Bigg boss: Captaincy task with toys


Captaincy task this week brought out real character in some of the housemates. The toy factory task was able to engage the audience. Details as follows

The task:

This week, Bigg boss house is divided into 4 teams – Red, Green, Yellow and blue. Bigg boss will be sending raw materials to prepare toys. The teams have to collect the materials and prepare toys. Whichever team prepares more toys will be the winner. However, there will be quality check. Kajal and Siri will be the coordinators as well as managers. They will also do the quality check of the other teams.

Ravi heads Green team will Lobo and Swetha. Manas, Sunny and Anne form Blue team. Shanmukh, Jessie and Priyanka are yellow team. Sriram, Priya and Vishwa are part of red team. Kajal is the manager for red and green teams. Siri is manager for rest of the two teams.

Anne master shocked the audience:

Anne master has been a soft person in the house and she is treated as mother by Swetha. But this task has brought out other side of her. She has fought with Siri as well as Swetha during this task. While she called Siri a drama Queen, she tried to grab the toys from Swetha who belongs to other team and in that process, she almost attacked Swetha. The audience opine that if Anne were in nominations this week, she would have been definitely eliminated this weekend.

Special power to Ravi team:

Ravi team got lucky during this task. Bigg boss sent some slip in the raw material and Ravi team got that material. With this they got some special power. Bigg boss asked Ravi team to use special power and grab the toys of any one team. Obviously they took the toys from Blue team and this made Anne master utterly disappointed.

Decent game of Priya:

Most of the senior artistes who joined the house could not survive for long in the house. Hema, Karate Kalyani and Uma are the live examples for this. However, Priya managed to survive in the house due to her dignified behaviour and game. She didn’t hesitate to question the faulty work of Siri and Kajal during this task. Both the coordinators couldn’t answer her. She resisted coordinators making their own rules.

Overall the captaincy task was interesting this week, we need to wait and see who will become captain this week and who will leave the house this week.

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