How BJP’s ‘secret operation’ sent media, Congress into a tizzy?


The ruling BjP at the Centre has managed to maintain complete secrecy and achieve complete surprise in the Jitin Prasada’s joining of the BJP. That Jitin Prasada was going to join the BJP was made public only after he left his home to meet Minister Piyush Goel.

Operation Jitin Prasada caught the Congress completely by surprise and it had no time to talk to him. The Congress did not have an inkling that Jitin was leaving the party. The BJP talked to him several months ago, but kept in under wraps. No statement was made and there was not even an off-the-cuff remark anywhere.

Even on Wednesday, BJP spokesperson Anil Baluni tweeted about a ‘big personality’ joining the BJP at around 10 am. Since he did not reveal the name, everyone began making guestimates. Many thought it could be Sachin Pilot and started making calls to him. Some felt that since Anil Baluni was from Uttarakhand, the Congressman could be from that state. It was only when Jitin Prasada reached Piyush Goel that it became clear that it was Jitin Prasada. Even before the media could reach Goel’s residence, both Goel and Prasad left for Amit Shah’s residence. Both president Nadda and Amit Shah were not present at the joining. This was done to mislead those who keep a tab on Nadda and Shah.

But why so much secrecy? Last time in 2019, Jitin Prasada wanted to join the BJP. The Congress got wind of it fairly in advance and sent Jyotiraditya Scindia to convince him to stay back in the party. The BJP was left high and dry. So, this time the BJP wanted to outsmart the Congress and the media, which usually tips off Congress about the internal happenings in BJP.

Jitin Prasada is a prize catch as he is a Brahmin and Brahmins are politically very important in UP. With UP going to polls early next year, Jitin Prasada could be a very useful addition.

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