Is Botsa buying a fort belonging to Vizianagaram Rajas?


YCP crisis manager and Minister Botsa Satyanarayana has risen from humble beginnings to high peaks in a long political career. He is now in the unenviable position of defaming and demolishing Amaravati Capital at the behest of the Chief Minister. Botsa has passed damaging remarks against Amaravati now. Greatly provoked at this, TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah demanded the Minister to explain to the people how he rose from a lower middle class background to become so rich that he was now trying to buy a fort of the Vizianagaram Maharaja’s family. Because of his corruption background, Botsa has no moral standing to criticise Chandrababu Naidu.

It is well known that Botsa was held responsible for Volkswagen not coming to Andhra Pradesh and his comment on loss of Rs. 11 Cr in the scandal was still considered a laughing stock in the state. The TDP argues that if Volkswagen came to the state, it would have created 50,000 jobs by now to the youth of AP. Unlike Mr. Naidu, the YSRCP leaders were committed only to amassing their personal wealth through mindless scams and corruption.

Varla Ramaiah scoffed at the Minister’s comment that Amaravati was developed for benefitting only one caste. Botsa seemed to have no educational qualifications also going by how he was making meaningless statements. If Capital lands belong to only one rich caste, then the Minister should prove it. In fact, of the total 29,881 farmers who sacrificed their lands for Capital city, there were 20,490 small and marginal farmers who contributed less than an acre. There were only 12 farmers who contributed between 20 and 25 acres. Another 142 farmers contributed 10 to 20 acres. Botsa should check these facts before making false allegations against the TDP.

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    • చంద్ర బాబు కి వాళ్ళ మామ బోలెడంత అంత . ఆస్తిఇచ్చాడు. తర్వాత హెరితగె పెట్టి. మిలియనీర్ అయ్యాడు. Janalu సొమ్ముఅబ్బా కొడుకులు , ఆత్మ లాగా లచ్చ కోట్లు దొబ్బలేదు. పైగా. పార్టీ ని ఒక అడ శకుని నుండి కాపాడాడు. నీలాంటి వాళ్ళకి అర్ధం కాదులే ! ! ! !

  1. తొందరగా బెయిల్ రద్దుచెయ్యండ్రా బాబోయ్. ! లేకపోతె ఆంధ్ర లో 10 % ఆస్తులు కొనేస్తారు ఒక కోట ఏంది ? బెంగుళూరు లోకొన్నట్టు ( దొబ్బినట్టు )


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