Tidbits: Bigg boss planning to save Monal despite getting the least votes?


Bigg boss season 4 is going on successfully with huge TRP ratings. With one contestant leaving each week, the competition is intensifying among the contestants. As per reports, Monal is set to leave the house this week if the votings are considered as criteria for eviction as per the rule. But Bigg boss makers may give a twist and save Monal if the reports are to be believed. Details as below.

9 Nominations but the real danger is only for 3:

This week, – Abhijit, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Lasya, Monal, Harika, Kumar, and Noel are in the nominations. Abhijit, Lasya, Harika and Akhil is leading in the votes this week too, Divi and Kumar Sai are also getting better votings than the others. , So the contestants who are in the danger zone are Noel, Ariyana, and Monal.

Monal getting least number of votes:

Monal’s hypocrisy, double standards became the topic of debate among the audience. Especially when Akhil took her name during nominations, she shouted that it is a national channel and one should not try to tarnish her image on such a national channel. But later, she was seen hugging, flirting with Akhil, and playing a double game with Abhijit, which is also telecast on the same national channel. At some point, despite spilling glamor, she became unbearable to the audience. All this is reflecting in her votes.

Bigg boss saving some favorite contestants is not a new thing:

Bigg boss saving some contestants at the cost of others is not a new thing. In the previous season, the reports came during the week when Rohini left, it was Rahul who actually got the least votes that week. But later, he went on to become the title winner. In the same season, Punarnavi was saved by the Bigg boss many times. He gave some very silly tasks to her (like go and hide in a secret room, which is just beside her bed) to save herself from nominations. When Ramya Krishna hosted the show during the same season, she saved all and reports were that Punarnavi was supposed to leave the house that week. It seems Bigg boss saved her multiple times because of the footage she was giving to the show. It was known news that Rahul’s flirting with her (‘Pulihora’ in terms of Vennela Kishore) was liked by a section of the audience.

Bigg boss to save Monal for the same reasons?

It seems Bigg boss wants to save Monal now for the same reasons. She has been giving footage to the show because of the romantic thread with Akhil. In fact, she moved close to Abhijit also but later, some developments widened the gap between them. Also, Akhil is seen expressing jealousy whenever she comes closer to Abhijit. All this is giving a lot of footage to the show.

Who will be evicted in that case?

So, there have been reports that Bigg boss may want to give a chance to her by saving from eviction this week. If that is the case, who will leave the house is a big question. In the week when Rahul was saved Rohini was evicted, it seems Shiva Jyothi was in the next position after Rahul but Bigg boss evicted Rohini who had better votings than Rahul and Shivajyothi. By going by the same logic, Bigg boss may evict anyone except the contestants from the top layer like – Abhijit, Lasya, Harika, and Akhil this week. This puts all others like Kumar, Ariyana, Divi, and Noel in the danger zone.

We need to wait and see whether Bigg boss goes by the audience voting or he will give a twist by saving Monal.

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