Zombie Reddy Movie Review: A Desi Zombie Experience


Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Awe fame Prashanth Varma tasted a debacle with Kalki and his third attempt is titled Zombie Reddy. This happens to be the first Zombie film for Tollywood audience. Prashanth Varma made sure that the Tollywood audience will have a zombie experience in desi style with Zombie Reddy. Teja Sajja, Anandhi and Daksha Nagarkar are the lead actors in this film. The trailer looked promising and Zombie Reddy opened on a strong note across the Telugu states. Raj Sekhar Varma bankrolled the film that released today. Here is the review of Zombie Reddy:


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces an emergency and national lockdown because of the ongoing coronavirus. Mario (Teja Sajja) is a video gamer who dreams big in the field. After he receives a call from his close friend, Mario and his friends reach Kurnool for his wedding. Things change suddenly after the vaccination drive goes wrong and people turn zombies. The rest of Zombie Reddy is all about how Mario and his friends attempt to bring things back to control as the world around them turns zombies. Watch the film to know about the story of the film.


The genre of Zombie films is quite known for the audience in western countries. Though such films are attempted in Bollywood, they could not impress the audience. Prashanth Varma attempted this new genre exploring the space of zombies after he gave the touch of the ongoing coronavirus to the story. The basic plot looks interesting but the first half of Zombie Reddy is filled with silly and unwanted entertainment. Except for the interval episode, the first half of Zombie Reddy is disappointing and falls flat. Some of the satires on coronavirus works well.

After a disappointing first half, Zombie Reddy picks up well in the second half. The entire episodes on Zombies are well presented. Prashanth Varma took enough care as he is well aware that the episodes on zombies are quite crucial for the film. Right from their makeup to the presentation, everything looks great and reminds us about Hollywood zombie films. Things go well till the climax and the concluding episodes miss the logic and sound half baked. On the whole, the second half of Zombie Reddy sounds impressive if one ignores the minor flaws.


Teja Sajja does his part well and his performance, dialogue delivery will impress the audience. Anandhi has a decent role and she does her part well. Daksha has a crisp role and she looks glamorous in the attempt. Getup Srinu’s comedy works out big time in the second half of the film. Most of the other actors in the film have less prominence though they did their roles well.

Technical Aspects:

Prashanth Varma should be appreciated for picking up the right technical team for the film. The entire Zombie episode looks impressive and they are presented well. The action episodes with zombies are shot really well on screen. The background score and the cinematography work are the additional assets for the film. Zombie Reddy also has a crisp runtime of 2 hours and 5 minutes and the editing work is equally good. Prashanth Varma received huge support from the producers who spent lavishly. The director should have focused more on the first half as it offers nothing. On the whole, Zombie Reddy is impressive in parts and it works because of the decent second half.


Zombie Reddy offers a new experience for Tollywood audience who never experienced the genre of Zombies. After a disappointing first half, the second half of Zombie Reddy sticks to the genre and offers impressive stuff. It works in parts

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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