YSRCP govt’s shock to land buyers in AP!


The YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is all set to give yet another shock to people in the state.

The Jagan government is planning to increase market value of lands across AP.

This will lead to an increase in registration charges and stamp duty.

The increase in market values is expected to come into force from August 1, 2021.

The decision was reportedly taken by CM Jagan to increase government revenue earnings which is facing severe financial crisis due to cash dole out schemes of YSRCP government in the name of ‘navarathnalu’.

Those buying lands in AP from August 1 have to shell out more for registration.

The YSRCP government has decided to increase market value of lands every year in urban areas and once in two years in rural areas.

The government asked officials to submit proposals on market value incease at the earliest for approval.

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  1. సిగ్గులేని పెబుత్వం బాగా వాతలు పెడుతుంది. చుడండి. ముందు ముందు. జుట్టు మీద కూడా టాక్స్ వేస్తాడు. ఈ జగ్లక్ గాడు కానీ పిచ్చి జనాలు వీడిని గెలిపించారు చావండి ఓట్లేసినందుకు.

  2. Bad very bad, irrespective of which party anybody supports , a dream of buying some land is going to be very costly for petty schemes that are targeted for only small amount of population.
    Any scheme brought by governament can only provide assistance to only 5 percent of population but not all 100 percent , people need to realise that, if they think they they are doing schemes to help poor, then they are idiots.
    We need to stop shelling money change and start developing and improving infrastructure.
    Provide free health care instead of these schemes .
    Provide free water and free quality education.
    Bring investments and constuct companies that provide employment.
    Instead of doing those every governament does only one thing, eat , sleep ,play politics and win election.
    Ashamed of these politicians.


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