Going by HC adverse orders, Jagan should resign every day: RK


In 1992, N Janardhan Reddy resigned from Chief Minister’s post following strictures made by the AP High Court against his government’s mass permissions to 20 medical and dental colleges. In 1964, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy resigned from Chief Minister’s post just because the court made unfavorable observations against his plan for bus routes nationalisation. Those were the days when the orders of the courts were taken seriously. The standards have deteriorated over the years that the political parties are not bothering to give MLA and MP tickets to those who are involved in lots of court cases.

With regard to present CM Jaganmohan Reddy, it is even more complicated. Going by the standards set by old timer CMs, what should be the fate of Jaganmohan Reddy? ABN Radha Krishna says that Jagan should have to resign from CM post every day considering how the courts are passing strictures against each and every programme being launched by his government. In the ongoing panchayat buildings colours case, AP Government has issued another GO which is seen as a continuing adverse stand taken by CM Jagan. RK says the latest GO may lead to a greater conflict between the Government and the High Court. It is yet to be seen how the court will react.

Jagan Reddy’s open defiance in front of the courts is surprising all politicians in the state and in the country. Even advocates’ fraternity is shocked to see a Government acting just like some incorrigible litigant and a court bird.

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  1. This is a shameless government. Doubt they care about the High Court or the Supreme Court. No investor will ever invest in AP anymore. We’ll compete with Bihar for the bottom position. Let people who voted for this government enjoy Reddy raj in the meantime.

  2. Where is logic in this?
    The belonged to a National Party (INC) and they have no choice but to obey High Command.
    Whatever be the reason they will resign if High Command orders or can be removed easily.
    Is it fair to compare National Party to a Regional Party.
    In our democracy, one is given a term of 5 years, wait patiently for it to complete and them assess his performance.
    Simply shouting for resignation for every silly thing is not going to be of use.

    • Lol — According to you just because a Chief Minister is elected for 5 years, courts should sit silently and allow him to the break the law. Previously, Chief Ministers used to abide by the court’s decisions. However, this crooked CM has no ethics or morals. High Court has so far struck down 52 GOs brought by this corrupt government over the last 9 months. They have even been reprimanded by the Supreme Court over the issue of party colors on government buildings. Doubt it would any affect on this unethical human being or his party as they will keep issuing new GOs to circumvent the court’s orders.

      • For your info Government makes the laws, Courts just validates them.
        Just because a court struck down a law doesn’t mean the government should resign is my point.
        Even Central government’s 99th Constitutional Ammendment Act was struck by Supreme Court, that doesn’t mean they should resign.
        Courts are there to put the governments in right path.
        As he is inexperienced, he is getting more things struck down by court, but this doesn’t give a right to make him resign in democracy. If there is a gross violation of Constitution by him President’s rule will be put in the state, don’t worry.

      • For your info Governments make Laws and Courts just Validates them.
        Just because the Court invalidates a law doesn’t mean the government should resign is my point.
        Superme Court said 99th Constitutional Ammendment Act is void, that doesn’t mean Central Government should resign.
        Our democracy runs on checks and balances.
        If there is a gross violation of Constitution by any CM, then President’s rule will be imposed by the recommendation of Governor, don’t worry.


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