AP Minister slams Chandrababu Naidu


AP’s IT and Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath has slammed Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu over misleading propaganda on rescue operations made by the government during the recent floods to Godavari river.

The minister said that Chandrababu Naidu had done nothing for the Hud-Hud victims, when he was the chief minister, except hyped publicity and empty promises. He flayed him for releasing only a GO, instead of helping the people. He reminded that Naidu had never provided any sort of immediate relief during such calamities. He further added that the latter had distributed stale lemon rice (pulihora) and 10kg rice to the victims.

He dared Chandrababu Naidu to answer about the collected funds during the cyclone, whether it reached the government treasury or NTR Trust. Amarnath said that the opposition leader has been busy criticizing the government instead of helping the people out there. He asserted that the YSRC government had put its best foot forward to reach out to the victims.

The Minister slammed the opposition for misleading the people by fabricating the facts on State borrowings, and clarified that the current government had only borrowed Rs 1.15 lakh crore, which is much less than during TDP rule. He said that Naidu has been falsely alleging that the government had borrowed over Rs 8 lakh crore, while in reality as per CAG report, the debt is only of Rs 1.15 lakh.

He stated that over Rs 1.65 lakh crore was spent in the last three years towards public welfare. He said that YSRCP rule is of DBT governance, which implements every scheme in a transparent manner, while the TDP government had only focussed on DPT (Dochukovadam, Panchukovadam, Thinadam).

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  1. Villaki state ni rule cheyyadam radu , ruin cheyyadam telusu. Babu Mida ki nettadam telusu . AP. Chesukunna. Karma ychipi. Govt. villu. Hyderabad ni baguchestanatene. Mukkodu. Help chesadu. Babu. Ni tokkeyyadaniki. Mada. Gadu. Out right ga. Help. Chesadu. Ippudu same trick. Mada. Mukkodimida chestunnadu. Manam chesina papam manage. Tagulatam ante ide.


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