India Today Survey: Will Modi factor have effect on 5 poll-bound states?


Here’s a bad news for all the Modi baiters, who want to see his back in 2024. His popularity rates are not only still intact but are in fact growing. He is still without doubt the tallest leader in the country and others are nowhere near him. If the latest Mood of the Nation survey of the C-Voter-Indian Today is any indication, Modi is well on course for a third term and the NDA would easily get 286 seats in 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Also, Modi’s popularity ratings are up from 53 per cent in August 2021 to 59 per cent. The popularity of the NDA government to is up from 53 per cent to 59 per cent. The survey also says that the Congress could get up to 62 seats, marginally up by 9 seats over 2019 elections. The UPA, according to the survey would not get more than 127 and the others would be around 120 if the elections are held now.

But there is one interesting aspect in the MOTN survey of India Today. The opposition to Modi too is gathering momentum. The August 2021 survey said that 17 per cent of the voters were dissatisfied by Modi rule. The latest survey says the percentage has gone up to 26 per cent. Thus, the interesting spectacle is that both the support and opposition to Modi are equally growing – support by 6 percentage points and opposition by 9 percentage points.

But, what will happen in the five states that are going to polls? Will Modi’s charisma affect the performance of the state election outcome? The survey says that none of the incumbent CMs, including Yogi Adityanath, have more than 50 percent approval ratings. So Modi factor may not have its impact on the states. So, let’s wait for the actual elections to be held and the real results to come out.

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