Why did KCR disclose TRS, a ‘rich party’?


Naturally, ruling parties at the state-level or national-level will be rich. Because they receive huge donations from industrialists, corporates, contractors etc, who want to remain closer to ruling parties to protect their business interests.

But presidents of any regional party or a national party never announce to the public that their party is ‘rich’ and that they earn crores of rupees every month.

But TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao is different.

He declared that TRS has fixed deposits of Rs 425 crore in various banks and banks pay Rs 2 crore interest to TRS every month.

KCR made this announcement while addressing TRS plenary meeting in Hyderabad on Monday.

KCR said TRS is a rich party with huge assets and money through which it can meet its financial needs and sustain for several decades.

But why did KCR disclose these details in public? Earlier also, KCR addressed several public meetings but never disclosed financial details of party. KCR only declares that Telangana is a ‘rich state’ in every meeting but for the first time he declared TRS as a ‘rich party’.

Political analysts see KCR’s strategy in disclosing these details and gain upper hand over opposition parties in Telangana. He wants opposition parties to feel that they can never beat TRS in money power. KCR apparently feels that money power rules the roost in Telangana politics and as such TRS has abundant money power and opposition parties are no match to TRS on this count.

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