Bhola Shankar Movie Review : Boring Shankar !


Bhola Shankar Movie Review

Bhola Shankar Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

With all the films of neighboring languages available on OTT platforms, there are debates about remakes. Megastar Chiranjeevi says that there is nothing wrong in remaking a film if it has impressive content. After remaking Kaththi and Lucifer, Megastar is back with the remake of Vedhalam. The film is directed by Meher Ramesh and the film released today. Here is the review of Bhola Shankar:


Bhola Shankar alias Shankar (Chiranjeevi) relocates to Kolkata from Hyderabad for the education of his sister Maha (Keerthy Suresh). Shankar works as a taxi driver when his sister attends college. Alex (Tarun Arora) is a gangster who leads a team that is into women trafficking. The cops are on a hunt for Alex and his gang. Shankar traces some of the gang members of Alex and he informs the cops. Alex and his gang target Shankar after the incident. Soon, Shankar kills some of the gang members and he reveals that he is in Kolkata to assassinate the gang of Alex. The rest of Bhola Shankar is all about the real story of Shankar and his rivalry with the gang of Alex.

Analysis :
Vedhalam film released eight years ago and it was remade by the team of Bhola Shankar. The narration is completely outdated and Bhola Shankar sounds like a film that released two decades ago. The film is a routine and predictable commercial entertainer that goes on a regular template. The entertainment throughout the first half is irritating. The episodes of Vennela Kishore reminds us of the Jabardasth comedy.

The entire track of Tammannaah is useless and it makes no sense. Keerthy Suresh has nothing much to do in the first half of Bhola Shankar. Chiranjeevi is seen throughout the first half but there is no magic in his role. Meher Ramesh took the film to Kolkata but misses the nativity. The first half of Bhola Shankar is a complete disappointment.

The second half introduces the role of Bhola and his role is slightly better than Kolkata Shankar. Megastar tried hard to imitate Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms. Chiranjeevi’s Kushi scene with Sreemukhi will trigger trolls and is a huge disappointment. Sreemukhi’s role is poorly designed. Bhola Shankar is the story of his sister but the core emotion looks pale and lacks seriousness. The real story gets completed by the pre-climax scenes and the climax portions are dragged.


Chiranjeevi is a great entertainer and he proved this with his roles. There is nothing great or exciting in the role of Bhola Shankar. Chiranjeevi does it in his style but it doesn’t connect to the audience because of the poor writing. Chiranjeevi looked energetic on screen. Keerthy Suresh did a decent job in the assigned role. Sushanth has nothing much interesting. Anchor Rashmi danced with Megastar in a song. The roles of Tamannaah and Sreemukhi are completely wasted. Getup Sreenu, Lobo, Hyper Adhi, Bithiri Sathi, Venu and others have nothing much to do.

The songs composed by Mahati Swara Sagar are a huge disappointment. Except Bhola Mania, all the other songs disappoint the audience. The background score by Mahati Swara Sagar is equally subpar. The cinematography work looks good. The dialogues of Bhola Shankar are poorly written. Meher Ramesh is returning back to direction after a decade and his work remains outdated. His routine making, poor writing makes Bhola Shankar an outdated film.


Bhola Shankar is a cliched and outdated film. Second half is slightly better than the very bad first half. Meher Ramesh delivers even worse than the low expectations. Overall, a forgettable film for all involved.

Telugu360 Rating: 2/5

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