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TRS, BJP fires on YS Sharmila


The ruling TRS and BJP in Telangana have lashed out at YS Sharmila for her outburst at Khammam on Friday.

Sharmila held a public meeting in Khammam to announce the launch of her political party in Telangana on July 8 on the occasion of her father YSR’s jayanthi

Sharmila tore into TRS, BJP and Congress while delivering her speech in Khammam.

She termed KCR as “Dora” and Telangana as “slave” and said Telangana is crushed under KCR’s feet like a slave (baanisa) is crushed under Dora’s feet.

Sharmila described BJP as a ‘communal party’ saying that the party has nothing to speak about except Hindu religion and raking up communal passions for political gains.

The TRS and BJP reacted sharply to Sharmila’s comments on Saturday.

TRS senior leader and chairman of Telangana Legislative Council Gutha Sukender Reddy fired at Sharmila for her statement that she will bring “Rajanna Rajyam” in Telangana.

Gutha said Telangana people suffered a lot under Rajanna Rajyam as it is identified with land grabbings in and around Hyderabad, looting of Telangana water from Godavari and Krishna rivers, rowdyism, goondaism etc and Telangana people will never allow any party that has Andhra roots in Telangana.

Telangana people had already buried Andhra party TDP in Telangana and Sharmila’s party will also meet the same fate. He said few Andhra leaders like Sharmila are attempting to rule Telangana again and loot Telangana resources.

The BJP condemned Sharmila’s remarks saying that YSR family itself is communal as it promotes Christianity and Bible.

BJP leader NVSS Prabhakar questioned why Sharmila talked about YSR providing 4% reservations to Muslims on communal grounds when she was accusing BJP as communal.

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KCR to continue ‘election season’ in TS with municipal polls in May


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is in no mood to halt the series of elections in Telangana even after the completion of Nagarjunasagar Assembly by-election on April 17.

There is ‘election season’ in Telangana since Dubbak Assembly bypoll in November 2020.

Though GHMC elections were due for February 2021, KCR advanced them to December 2020.

After GHMC, there were graduate MLC elections till March 2021.

Now, the Nagarjunasagar bypoll is scheduled on April 17.

After this, KCR is making moves to hold municipal corporation polls for Warangal and Khammam in May.

He is also planning to hold elections for municipalities including Siddipet, Atchampet, Jadcherla, Nakrekal and Kothur in May.

So, the election season in Telangana will continue till May-end.

After these elections, there will be no elections in Telangana for next two and a half years until Assembly polls in December 2023 as per schedule.

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TRS deals a blow to BJP before Nagarjunasagar by-poll


The ruling TRS in Telangana is leaving no chance to weaken BJP ahead of the crucial Nagarjunasagar Assembly bypoll on April 17.

The TRS, which suffered setbacks at the hands of BJP in Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections in 2020-end, has devised a strategy to ensure that BJP does not retain even deposit in Nagarjunasagar bypoll and thereby send a clear message that BJP’s performances in Dubbak and GHMC were a ‘fluke’ and BJP can grab power from TRS in 2023 Assembly polls.

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has now set his focus on disgruntled BJP leaders in Nagarjunasagar and luring them into TRS fold.

While BJP planned to execute ‘operation akarsh’ to lure disgruntled TRS leaders in Nagarjunasagar into BJP, KCR successfully outsmarted BJP and began ‘reverse operation akarsh’ on BJP.

TRS leaders got in touch with BJP ticket aspirants Niveditha Reddy and Kadaari Anjaiah Yadav after BJP high command announced candidature of Ravi Naik, a politically unknown face in Nagarjunasagar.

Niveditha Reddy and Anjaiah Yadav are all set to join TRS anytime as the talks with TRS leaders have reached the final stage.

KCR reportedly offered them nominated posts if they quit BJP and join TRS.

The BJP is already on a weak wicket in Nagarjunasagar and the exit of two noted local leaders from BJP ahead of polling is being viewed as a big blow to BJP.

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Will ‘sympathy factor’ work for TRS in Nagarjuna sagar bypoll?


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Monday (today) announced the name of Nomula Bhagat, the son of late TRS MLA Nomula Narasimiah as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Nagarjunasagar bypoll on April 17.

After doing multiple surveys, KCR announced Bhagat’s candidature.

Though many senior BC and Reddy TRS leaders from Nagarjunasagar competed for the seat, KCR preferred Bhagat at the last minute relying on ‘sympathy factor’.

However, the ‘sympathy factor’ did not work for TRS in Dubbak Assembly bypoll.

KCR fielded Solipeta Sujatha, the wife of late TRS MLA Solipeta Ramalingareddy in Dubbak.

But the party lost to BJP in Dubbak by a narrow margin.

This time too, the surveys commissioned by KCR reportedly found that local voters in Nagarjunasgar preferred a local BC candidate for bypoll.

But Bhagat is a ‘non local’ as he hails from Nakrekal mandal.

Despite this, KCR favoured Bhagat relying on ‘sympathy factor’ and with a hope hat voters will show sympathy towards Bhagat due to sudden death of his father.

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Harish inaugurated TRS govt scheme in Hyderabad, What’s up?


It is known to everyone that TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had sidelined his nephew T Harish Rao both in the party as well as in the government after coming to power in 2014 to clear way for the succession of his son KT Rama Rao in the party and the government.

Though Harish is finance minister at present, KCR confined him to Siddipet.

Harish is never seen attending any party or official programmes in Hyderabad.

Harish was not given any party’s responsibility even in GHMC elections held in 2015 and 2020.

But on Saturday (today), Harish was seen inaugurating a TRS government scheme in Hyderabad.

The programme was to distribute 150 mobile fish retail outlets to unemployed women groups under GHMC limits.

Harish was the chief guest while fisheries minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav is the special guest.

Normally, KTR inaugurates all schemes, projects and programmes under GHMC limits as municipal and IT minister.

Harish is in no way connected with GHMC or fisheries department.

Despite this, Harish inaugurating the event fuelled speculations in TRS that KCR is again giving prominence to Harish after TRS suffered setbacks in the hands of BJP in Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections in 2020-end.

In the recent graduate MLC polls, KCR had appointed Harish as party incharge for Rangareddy.

Seems Harish is coming back with a bang in TRS.

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Wake up call: TRS vote share coming down despite win in elections!


The ruling TRS might be winning all the elections in Telangana since the formation of Telangana State in June 2014, but its vote share is witnessing a decline year after year.

This is something that TRS should be really focused on if it wants to retain power for the third term in December 2023 Assembly polls.

The TRS retained power for the second term with a landslide victory in December 2018 Assembly polls by winning 88 out of total 119 seats. TRS vote share was 46.87 per cent.

Within six months, TRS vote share fell to 37.82 per cent in April 2019 Lok Sabha polls in which TRS won 9 out of 17 Lok Sabha seat.

In Dubbak Assembly bypoll in December 2020, the TRS lost to BJP. TRS vote share came down to 35.77 per cent as against 54.36 per cent in December 2018 Assembly elections.

In GHMC elections in December 2020, the TRS vote share fell to 35.81 per cent against 44 per cent vote share in GHMC polls in January 2015.

In the latest graduate MLC polls, the TRS vote share came down further to 31.7 per cent, if the first and second preference votes in both seats are taken into consideration.

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TRS wins both MLC seats, takes revenge on BJP!


The ruling TRS in Telangana once again proved that it is unbeatable in Telangana politics.

The TRS bagged both the graduate MLC seats.

The counting of votes started on March 17 and a clarity came after four days today (Saturday).

The TRS candidate Vani Devi, the daughter of late Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao has won from Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar Graduates Constituency.

The sitting MLC from BJP N Ramachander Rao lost this seat.

Another TRS candidate and sitting MLC Palla Rajeshwar too is leading by a huge margin in Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda seat over his rival Teenmaar Mallanna. The announcement of Palla’s victory is a mere formality now.

However, the Election Commission is yet to announce officially the victory of Vani Devi and Palla.

But the victory celebrations have already started at TRS headquarters, Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad as their win is imminent and Election Commission’s announcement is a mere formality.

The TRS not only retained its seat in Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda but trounced BJP in Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar seat.

The TRS took revenge of BJP for its setbacks in the hands of BJP in Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections in 2020-end.

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MLC polls boost TRS, brighten chances in N.Sagar bypoll!


The results of graduate MLC polls for two seats in Telangana are yet to be announced though the counting of votes is still going on for the past three days since March 17.

However, the incomplete results of MLC polls have boosted the confidence of TRS ahead of Nagarjunasagar byelection on April 17.

While the majority opinion in political and media circles was that TRS would be washed away in MLC polls as educated class, graduates, students and employees, who are voters in these elections are angry at TRS and will not vote for TRS. This was reflected in Dubbak Assembly bypoll and GHMC elections in 2020-end.

But all these theories proved wrong in the MLC polls after the completion of counting of first preference votes.

TRS is leading in both seats. The counting of second preference votes is now taking place.

Whatever may be the final results of MLC elections, the TRS leaders claim that the majority of the voters in MLC polls voted for TRS by casting their first preference votes which shows that there is no anti incumbency in Telangana as being projected by opposition parties.

They say that the MLC polling trend clearly shows that Telangana people still rally behind TRS and KCR and this will be repeated even in the Nagarjunasagar bypoll.

KCR is planning to announce the name of the TRS candidate for the Nagarjunasagar bypoll after the Assembly session on March 26.

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KCR’s 29% PRC fitment: Is it plus or minus for TRS in MLC polls?


Ever since TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao gave a ‘leak’ to media two days ago that he will announce 29% PRC fitment (salary hike on basic pay) for state government employees keeping in mind Graduate MLC elections polling on March 14, there is a huge debate in political circles whether it will benefit or damage TRS in MLC elections.

TRS party sources argue that it will benefit TRS because the PRC had recommended just 7.5% fitment but KCR has decided to extend 29% fitment soon after MLC polls, which is 2% more than neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. AP CM Jagan had announced 27% IR (interim relief) to employees as there is a delay in implementing the new PRC in AP.

However, opposition parties argue that this will damage TRS because KCR had announced the highest ever 43% fitment under the previous PRC in 2015 and Telangana employees are expecting more than 43%. If not more than 43%, they are expecting at least the previous 43% to continue but not below that.

But KCR’s latest 29% fitment is much lower than the previous 43% when employees unions are demanding fitment ranging from 45% to 60%.

Opposition parties say employees will never settle for a lower fitment of 29% and they will vote against TRS.

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TRS seeks action against T’gana BJP chief for inflammatory posts


Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on Wednesday urged the Election Commission to take action against state BJP chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar for posting communally inflammatory content on social media platforms.

TRS General Secretaries Bharat Kumar and Srinivas Reddy called on State Chief Electoral Officer Shashank Goel to submit a memorandum, seeking action against the BJP leader.

They alleged that Sanjay Kumar is making inflammatory posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as part of the campaign for March 14 elections to two graduates’ constituencies of Legislative Council.

The ruling party leaders said while TRS is highlighting the work it has done and what it plans to do, BJP, which has nothing to say on what it wants to do, is making provocative statements. They alleged that the BJP leaders were trying to take political mileage by using religion.

BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay himself is making posts about a particular community to whip up passions, they said.

They urged the Chief Electoral Officer to take action against Bandi Sanjay for objectionable comments. The TRS leaders remarked that the BJP leader is speaking without ‘common sense’.

Pointing out that TRS government completed construction of Yadadri temple in three years, Bharat Kumar said construction of Ram temple will take 15 years because BJP wants to take political mileage from it.

He said BJP was maligning Lord Ram by talking of Ram Rajya.

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KTR, BJP leader engaged in Twitter war over jobs


The political war of words between the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress continued over the former’s claim that the state government had created 1.32 lakh jobs in the last six years.

Two days after Congress leader Sravan Dasoju challenged the Telangana Industry Minister K.T.Rama Rao for a debate at the Gun Park while BJP leader N. Ramchander Rao reached the Osmania University and dared the TRS minister to come there for an open debate.

Ramchander Rao, who is a BJP candidate for the March 14 election to the Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar graduates’ constituency of Legislative Council, took to Twitter to ask him to come to Arts College on Osmania University campus.

“I am here at Arts College. Where are you, Mr. KTR,” asked the BJP leader.

The minister replied that he is busy gathering information about the BJP’s unfulfilled promises. “I am busy gathering information on the 12 crore jobs (2 crore per year) and Rs.15 lakhs in all Jandhan accounts promised by Hon’ble PM Shri Modi Ji. NDA is the answer so far N – No D – Data A – Available. Please share if you have any answers,” replied KTR.

The BJP leader, however, tweeted again that he is ready to give answers. “I’m here to give answers, out in the open at Arts College. Why are you hiding behind the veil of Twitter, Dear KTR Garu? Afraid to face the public?”

Ramchander Rao had earlier challenged KTR to come to Osmania University for debate about jobs given during 6 years of TRS rule.

AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju on February 26 had asked KTR to come to the Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Gun Park for debate. “We will not believe in your false statement. Come with your team and the figures on the recruitment and current vacancies,” he had said after KTR stated that 1.32 lakh jobs were given in the government sector in the last six years.

The TRS leader had also dared the opposition parties for a debate on the jobs created.

He also wrote an open letter reiterating that the government filled 1,32,899 posts in various departments during the last six years. He provided figures of department-wise vacancies filled.

The Congress leader said KTR ran away from open debate after throwing a challenge. “Though I was ready for a debate and asked him to come to Gun Park, he did not turn up,” he said.

The war of words has increased the political heat ahead of March 14 elections to two seats of Legislative Council and ensuing by-polls to Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat.

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Telangana: Opposition corners TRS over advocate couple’s murder


The gruesome murder of an advocate couple in broad daylight in Telangana’s Peddapalli district on Wednesday and alleged involvement of functionaries of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) may add to the woes of the ruling party as the opposition parties are trying to corner it.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress were quick to target TRS over the alleged involvement of its local leader in the killing of Gattu Vamana Rao and his wife Nagamani and sought inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or judicial probe.

The couple, who was returning in a car to Hyderabad after appearing for a case in a local court at Manthani, was waylaid and stabbed indiscriminately by unidentified persons, who came in a SUV, near Kalwacheral in Ramagiri mandal.

Videos which went viral on social media show Vamana Rao (53) and Nagamani (50) being repeatedly stabbed by two persons on the road.

Before succumbing to his injuries, Rao spelled out the name of one Kunta Srinivas.

The brutal killing of the couple, which was caught on camera, shocked the entire state. The High Court, where the couple was practicing, on Thursday took suo moto cognizance and directed the government to conduct a thorough probe and submit status report.

A division bench comprising Chief Justice Hima Kohli and Justice B Vijaysen Reddy remarked that ‘the incident has shaken us all from our stupor’.

“The entire state apart from the legal community is looking up to the government to ensure a proper working of the rule of law. We are all governed by the law and nobody can take law into their own hands,” Chief Justice Kohli said.

The court made it clear that it does not want to hear about lapses on part of the investigators. It referred to viral videos being circulated about the dying declaration of Rao who spelled out the name of the killer before succumbing to his injuries. It also mentioned about pictures in the media show two state-owned RTC buses at the scene and observed that the passengers must be identified and be produced as witnesses.

The killings sparked an outrage by lawyers, who boycotted the courts across the state and took to streets, demanding immediate arrest and stringent punishment of the culprits.

Manthani constituency observed a total shutdown on a call given by the opposition parties. They questioned the silence of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and TRS over the killings.

The slain couple’s families alleged that some powerful TRS leaders were behind the murders as Rao was fighting cases in courts against the alleged illegal activities of ruling party leaders.

The couple was arguing some cases including a disproportionate assets case they had filed against Zilla Parishad Chairman Putta Madhukar, a leader of TRS.

They had also filed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on the alleged lockup death of a Dalit in Manthani police station. They had also sought protection alleging threatening calls from police.

Rao was also fighting cases against Kunta Srinivas as he was allegedly involved in land encroachments. Srinivas is the president of the ruling party’s Manthani mandal unit president.

On a day when police registered First Information Report (FIR) and named Srinivas as the number one accused, TRS tried to contain the damage by announcing his suspension from the party.

The killings are likely to provide further ammunition to the opposition ahead of the next month’s elections to two seats of Legislative Council and ensuing by-polls to Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat and few urban local bodies.

BJP, which wrested Dubbak Assembly seat from TRS in November and put up an impressive show in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in December, is likely to become more aggressive in its attacks on the ruling party.

Looking to take political mileage, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar met family members of advocate couple while other leaders expressed solidarity with the protesting lawyers.

A delegation of BJP leaders also met Director General of Police M. Mahender Reddy, urging to appoint a team of officials to investigate the murders. A representation submitted to the police chief demanded that local police be refrained from investigation.

BJP’s legislator N. Ramchander Rao, who is also a lawyer, requested the DGP to bring to justice the political leaders who masterminded the brutal killing as expeditiously as possible.

Congress leader and party legislator from Manthani, D. Sridhar Babu demanded an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the killings.

State Congress chief N. Uttam Kumar Reddy said the party leaders would meet Chief Justice of Telangana High Court Hima Kohli and write a letter to Chief Justice of India S.A. Bobde, seeking probe by CBI.

“TRS backed sand mafia is behind the murder. The couple was also killed to cover up lock-up death of a Dalit,” he said and slammed the chief minister for not even condemning the murder.

Reddy warned that the Congress party would launch a mass agitation if those involved in the murders were not punished.

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KCR-TRS silence on Sharmila party raises doubts


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao never leaves an opportunity to make unsparing criticism of the Andhra parties and lifestyles. He swore to wipe out the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu memory from his State permanently since it was an Andhra party. He once threatened to send out all Andhras from Hyderabad. But now, KCR’s attitude seems to have changed.

The TRS boss unusually kept silent on the move by YS Sharmila to start a political party in Telangana. What more, the TRS leadership has stopped its social media wing from posting comments against Sharmila. Some comments already posted were also being withdrawn.

KCR repeatedly challenged and asked how the TDP dared to contest in the Telangana polls in 2018 when it was an Andhra party. He used the Telangana sentiment once again in that election to gain an edge over the rivals that eventually gave him a second consecutive victory.

Already, some Congress leaders in Telangana have begun expressing doubts whether there was a big conspiracy to divide the pro- Congress vote bank in their State. There is also speculation that the final target of KCR and the BJP is to finish off the Congress in Telangana forever.

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Unemployment dole: Another move by TRS to check saffron surge


More than two years after promising unemployment allowance, the TRS government is gearing up to formulate a scheme as it seeks to check BJP, which is going aggressive in its attacks on the ruling party over unfulfilled promises.

Despite a big drop in revenue due to Covid induced lockdown and consequent slowdown, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government is contemplating to roll out unemployment allowance soon.

TRS working president and minister for industry, information technology, municipal administration and urban development K.T. Rama Rao stated a couple of days ago that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is likely to announce an unemployment allowance in the next few days.

“The Chief Minister, in a day or two, may make an announcement on the unemployment allowance,” said KTR, as the chief minister’s son is popularly known.

KTR said the government would soon release a notification for the recruitment to 50,000 posts in the state government. He assured the youth that KCR will bestow more than what they had expected from him.

The move is surprising given the impact the fall on revenue may have on the overall budget size and a plethora of welfare schemes already being implemented by the state.

However, this appears to be a political compulsion for TRS at a time when BJP is going all out to attack the ruling party for failing to fulfill the promises made in 2018 elections.

Political analysts say with BJP going aggressive as part of its goal to come to power in the state 2023, TRS is making swift moves to check the saffron surge.

Only last month, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had announced that notifications would be issued shortly to fill up vacancies of teachers, police personnel and others.

“The primary information suggests that there are about 50,000 vacancies in the state in several departments. We have to fill them up. Teachers and police have to be recruited in thousands,” he had said.

Two major announcements in as many months apparently came to placate unemployed youth, whose anger is believed to be one of the key reasons for the electoral reverses suffered by TRS in recent weeks.

In by-election to Dubbak Assembly constituency held in November, TRS suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of BJP which focused on youth and the unfulfilled promises of the ruling party.

The angry youth turned the tide as the BJP wrested the seat from TRS. It was seen as an anti-incumbency vote. It was a big jolt to TRS as the party had never lost a by-election since 2014 when it came to power in the newly created state.

After Dubbak victory, the BJP also made considerable inroads in TRS vote bank by winning 48 seats in 150-member Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), elections for which were held in December. It was an impressive show for BJP which had won only four seats in 2016 elections.

BJP, which emerged as the second largest party in GHMC, denied clear majority to TRS and sent a strong message again that it is emerging as the viable alternative to TRS.

A week after the results of GHMC polls, the chief minister announced filling up of vacancies in the government. He asked Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to collect details about the vacant posts in teachers, police and other departments and issue notifications to fill the vacancies.

“TRS is under extreme pressure from the youth and unemployed sections of the society, along with those who are working in the government. Results in Dubbak and GHMC elections are an indication of the mood of people in the state,” said political analyst P. Raghavendra Reddy.

He, however, believes that unemployment allowance will act like a painkiller for the short-term but it is not the solution for the problems in Telangana, especially of the youth. The KCR government will have seriously think about filling vacant posts in the government, and create more employment opportunities through self-employment and in the private sector.

“The BJP is making use of and gaining ground due to the feeling among the people of being neglected by the TRS government. Unemployment allowance could help prevent the ground from slipping away temporarily, but KCR and KTR must think of more long-term and impactful measure to regain lost political turf,” said Reddy.

In the manifesto for 2018 Assembly elections, the TRS had promised unemployment allowance. The party promises that the unemployed youth will get a monthly payment of Rs 3,016 till they get a job.

The party made the promise as the youth were voicing their anger over the government’s failure to deliver on the promise of one lakh jobs. TRS had come under criticism from students for failing the youth who fought for separate Telangana state. The party, however, retained power with a massive majority.

In the vote on account budget for 2019-20 tabled by the chief minister himself in February 2019, Rs 1,810 crore was earmarked for the unemployment allowance. However, the scheme was never formulated and it found no mention in 2020-21 budget, apparently due to fall in revenue growth rate.

It is still not clear how the government will implement the scheme when it may find difficult to mobilize the resources for continuing the existing welfare schemes like social security pensions, free electricity, financial assistance to farmers, health insurance to poor and scholarships.

The chief minister is likely to appoint a panel of senior officials to formulate the scheme and its guidelines. All eyes will be on the allocation to be made in the budget for 2021-22.

There is still no clarity on the number of unemployed in the state. Nearly 10 lakh candidates have registered with employment exchanges of the state government.

Over 20 lakh people candidates have registered with Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) for government jobs.

Even if the unemployed youth are estimated at 10 lakh, the government will have to earmark Rs 3,600 crore in the budget.

Some sections of unemployed are already demanding that the scheme be implemented with retrospective effect from December 2018.

There is already a war of words going on between the government and the opposition over the former’s claim on jobs provided during last six years.

KTR claimed that 1.31 lakh people were recruited since 2014. This includes 36,000 youth recruited through Telangana State Public Service Commission.

He claimed that 14.50 lakh job opportunities were provided to the youth through 14,000 companies given permissions under TSiPASS, the industrial policy under which new industries are given all permission in 14 days.

The Congress party challenged the KTR to prove his claims of recruitment of 1.31 lakh people by the government and. All India Congress Committee (AICC) secretary A. Sampath Kumar dared the minister for a debate on the issue.

The Congress leader alleged that it was another ploy by the TRS to mislead youth ahead of elections to two seats of Telangana Legislative Council from graduates constituencies.

Elections to graduates constituencies of Mahabubnagar-Hyderabad-Rangareddy and Warangal-Nalgonda-Khammam are likely to be held in February.

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KTR announces 20,000 litres free water per family


The ruling TRS in Telangana has narrowly escaped from a huge electoral setback in the recent GHMC elections. Now, KCR-KTR are obviously making corrective steps to prevent further damages in future. As Municipal Administration Minister, KTR has even announced formally that their Government would ensure free drinking water supply up to 20,000 litres per family from the beginning of 2021.
KTR has said that all discussions were made and it was decided that the Water Board start supplying the 20,000 litre free water from the first week of January itself. This was being implemented as part of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao’s promise to give free water to the citizens of Hyderabad.
It is well known the TRS is facing a strong backlash from the BJP leaders who are in an upbeat mood ever since their electoral gains in the GHMC polls. With the emergence of the BJP as a strong force on the Hyderabad political scene, no party is getting enough majority to claim the mayor post.
Under the given political situation, KTR is focusing his time and energy on taking his party closer to the voters of the twin cities. Already, a review has been done on all the nala connections and supply network.

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Settlers saved the face KCR in GHMC: Here are the top Reasons


GHMC election results gave almost a shocker to the ruling TRS party in Hyderabad. The party that had around 100 seats in previous elections and has boasted of winning 100+ seats out of the total 150 this time too, bit the dust and won only 55 seats. However, as it retained the tag of the single largest party and saved the face from further humiliation. But the surprising fact is that TRS, the party that advocated bifurcation, now got most of the winning seats from the areas where Seemandhra people stay. There is debate among political circles on the reasons for this.

Who are Settlers:

“Settlers” is the word popularized by KCR during the Telangana movement to galvanize the Telangana people towards the movement. As most of us know, there is no such word in the constitution of India, and article 19 of the constitution permits people to move across the country and reside anywhere in the country. Yet political parties advocating regionalism, including TRS, often provoke people by using the terms like ‘Son of Soil’ and ‘Settlers’. Such verbal attacks by KCR made the people of Seemandhra in Hyderabad restless during the Telangana movement.

Cut to GHMC election 2020, the same settlers saved TRS from a humiliating defeat in the hands of TRS. The ruling party got 55 seats in total in Hyderabad and out of those 33 seats came from these areas alone. Kukatpally, and Sherlingampally MLA constituencies voted hugely in favor of TRS despite the vigorous campaign of BJP.

Reason 1: Settler areas NOT severely impacted by recent floods:

The primary reason for the huge anti-vote for TRS this time is the failure in properly managing recent floods. The outskirts areas, where the houses were drowned and properties were damaged during floods, voted hugely in favor of BJP. It seems they want to teach the lesson to the government for its failure in handling the disaster. BJP’s propaganda that KCR did not visit any of these impacted areas struck a chord with those people

Reason 2: IT and ‘Real’ growth in these areas.

These are the people who initially worried about KCR becoming CM will be a bane. But after KCR was sworn in in 2014, these areas got benefitted immensely. The property prices in these areas got doubled, if not tripled or quadrupled, in these areas. KTR’s propaganda that 4 out of the top 5 IT companies are in Hyderabad had a profound impact here. The infrastructure in these areas grew leaps and bounds as many fly-overs, roads, and malls, started in the last 6 years in these areas. The only exception is the area of Gachibowl, where people from North India dominate, voted hugely in favor of BJP, thanks to Modi’s popularity among them.

Reason 3: General attitude of people in these areas Vs BJP’s aggressive campaigning

These areas are generally peaceful in Hyderabad, unlike the old city and Charminar areas that are considered sensitive. BJP’s propaganda of surgical strikes on Rohingya Muslims, campaigning on communal lines did not go well with the people of these areas. In fact, these people were against TRS during the movement also because of TRS’s aggressive nature at that time.

Reason 4: Political affiliations of Seemandhra people, indirectly helped KCR reap political fortunes

While all the above reasons are related to logic, this one is related to emotion. In fact, while voting emotion plays a more important role than logic. BJP is not a force to reckon with in AP yet. It lagged behind the NOTA in the 2019 elections of Andhra Pradesh. YSRCP, TDP, and Janasena are the top 3 parties in AP as per votes polled in 2019.

YSRCP did not contest in GHMC elections and extended tacit support to TRS. YSRCP Leaders like Posani openly supported TRS. Though he told it is his personal opinion, the cadres got their message.

TDP contested but got only 1.6% votes. 10 years ago all these areas are strongholds of TDP but the party now lost all its vote-bank. Even the hardcore fans of TDP felt that voting for TDP may not help anyone and it is better to choose TRS against BJP as, in their opinion, BJP’s central leadership is crushing TDP in AP.

Janasena is an official ally to BJP in AP. However, they too didn’t vote for BJP wholeheartedly as BJP did not allocate any seats to Janasena. In fact, BJP made Janasena withdraw their candidates and just support BJP without contesting. This decision pissed-off Janasena cadres.

Clicke here: నోటా లేక టీఆర్ఎస్ వైపు జనసైనికులు: మద్దతు కూడగట్టడంలో బండి, ధర్మపురి వైఫల్యం?

Had BJP dealt with Janasena voters a little more carefully, it would have got a few more seats in these areas, as per the opinion of analysts.

Overall, this is a watershed moment for BJP in the politics of Telangana, as, for the first time in history, BJP got as many votes as the ruling party in any election to date. We need to wait and see whether BJP will be able to capitalize on this or TRS will bounce-back by tightening all the loose joints.

– ZURAN (@CriticZuran)

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KCR’s ‘dream 100’ suffers setback as TRS wins 51 seats


The GHMC poll results gave a shock to the ruling TRS which won only 51 out of the total 135 seats for which results were announced. There are a total 150 divisions in the city. Thus, the TRS stood in first place and closely followed by the BJP with 41 divisions and the MIM also with 41 seats. The Congress managed to secure just 2 seats.

Clearly, the results were a big setback to KCR who spoke of winning not less than 100 divisions. It clearly reflected that the TRS boss’s Telangana sentiment was losing its power in front of the nationalistic and religious sentiments being espoused by the BJP. Analysts are seeing this result as certainly a big victory for the saffron party which may take this advantage to give more electoral shocks to the TRS and the Congress.

Sandwiched between the TRS and the BJP, the Congress suffered the worst electoral reverses ever in the history of Hyderabad municipal elections. The worst fears of the Congress leaders came true that the TRS and the BJP were hand in glove to damage its chances in the elections.

Interestingly, the BJP scored big gains in areas where Andhra voters were in large numbers. The TDP fared very poorly in these elections. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan also expressed his open support for the BJP. This showed that the Andhra voters were clearly shifting towards the BJP in Hyderabad city.

Even in software IT hubs like Gachibowli, the BJP won the election. Even in most other divisions, the BJP gave a tough fight to the TRS.

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Jolt to TRS, Swamy Goud joins BJP


In a jolt to the ruling TRS, former chairman of the Legislative Council K. Swamy Goud on Wednesday quit the pink party to join the saffron party

Swamy Goud was seen as a loyalist of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, but has been staying away from party activities in the last few days as he is miffed at K T Rama Rao’s style of functioning.

Swamy Goud’s entry into BJP comes daya after state BJP leaders Bandi Sanjay and union minister G Kishan Reddy Swamy Goud and invited him into the party. Swamy Goud, who worked as president of Telangana non-gazetted officers association played a crucial role during the Telangana movement. He was made MLC and chairman after formation of separate state. His term as MLC from Medak-Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Adilbad constituency ended last year. Since then he is not active in the party activities.

BJP is aggressively aiming to make serious inroads into Telangana and has been wooing senior party leader from various parties, especially the Congress and TRS, to join its fold.

Recently, senior Congress leader and former Union minister of state for transport Sarvey Satyanarayana quit the party to join the BJP. Former Hyderabad Mayor Banda Karthika Reddy along with her husband Chandra Reddy also joined the BJP three days ago. Former MLA from Serilingampalli P Bhikshapathi Yadav and his son Ravi Kumar Yadav, a Youth Congress leader, also joined the BJP.

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GHMC polls: Will Jagan support TRS or BJP?


In 2014 elections, the YCP contested the Telangana elections but could not make considerable gains despite the huge YSR fan following in that State. Both the TDP and the YCP became marginalised because of their basically obvious Seemandhra origins. The TDP had some relief as it won AP in 2014 while the YCP lost in the very first attempt after its formation. Ever since, Jagan Reddy changed his plans and gradually withdrew his party from the Telangana political scene. There were reports that Jagan’s withdrawal was part of a secret deal with KCR to support each other in their common cause to outsmart Chandrababu Naidu.

Now, the situation has turned different. Not all is well between Jagan and KCR. For the TRS chief, his party is facing a stiff challenge from the BJP there. Jagan Reddy has certain compulsions to avoid rivalries or differences with Modi-Shah. As such, by avoiding Telangana or GHMC elections, AP CM is keeping his party in a safe zone. In 2018, Jagan party supported TRS.

But then, the questions are arising why the YCP chief is not fielding his party candidates in the elections to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). Seemandhra people are a deciding factor in some pockets in Hyderabad. Jagan party got landslide victory with 151 MLA seats in AP. Still, AP CM decided to avoid GHMC elections. Whom will he support secretly? BJP or TRS? Can he afford to be equidistant with both these parties?

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Lotus blooms in Dubbaka, KCR car deflated


The BJP scripted history by recording its first-ever win in the dominant bastion of Reddys in Dubbaka. In the triangular electoral fight between TRS, BJP, and the Congress Party, the BJP pulled off a victory by a wafer-thin margin over the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi. 

While the first rounds clearly went in favor of the saffron party, the TRS narrowed the gap by gaining momentum in the last rounds from 13th to 17th. Till the final results were announced, anxiety gripped both the TRS and the BJP camps as the voting could have tilted in any which way. At one point, the votes polled via postal ballot showed the TRS ahead of the BJP. However, the BJP took the lead in the last three rounds of 20, 21, and 22.  

In the nail-baiting counting, the BJP candidate M Raghunandan Rao defeated TRS candidate Ramalinga Reddy’s wife Solipeta Sujatha by a wafer-thin  
margin of votes. While Solipeta Sujatha polled 61,302, Raghunandan gave a tough fight by polling 62,772 votes. The BJP pinned high hopes on Raghunandan Rao although he had lost the 2018 Assembly and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Congress has fielded Cheruku Srinivas Reddy, the son of late former minister Cheruku Muthyam Reddy, who polled 29,239 votes.

The BJP seems to have made it’s first big has made deep inroads in the state which appeared to be impregnable with K Chandrasekhar Rao being at the helm of affairs. The BJP’s candidate M Raghunandan Rao, who belongs to the dominant Velama caste, defeated TRS candidate Ramalinga Reddy’s wife Solipeta Sujatha by over more than 1,470 votes that have been dominated by the TRS. Although Raghunandan Rao had lost the 2018 Assembly and 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he is no political greenhorn. 

Raghunandan’s victory clearly showed that the sympathy factor did not work in the favor of widow Sujatha. TRS appeared to be confident in retaining  

the seat by fielding Solipeta Sujatha, wife of Ramalinga Reddy, whose death in August caused the vacancy.

The BJP’s campaign onslaught was led by none other than Minister of State for Home Kishan Reddy, while TRS has deployed its master strategist and finance minister T Harish Rao to script sensational victory. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao exuded confidence that the TRS would win Dubbaka seat with a massive majority of more than one lakh votes. Harish Rao has aggressively campaigned in Dubbaka tearing into the BJP camp. However, 
Harish Rao’s strategy clearly seems to have failed.

Dubbaka witnessed no-holds-barred high-decibel campaigning. The intense rivalry saw a pitched battle between the TRS and the BJP workers. Days before polling, the police raided the residences of Raghunandan Rao’s relative and seized Rs 18.67 lakh in cash. The BJP cried foul and alleged that the TRS government used the police machinery to plant the cash in Raghunandan’s relative’s residence. Following this, high tension prevailed after 
Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar was arrested. Immediately, Kishan Reddy left to Siddipet and camped in Dubbaka for the poll campaign.
Kishan Reddy extensively toured Dubbaka to canvass for Raghunandan Rao, clearly showing that the party took the bypolls quite prestigious and the national party’s efforts to make inroads into Telangana.  

Kishan Reddy held several meetings with the local BJP leaders to discuss the poll strategy and the issues that need to be highlighted. The saffron party made all-out efforts to upset the TRS chances and wrest the seat from the pink party. While the TRS tried to nail the BJP over the three farm bills introduced by the central government, the BJP leaders highlighted on lack of any visible development in the constituency.
Dubbaka has seven mandals of which two are in Medak district and the rest in Siddipet. In a constituency with more than two lakh voters, at least 40,000 belong to the Mudiraj community, 30,000 comprise Golla Kurma and Yadavs and 30,000 from Goud, Munnur Kapu and Padmashali communities. The
constituency shares its borders with Gajwel, represented by K Chandrasekhar Rao, Sircilla which is represented by the Chief Minister’s son and IT Minister KTR, and Siddipet which is the stranglehold of CM’s nephew Harish Rao.

There was little doubt that the KCR-led TRS party viewed the BJP as a greater political threat than the now decimated Congress, which was the main opposition in the state. With the TRS drubbing at the Dubbaka hustings, the BJP seems to be slowly emerging as the main opposition in Telangana. One significant factor for the saffron party to make inroads in the state is Congress’s failure to challenge the ruling TRS.

It was after the 2019 elections that the BJP began making a foray into the politics of Telangana. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP’s candidate D 
Arvind defeated KCR’s daughter Kavitha in the Nizamabad constituency, thereby causing a huge embarrassment to the TRS.

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