Bigg boss day 62: Men can’t cry and women don’t have GK


In yesterday’s Bigg boss episode, beloved persons of the housemates like family members, friends and relatives entered the house. But out of these 10, only 5 will get a chance to meet their beloved housemates. They were selected through a kind of lottery and after the lottery process, Vitika’s brother, Punarnavi’s brother, Ravi’s uncle, Shiva jyothy’s brother and Himaja’s friend were selected. Remaining housemates like Sreemukhi cried a lot for missing the opportunity to meet their beloved.

Housemates’ relatives/ friends argued more than the housemates:

In Bigg boss house, arguments and altercations between the housemates is very common. However, in today’s episode, just for a change, housemates’ family members and relatives argued about the housemates. After selecting 5 people through lottery, Bigg boss announced that out of these 5, only 2 will get chance to meet their beloved housemates. But these 5 housemates have to select best 2 contestants out of 5 housemates – Vitika, Punarnavi, Ravi, Shiva Jyothy and Himaja – in 30 minutes. So, these 5 people argued a lot highlighting positive points of their favorite housemates and negative points of others. One interesting thing out of these debates is most of the people opined that Varun is better than all these 5 and rated him as top 1 contestant for the title.

Break the myths task:

Bigg boss gave a task to break certain myths and stereotypes about men and women. One of the myth is men can’t cry. So Bigg boss gave an opportunity to men to break this myth. They were given a minute to cry silently without speaking a word. Varun and Ravi could shed some tears but Rahul, Mahesh and Baba couldn’t cry at all and in fact they were laughing. So they failed in breaking this myth.Next myth to be broken is that women can’t get ready quickly. So Bigg boss gave an opportunity to break the myth by getting ready within 10 minutes and women broke the myth by getting done with makeup done in10 minutes. Later men were given another task to break the myth that they can’t do housekeeping. They quickly arranged beds and won the task. One more myth on women was that they dont have general knowledge. So men asked them 10 GK questions and they failed in answering 6 questions correctly so couldn’t break the myth. So, overall, men couldn’t break the myth that they can’t cry and women couldn’t break the myth about lack of GK.

We need to wait and see who among Himaja, Mahesh and Rahul will get evicted this weekend.

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