his shoulder and got first aid before shortly going ahead on his journey to Hyderabad. Police also quickly stepped in to clear the doubts surrounding the incident. Information quickly reached people that the attack was made by Jagan’s own fan. The police are also finding out if the attacker is a member of YCP or not in the past.

Meanwhile, Jagan sent a tweet informing people about his wellbeing. He said that he was safe by the grace of God and with the blessings of the people. Such acts of cowardice would never dissuade him but further strengthen his resolve to serve the public, he asserted.

Considering the mood in YCP leaders, they are expected to blow this incident out of proportions for political gains. Not to be left behind, TDP is bringing out all details behind the attack to give a strong counter.

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‘BJP Operation Garuda’ going to ruin AP: Shivaji


G. Ravikiran

In the changed political scenario, the game is turning uglier with each passing day. Nobody is able to guess who is whose friend and who is whose foe. TDP and Congress are clearly going to contest together. But YCP and BJP are contesting separately with no probable allies of their own as of now. Pawan Kalyan may allow left parties to join him. There is talk that BJP, YCP and Pawan have secret understandings. They may contest separately now but they are likely to come together after elections with the sole purpose of preventing TDP from coming to power.

As things stand as they are, actor-activist Shivaji is continuing his crusading campaign against the BJP leadership by referring to the so-called secretive ‘Operation Garuda’ again and again. He was a former leader of BJP and he came out of that party in protest against the anti-AP stand taken by the Centre allegedly for political gains. Now Operation Garuda is more true than ever before and it is being used by the BJP to destroy all prospects of stability and development in the residual Andhra Pradesh state, says Shivaji. It is intended to hurt TDP where it hurts most. Though not a member of TDP, the actor has great concerns that if non-TDP parties come to the fore, it will have disastrous effects on AP.

Shivaji spoke at the maha rally on Saturday organised by the SC, ST, BC, Minorities United Forum to mark the Constitution Protection Day in Guntur town. Social Welfare Minister Nakka Ananda Babu, MLA Shravan Kumar, senior leader Varla Ramaiah and others spoke. Using the occasion to express his concerns, Shivaji said he could not understand as to why Jagan and Pawan were not realising the harm that they were going to cause to AP because of their political stands and because of their indifference to people’s problems. At the same time, Shivaji threatened to expose all those who are trying to hurt him in different ways. He appealed to the people to repel all those forces that are trying to destabilise Andhra Pradesh.

Shivaji first talked of Operation Garuda and now he is saying that he will reveal more sensational stories if anybody dares to needlessly interfere with him. In the past, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu also referred to Operation Garuda as a conspiracy of the BJP to destroy and finish TDP. He blamed Jagan and Pawan for playing to the tunes of BJP leadership instead of strengthening the cause of developing the crisis-hit AP.

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