Kodali Nani’s abusive comments betray his frustration


Is Kodali Nani’s over-enthusiastic support turning out to be an embarrassment for both YS Jagan and the YSRCP? It appears so. Even diehard Jagan-backers are finding it difficult to enjoy Kodali Nani’s abusive and invective-filled defence of YS Jagan. The diatribe is not just downright demeaning, but is even unpalatable for the YSRCP itself.

Nani, once a staunch Chandrababu backer, has now become the strongest supporter of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The fire in this firebrand’s comments is now damaging the brand of both YS Jagan and the YSRCP. His over enthusiasm to defend Jagan is turning out to be an embarrassment for the party. His comments and the attack on the TDP are now ending up being counter-productive.

His recent comments in connection with the unfortunate stabbing by a jilted maniac lover of Guntur girl Ramya have been slammed by one and all. Instead of explaining the corrective measures taken up by the government to prevent the recurrence of such unfortunate events, Kodali Nani abused Chandrababu in the meanest possible words. The language, tone and tenor of the comments were highly abusive. He sought to compare Chandrababu’s ‘back-stabbing’ of father-in-law NTR and the murder by the jilted lover. These comments have been roundly criticised.

Instead of explaining the government position or informing about the measures put in place by the Government, Nani chose to attack Chandrababu Naidu for no reason. He also said that such murders would not happen if Chandrababu was put behind the bars. Nani’s abusive comments are making even the YSRCP people squirm in their seats.

Several analysts feel that Kodali Nani’s unwanted aggression is betraying sings of his frustration. Earlier, he oozed confidence, but he is now looking quite frustrated, they said. They also pointed out that making such nasty comments might help him in scoring a few brownie points, but will end up damaging the image of the party. They feel that it is about time that Jagan reins in Kodali Nani before it’s too late.

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