Exposing Hypocrisy: Vijaya Sai Reddy’s Fabricated Interview


In a recent interview with a top TV channel, Vijaya Sai Reddy was faced with a question that why he never criticized Pawan Kalyan vehemently. He was also “presented” some facts(?) by that top channel that even Pawan Kalyan goes soft on Vijaya Sai Reddy. The comments made by Vijaya Sai Reddy while answering these questions became hot topic now. However, political observers opine that this is a fabricated interview with ulterior motives. Details as below.

Vijaya Sai Reddy response on these questions:

Vijaya Sai Reddy claimed that he and Pawan Kalyan are childhood friends and both of them have mutual respect for each other. This revelation came as a response to questions regarding his lack of severe criticism against Pawan Kalyan. Vijaya Sai stated that while he has criticized Pawan politically, he has refrained from personal attacks. He also showed couple of examples where he criticized Pawan Kalyan but added that he never went overboard on Pawan.

Audience Reaction:

However, this interview has left audiences stunned due to its apparent falsehoods, exposing the hypocrisy of Vijaya Sai Reddy and also the TV channel. Contrary to his claims, both Vijaya Sai Reddy and Pawan Kalyan have engaged in vehement criticism of each other in the past and the proofs for the same are present all over the internet.

Vijaya Sai’s Criticism of Pawan:

Vijaya Sai Reddy has previously made derogatory remarks about Pawan Kalyan’s mental state. He even ridiculed his fan base, and belittled his political alliances. He intentionally used the word “zero” referring to the number of MLA seats Pawan’s Janasena has in AP assembly and poked Pawan with such comments. He has even used demeaning language targeting Pawan’s community, displaying a clear animosity towards the actor-turned-politician.

Pawan’s “Suit Case Reddy” Remarks:

In retaliation, Pawan Kalyan has not held back in his criticism of Vijaya Sai Reddy, often referring to him as “Suitcase” Reddy, alluding to allegations of money laundering and political corruption. Pawan’s attack referring to the activities that Vijaya Sai Reddy takes care in Delhi were very insulting to the chartered accountant turned politician. Yet, the news channel went on to say that Pawan doesn’t criticize Vijaya Sai much.

Fabricated Interview Motive:

The timing of this fabricated interview raises questions, especially as Vijaya Sai Reddy gears up for his first direct election as a Lok Sabha candidate. As everyone knows he has been enjoying nominated post of Rajya Sabha MP till recent past. It appears that he may be attempting to soften his image among undecided voters, particularly those with a soft spot for Pawan Kalyan. The involvement of a top TV channel known for shaping and tweaking public opinion further fuels suspicions of a concerted effort to sway public perception in Vijaya Sai’s favor.

The fabricated interview not only exposes the hypocrisy of Vijaya Sai Reddy but also underscores the motive of the top channel that always supports the ruling political parties in Telugu states.

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