Ramana Deekshitulu takes to Twitter for CM Jagan help


Everybody knows how all YSR family loyalists got immediate access to YS Jaganmohan Reddy prior to the 2019 elections. The same was the case with the likes of Ramana Deekshitulu. After the YSRCP victory, he got his dream fulfilled as CM Jagan Reddy has helped to get the chief priest post at TTD for Deekshitulu. But various hurdles came in the way even as Ramana Deekshitulu no longer have those friendly relations with the ruling party leaders and also CM like before the elections.

Now, Deekshitulu’s conditions became one of those countless people who were taking to Twitter to make their representations to the Chief Minister. He made it clear in his post that the Chief Minister had directed the TTD officials to officially name him the chief priest of the Tirumala Temple. But till now, no such formalities have been finalised. Deekshitulu, in his latest Twitter post, urged the CM to make sure that his earliers orders be implemented by the officials.

Analysts say that all is not well with the likes of Ramana Deekshitulu ever since CM Jagan turned unfriendly towards former Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam on the issue of persons of other faiths working at Tirumala Temple premises. Deekshitulu has excellent rapport with TTD Chairman SV Subba Reddy till recently. Gradually, the dissenting voice being expressed by Deekshitulu has led to a situation wherein he is no longer able to make personal representations to the powers that be. No wonder, Ramana Deekshitulu may soon raise his voice like he did against the Chandrababu Naidu regime in the past.

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  1. దేవుడు ( నిదేవుడు jagan ) వరమిచ్చినా పాపం పూజారి వరమియ్యలేదా ?

    • వాడి ఇల్లు వాడి చుట్టాల ఇల్లు వెతికిన దొరకదు ఎప్పుడో ఆమెసుకుని ఉంటాడు.


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