Bigg boss today: Noel eliminated from season 4 though not in nominations


Noel is eliminated from Bigg boss season 4 today. Even though he is not in the nominations, he had to leave the house because of health reasons. His conversation with housemates while leaving had a lot of drama.

Details as below:

Who is your Villain?

Before Noel coming on to the screen, Nagarjuna played a task with the housemates. He asked the housemates to name who is the villain of you in the house so far.

  1. Akhil named Abhijit for obvious reasons
  2. Sohail named Ariyana though she did not nominate him even once
  3. Amma named Akhil for his arrogance
  4. Mehboob named Harika and she named him. Their rivalry is continuing ever since he named her during a fake elimination.
  5. Avinash named Lasya and Lasya named Avinash. They seem to be continuing the hangover of the arguments happened during nominations
  6. Akhil and Monal both named Lasya

Noel’s health problem:

Noel got an acute spondylitis problem in the house. At some point, he was unable to walk also. Doctors advised him of special treatment and so he left the house intermittently. There was a hope that he will come back like Nutan Naidu of season 2 after recovering health but he seems to have decided not to come back to take complete treatment. As he had decided not to come back, he was invited on to the stage with Nagarjuna

Noel’s emotional conversations with some housemates:

The housemates who were hoping for him to comeback got shocked when they came to know that he is leaving the house permanently. He predicted Abhijit, Lasya, and Harika to be in the top 5 list. His conversation with Harika was emotional. Lasya also missed him a lot and cried after knowing the news. Abhijit was seen composed but he felt the emotion too.

Noel’s firing on Avinash and Amma:

Noel asked Amma and Avinash to stand on one foot for some time and then reminded that he felt a thousand times more pain than this because of his health problem every morning. Then he reminded the incidents when Amma and Avinash poked fun of his pain. He gave them a serious lecture about not repeating such things in the future. However, both Avinash and Amma strongly retaliated and told that they did not do that purposefully. Both of them apologized as well but did not accept his statements.

Bigg boss’s scheme with ‘Noel’ backfired?

Actually, Noel is ‘Relangi Mavayya’ of Bigg boss season 4. He never was rude to anyone. He was one of the very few contestants who did not lose temper even during the nominations. Such a person attacking Amma and Avinash vehemently surprised the audience as it is not his real behavior.

Many felt that the Bigg boss team might have asked Noel to behave the way he behaved while leaving. Even though he initially attacked Avinash and AMma with fierce arguments, later he could not continue the same pace, and this raised doubts among the audience that, it was not the real him.

As Avinash and Amma defended themselves fiercely, Noel could not continue his attack. With Abhijit also joining the arguments, the situation became completely messy. The host Nagarjuna was also simply watching all this mess for so long before intervening. It looks like the scheme of Bigg boss makers to ‘create’ a high-voltage episode seriously backfired.

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