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Prof. Kodandaram condemned merging his party into Congress


There have been rumours about Prof Kodandaram’s TJS party merging into Congress party from last couple of months. However, today he condemned such possibility and announced that his party will continue to fight for the people of Telangana. Details as follows.

There’s going to be some drastic change in political equations of Telangana in the coming days. While people like Sharmila who have thousands of crores are launching the parties and are confident of running the parties for many more years, the parties that don’t have such money and muscle power are struggling to survive. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan also revealed about the financial struggles to run the party recently. If a star hero like Pawan Kalyan also facing such financial issues, one can easily imagine how stressed leaders like Kodandaram could be.

Given this backdrop, there have been rumours about him merging his party into Congress. Moreover, there have been rumours about Revant Reddy trying hard to bring him into Congress forte. But Kodandaram today confirmed that he discussed with Revanth Reddy only about cooperating with Congress in the fight against TRS and there has never been any discussion about merger of the party.

We need to wait and see whether TJS will merge with Congress or not.

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Has TRS graph fallen to a losing point?


Each day there is some perceptible change in the overall political atmosphere in Telangana election scene. What appeared to be a clear edge for ruling TRS weeks ago now took a new turn against it. The Praja Kutami allies seem to be gaining foothold to a level where there is likely a strong fight or a do or die battle for power in December 7 election. As Sonia Gandhi and PM Modi addressed their election meetings, the entire scene seemed different for TRS.

However, KCR is cool and peaceful, apparently thinking of his own electoral calculations. His main hopes are on to what extent the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party will split anti-incumbency vote. KCR’s graph appears to have fallen in the past few days after Prajakutami allies could successfully overcome their differences and they are putting up a united show. This became something of a compulsion for them to achieve their common goal to unseat the KCR regime some way or the other.

With the Congress, the TDP, the TJS and the CPI leaders launching a combined offensive, the TRS show led by KCR and KTR looked shaken to some extent. But the TRS leadership is apparently relying on electoral arithmetic rather than immediate impact of electioneering. Meanwhile, analysts do not rule out the possibility of a nail-biting suspense on the day of counting. It is for certain the Prajakutami allies have risen to give a strong challenge. The Congress leaders are on a high last few days especially after the success of Sonia Gandhi public meeting.

On its part, TRS has got secret support from MIM party, which has presence in many parts of the state. In case of no party getting magic figure of 60 out of 119 seats, MIM’s role will become crucial. All these aspects considering, Telangana poll is going to be a suspenseful event this time.

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‘Praja Kutami’ joint manifesto promises farm loan waiver


The ‘Praja Kutami’ (People’s Alliance) of Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI has released its joint manifesto for December 7 election in Telangana. They have promised one-time waiver of Rs. 2 lakh farm loan for the farmers. They will reduce age limit for pensioners from 60 years to 58 so that more poor families will get benefit out of it. All outsourcing employees will get revised pay on the basis of court order for ‘equal work and equal pay’. At least 1 lakh jobs will be filled within the first year of Praja Kutami coming to power in the state.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Utham Kumar Reddy said TJS leader Prof. Kodandaram will head the committee to ensure implementation of the manifesto and there would be total transparency and accountability in governance under the alliance. Kodandaram said those consuming below 100 units of power will get free supply.

The Praja Kutami manifesto promised formation of government agencies to replace private firms to provide job opportunities for Telangana workers seeking jobs in the Gulf. The alliance leaders assured to protect interests of all those sections discriminated and marginalised by KCR government in the past four and half years.

TDP Telangana president L. Ramana said only those promises which could be implemented were included in the joint manifesto and a close study would be made all over the state to formulate special plans to extend all these benefits to the intended sections of people. In agriculture sector, the Praja Kutami assured to execute irrigation projects, ensure minimum support price and stabilise crop prices.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.telugu360.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Peoples-front-manifesto-2018.pdf” title=”People`s front manifesto 2018″]

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Jana Reddy asks TJS ticket?


Congress senior leader and ex-Minister Mr. K.Jana Reddy has allegedly asked ticket of TJS for his relative, sources said.

Mr. Reddy sought both the Nagarjuna Sagar and Miryalaguda tickets from Congress party for himself and for his son Mr. Raghu Vir but, due to the strict rules of AICC chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi, he bound to Nagarjuna Sagar ticket and the Miryalaguda ticket was gone to TJS under the Mahakutami alliance principles. Following these circumstances, Mr. Jana asked Professor Kodandaram to either contesting from Miryalaguda or leaving the seat for his close relative and Film Industry JAC leader Mr. Vijayender Reddy. Mr. Vijayender Reddy is son of Jana Reddy’s co-brother. After this proposal, the leaders and cadre from the TJS is openly criticizing Mr. Jana for involving in their party politics, sources said.

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Grand Alliance troubles: Blow to Kodandaram dreams


Right from the beginning, Prof. Kodandaram’s efforts to dominate ‘Grand Alliance’ have met with failure. He planned to claim over 20 seats for his party Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS), which cannot be achieved. After much delay and prolonged discussions, the major ally Congress has decided to give 10 seats to TJS. TDP will get 15 and CPI 4 seats respectively.

A few days ago, reports emerged saying that Grand Alliance troubles in seat sharing were sorted out with mutual agreement between Congress, TDP, TJS and CPI. But things are not as smooth as they appear to be. Troubles resurfaced in Grand Alliance as TDP has now objected to giving 10 seats to TJS.

TDP Telangana leaders’ argument is that it will be a serious damage to prospects of Grand Alliance if more seats are given to Kodandaram party. They told Congress that TJS has no such strength at field level, and it would be fetching for Grand Alliance if TJS is given less number of seats where it can win with certainty.

Kodandaram has come under pressure because of this and he kept continuing discussions with Congress leaders hoping for a solution. But other TJS leaders are angry and they want to contest elections alone. Kodandaram’s opinion is that this will not benefit TJS much and it will also split anti-KCR vote that will lead to eventual victory of TRS in December elections.

It seems Kodandaram and his party are ending up in a dead-end eventually. BJP is trying to become friendly to TJS but analysts say it will not be possible because of ideological differences.

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