Who won in Butchaiah-Chandrababu spat?


Who has won in the Butchaiah Chowdary vs Chandrababu Naidu fight within the Telugu Desam? While Butchaiah is trying to make it out as if he had given an earful to Chandrababu on the internal goings on in the TDP, the reality looks otherwise. Butchaiah Chowdary has ended up achieving literally nothing and Chandrababu has only emerged stronger in the whole episode.

After meeting Chandrababu, Butchaiah has said that he was taking back the idea of resigning from the TDP. He also categorically said that there was no question of his joining any other party. One of his main complaint was that Lokesh Babu did not respond to his phone calls. He seemed to have got no assurance from either Chandrababu or Lokesh on this count. What more? He did not even get to meet Lokesh Babu. This only means that his gap with Lokesh will continue.

Secondly, he had said that there were major errors in terms of social equations and caste balance in the organisational appointments. Despite weeks of his protest and his 20-minute meeting with Chandrababu, there have been no changes in any of the appointment. By saying that his concerns were not limited to Rajahmundry, he has literally admitted that there is no change in the status quo in Rajahmundry politics. His disputes with Adireddy family will continue and that Chandrababu has not yielded an inch on this count.

Who is the biggest loser now? The biggest loser now is all those who stood by Butchaiah Chowdary. These leaders will now be targeted and they would be made to pay for their indiscretion. In future, these leaders would think twice before backing Butchaiah Chowdary. His comments on NTR’s leadership have also failed to achieve anything.

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