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Vijaya Sai Reddy misses the logic, yet again


Vijaya Sai Reddy, member of Parliament from YSRCP revealed a strange logic while explaining the reason why he is meeting Prime minister Modi again and again.

He addressed reporters and made comments on Chandra Babu Naidu and TDP government. As always, he told, Chandrababu government is involved in lot of corruption, Chandrababu is not reliable, chandrababu doesn’t believe his own shadow, blah blah..However, after his regular dose of criticism, he was asked by reporters why Vijaya sai reddy is meeting PM again and again. For this he gave a convoluted logic. He told, “Debt of AP before 2014 was 97,000 crores but now it is 2.25 lakh crores. So the debt increased by 1.28 lakh crores. All this money went into pockets of Chandra babu and his ministers. So, to stop this corruption and send Chandra babu to jail, I am meeting PM”.

But whoever watched the interview wondered, if somebody is doing corruption and Vijay Sai reddy has any proofs for that he should be approaching courts rather than PM and PMO. So, its obvious that Vijay Sai Reddy doesn’t have any proofs. He must be putting this logic only to hide his real intentions of meeting PM, i.e. to get absolved from the cases. Or, another possibility is to request Modi to induct him and YSRCP MPs into NDA cabinet.

Anyway, YSRCP has been giving this kind of convoluted logics since many years and that is also one reason why people not believing YSRCP’s explanations and clarifications!!

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