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chalo movie review

Chalo movie review

Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

Naga Shaurya’s Chalo released amid good buzz after the impressive trailers caught the attention of everyone. Directed by debutant Venky Kudumula, the film has Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead. 

Let’s see if Chalo gives much needed break to Shaurya. Here is the review : 

Story : 

As projected in the trailer, the plot of Chalo is set against the backdrop of perennial conflict between Telugu , Tamil speaking groups of a village in Andhra – Tamil Nadu border. The story takes place in a college which is located in Tirupuram. Naga Shaurya and Rashmika fall in love with each other. However, the feud between their villages causes strain in their relationship. 

The rest of the story is how the pair reunites and brings the hostility between the two groups to an end. 

Analysis : 

Despite weaving a storyline with serious backdrop, the director has ensured that there is ample dose of entertainment in the film. The director has smartly chosen the college backdrop with well-etched characters for the lead roles to tickle the bones. Debutante writer director Venky K’s punch dialogues are major asset

The first half of the film proceeds at a leisure pace with decent comedy track in college scenes. Scenes with Naga Shaurya and Rashmika have come out well. The episodes involving other characters( comedian Satya) in the college episodes provide good entertainment for the audience. 

However, the pace of the film slightly slows down in the second half as the scene shifts from college backdrop to the village conflict. This is when the film loses its steam and treads a familiar path. References to NTR Chiranjeevi and Allu Arjun are contextually neatly placed 

Though Vennela Kishore tried to keep the comedy track intact with his funny jinks, the unexciting climax episode which brings the film to an abrupt and ludicrous end serves as a liability for the film what otherwise could have a much better film. 

Performances : 

Naga Shaurya did complete justice to his character. He shines effortlessly in college scenes with his sensible comedy timing and good energy levels. 

Rashmika lent good support to Shaurya with her performance. She is bubbly and effervescent in comedy scenes and shows good promise as an actress. 

Comedians Satya and Vennela Kishore are another big assets for this film. They played their parts very well and succeeded in tickling the bones with their funny antics. Viva Harsha and Youtube Sudarshan ( Guy with Nellore accent ) got good roles

Technical values : 

Technically, the whole team deserves good credit for bringing a quality film with limited budget. 

Coming to debutant director Venky Kudumula, he did a decent job with his writing skills. However, a better narration in the second half, particularly climax episode, could have made this a promising start to his career. His trivikram mark dialogues are appealing

The onscreen visuals are impressive and a couple of songs are shot very well. Cinematographer Sai Sriram once again makes a mark with his nifty work. 

Music and background score given by Sagar Mahati is OK. Songs are well moulded into storyline

The production values are adequate and make up for a quality product on screen.

Positives :

  • Fresh and fun filled first half
  • A Different story
  • Two good Songs and dialogues
  • Lead pair

Negatives :

  • Poor climax , Pre- climax farce
  • Verdict : 

    All in all, Chalo ends up as one time easy watch with some fine performances by the entire cast and sensible direction. 

    The first half passes off with good comedy track and keeps the audience invested. Second half progresses OK till pre-climax but the lackluster climax episode acts as a dampener and restricts the film from reaching the next level. Vennela Kishore’s comedy track is the only saving grace for the second half.

    Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

    Release Date : 02nd Feb, 2018
    Director : Venky Kudumula
    Music Director : Mahati Swara Sagar
    Choreography : Sai Sriram
    Producer : Usha Mulpuri
    Starring : Naga Shaurya, Rashmika Mandanna

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