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KCR’s Dilemma: To Dilute and Not to Dilute the Cash-for-vote Case


Telangana chief minister K Chadrasekhar Rao is grappling with a Hamletian dilemma: to dilute the cash-for-vote (CFV) case or not, in order not to implicate his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu in the case.

The central BJP is said to have advised him against going overboard on the case and vitiating the relations between the two states.

The advice, reportedly delivered to KCR through Governor ESL Narasimhan and some informal channels, if ignored, has the potential of shattering the dream of KCR to see his daughter and Nizambad Lok Sabha member Kavita in the union cabinet.

Though there has been no love lost between Telangana BJP and KCR, the central BJP is understood to have responded positively to the friendly vibes from the TRS recently. For quite some time TRS has been sending signals to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amith Shah about its intension to join the NDA. KCR’s daughter, Kavita has gone on record that her party would have no objection to join NDA cabinet as it would help the nascent state get more assistance from the centre.  “If Prime Minister Modi invites me to join the cabinet we will consider it,” she told media some time back.

Highly placed sources in BJP told this correspondent that Modi was also not disinclined to take the TRS on board.

“The only hitch is TRS connections with MIM. We want the TRS to distance itself from MIM publicly to join the NDA government. The moment TRS jettisons the MIM, it is welcome to join the NDA cabinet,” informed BJP sources said.

TRS is not ready severe it relations with MIM before GHMC elections as it needs the support of Muslim minorities in Greater Hyderabad Municiapl Corporation (GHMC) area to win the election.  GHMC is the testing ground for TRS’ real influence in the capital where Andhra settlers outnumber the Telangana people. It was proven in 2014 Assembly elections when TRS ended up as poor third.  So, a defeat in GHMC elections would weaken his grip over the capital which in course of time undermine the chances of its return in 2019.

So, the TRS doesn’t want to antagonize Muslim minorities by jettisoning MIM before GHMC polls. It is said to have conveyed to BJP leadership in Delhi that it could not afford to do it  before GHMC elections. Though Kavita’s joining the cabinet has been put off for the time being, two parties are enjoy cordial relations.


Now, chief minister KCR has to choose between the BJP’s advice against implicating Naidu in CFV case or pursue his anti-Naidu politics and fall from grace of Prime Minister Modi. Pursuing latter course may put the dream of getting a cabinet berth for Kavita at risk.




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Lokesh Naidu’s Alleged Involvement in Cash for Vote Scam?


Cash-for-vote scam seems to be taking new turn everyday as the credible sources said that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) sleuths are gearing up for attaching an additional FIR in the case after interrogating the main accused in the case, Revanth Reddy.

If the sources have to be believed, the name of Chandrababu Naidu’s son is now surfacing as Lokesh Naidu (Babu’s son) has reportedly spoken to the nominated MLA Stephenson from the mobile of the fourth accused in the case Muthaiah, who has been absconding.

Further, the sources said that ACB is investigating in all possible angles as to how the arrested MLA got Rs. 50,000—that was seized in the sting operation earlier this month. Apparently, ACB is presumably believing that there could be hands of hawala in this entire episode with Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao alleging that TDP fielded at least five teams to overthrow their governance, out of which one team was caught red-handedly by the ACB. In connection to the same, ACB is likely to question two kingpins of hawala—one in Basheerbagh and the other in Abids.

Reports further indicated that the bureau is likely to file the additional chargesheet in next two days. Whether Chandrababu Naidu’s name will be included in the FIR or not has now become a topic of the town. We have to wait for two more days to know the developments of this case. Until then keep checking this space for minute to minute updates on cash-for-vote scam.


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Can Babu Question Media of its Sources?-A Comprehensive Report


With the Anti Coruption Bureau’s probe into alleged cash-for-vote is looming large to TDP, its supremo and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu is time and again questioning the media of its sources—the medium through which the alleged sting operation went viral.

In an effort to defend the image of the party-whose MLA is arrested-TDP is launching a scathing attack on the media by asking as to how the media has been getting the sources.

It is a known fact that ‘press/journalism’ is considered as a fourth estate-one of the foundations-of any democratic country. Media- print, electronic and new-has always been shouldering a higher responsibility, not just in India, anywhere across the country for that matter.

In an effort to fulfill its responsibility, it undoubtedly becomes a ‘watch dog,’ to highlight whatsoever matter it feels harmful to the democratic system and presents before the public of the country for their judgment.

Media sources:

Media will have its sources in almost all government offices and none can deny it. Sometimes, such source can be a tea vendor and at times a top official. None has the authority to question the media from where it has got the sources, as per the prevailing international laws.

What happened in Watergate Scandal?

The infamous Watergate Scandal-occurred in the United States in mid 1970s-witnessed the involvement of the then US President Richard Nixon in break-in of DNC headquarters at Watergate complex.

When five burglars were caught by the-Federal Bureau of Investigation-along with the cash, the then president Nixon who was involved in the entire episode, denied to face the investigation.

In meantime, two reporters of Washington Post –Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodword-exposed the entire episode with complete details. They got the information from the then associate director of US Federal Bureau of Investigation Mark Felt under the nickname Deepthroat.

The US authorities never questioned Bernstein and Woodword as to who their source (Deepthroat) was.  They never went into the depth of media sources.

The world, however, came to know about the source when Mark Felt himself revealed that he was the source in Watergate Scandal in 2005.

Resignation of Nixon as US President:

Owing to the in-depth reports-with required proofs-of Washington Post, Richard Nixon stepped down as the president of the United States of America on August 8, 1974.


International Law:

The USA and South America have made an Inter-American declaration of principles of Freedom of Expression. According to Principle 8 of the declaration, media has the right to keep its sources confidential.

While Africa and others adopted similar principles to protect ‘Freedom of Press,’ European Court of Human Rights observed that protection of ‘media sources,’ was a key requisite of a democratic country in the case ‘Goodwin v UK,’ in 1996.

Although Indian media doesn’t enjoy such absolute privilege, just like how Goodwin v UK granted absolute Freedom of Press to Europe, any counter-action by the media v Chandrababu Naidu can result in similar declarations.

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Mysteries Surrounding Babu’s ‘Alleged Phone Tapping’


With AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu taking up the alleged phone tapping before the Centre, the Telangana government clarified that no such stints were involved in this cash-for-vote scam.

On Tuesday alone, at least nine ministers of Telangana government reiterated that they didn’t resort to phone tapping.

Even as the Anti Corruption Bureau is being blamed over the investigation procedures, ACB chief A K Khan plunged into the scene and briefed the media that the investigation in cash-for-vote was done as per their protocol, involving professionals.

It is known that the police has no authority to leak any of the substantial evidences to the media when the matter is prejudice and ACB too clearly said that they didn’t tap the phone. The question of leaking them to the media, therefore, doesn’t arise, opined political  observers.

So, it is evident that the police in this particular alleged tape episode is on a safe land. Who is at blame? Whether telephone line was really tapped or is it a clever play of Stephenson?

Here are some possibilities as to how this conversation was recorded, according to the experts.

Stephenson, the nominated MLA to the Telangana government, approached ACB and submitted a written complaint to the bureau that he was being lured for MLC vote.

As a part of the same, police-based on the written complaint-can presumably tap the telephone calls of Stephenson. While ACB is stressing that chief minister’s phone is not tapped, it is not clarifying anything about tapping Stephenson’s calls.

Also, it must be mentioned here that smart phones in today’s market have an option of auto-record. Apparently, there’s every chance of Stephenson recording Babu’s conversation on his mobile phone and handing it to TRS (his party).

All in all, if Chandrababu Naidu is really convinced that his phone lines are tapped, he has every right to move the court. However, his arguments in public-as to how can chief minister’s phone be tapped-are not acceptable, for the Constitution of India guarantees no separate law for a chief minister.

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Insecure Naidu Knocks On The Doors of Centre


Beleaguered Naidu will knock on the doors of centre on Wedenesday for a bail-out from the cash-for-vote tangle he is  caught in.

He will lodge a complaint with union government that how Telangana government is resorting to phone tapping in Hyderabad, the joint capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and making the city insecure for Andhra Pradesh chief minister and other political leaders of the ruling party.

He is scheduled to meet home minister Raj Nath Sigh first and later, Prime Minister Nardenra Modi tommorrow.

He left for New Delhi immediately after the marathon cabinet meeting which revolved around the issue of telephone tapping by the T-government.

As he is fearing the prospect of being questioned by the Telangana ACB, Naidu rushed to Delhi to seek centre’s intervention in the matter, so that the T-ACB drops his name from the FIR.

Sources said Naidu, will also have consultations with legal experts in Delhi to explore the possibility of taking legal action against the T-government.

Similarly, he will exert pressure on the centre to implement the provisions of AP Reogranization Act-2014 that give special powers to the Governor over the joint capital area.

As of now, the provisions are not recognized by the Telangana government and are in cold-storage.

In the six-hour long meeting, in which AP intelligence chief  Anuradha was also present, the cabinet thoroughly discussed telephone-tapping issue.

According to sources, some ministers even expressed displeasure over the reported cluelessness of AP intelligence department on the Reventh issue or on the tapping of telephone of chief minister.

Naidu briefed the cabinet on the exercise he had done in the past two days to counter the T-government campaign against Andhra Pradesh government.

Naidu said he had held a meeting with all the service providers like Airtel, Vodafone etc to know more about the phone tapping.

“I gathered from them that on average daily about 5000 phones are  being tapped by operators at the request of various investigating agencies in Telugu states,” he told the cabinet.

Finally, the cabinet decided  on a three-pronged strategy to nail Telangana government.

One, a team of ministers will call on government ESL Narasimhan to lodge a complaint and seek action against T-government.

Two, the state government will set up  a committee that would go into the matter of telephone tapping by T-government or the recording of CM’s  reported conversation with T-MLA Elvis Stephenson.

And the three, the government will explore the possibility of approaching the court to rein in Telangana government in intercepting the telephone conversations.


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Revanth Reddy Shifted to ACB Headquarters


A local court in Hyderabad granted four day custody petition filed by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to take TDP legislator from Telangana into its custody for questioning in cash for vote scam.


The court, on the other hand, has deferred the bail plea filed by Revanth Reddy lawyers. Revanth was shifted from Cherlapally prison to ACB headquarters today.

The court, while nodding for the custody petition, laid down a few conditions such as

  • The questioning should be done only in the morning hours, from 9 to 5
  • quThird degree shouldn’t be applied on him
  • The questioning must take place in the presence of his lawyers

Notably, Mr Revanth Reddy was arrested red handedly by the ACB slueths when he allegedly offered Rs. 50 lakhs to lure nominated MLA, a day before MLC elections in Telangana.


A subsequent video was released to the media, which showed the visuals and conversation of Revanth Reddy with Stephenson. While ACB submitted the video footage as a part of substantial evidence, the court directed the forensic department to check the authencity of the same.


Meanwhile, a section of media has been vehemently criticising ACB alleging that the telephone lines of Chandrababu Naidu have been tapped. Coming down heavily on the allegations, Telangana minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said that their government had no need to spy on the Andhra Pradesh affairs and termed the criticisms as baseless allegations.


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Cash-for-Vote: ACB Conducts Raids


TDP MLA from Telangana, Revanth Reddy’s ACB custody is going to end today.  The anti corruption Bureau, which asked over 800 questions yesterday, has today raided the residence of Revanth Reddy and other two accused in the case—Sebastian and Udayasimha.

The operation was reportedly carried out under the supervision of ACB deputy superintendent of police, Sunitha Reddy this morning. The sources said that operation was carried out in two phases. In the early morning raid, ACB sleuths didn’t seize any of the documents, which was confirmed to the media by Sunitha Reddy.

In the second phase of raiding, which apparently came in as a shock by Revanth Reddy’s aides and family members, ACB reportedly seized key bank documents and passport of Revanth Reddy. It is learnt that raids were done as a part of investigation.  Also, ACB seized hard disk and bank locker keys. ACB officials reportedly opened the locker of Udaya Simha.

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Telugu CMs Cross Swords in Public


The cash-for-vote scam is now giving raise to war of words between Telugu chief ministers. With TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, in the status of the chief minister, warning his arch rival KCR that the matter would be escalated in case he opens his eyes, Telangana chief minister came down vehemently and said that even God couldn’t save him.
These remarks are now becoming topic of the town. Are there any underlined meanings or warnings behind these statements? The political experts in Telugu state are saying yes!
It is known that TDP is an ally of the ruling NDA Government at the Centre. Also, key leader from TDP is serving as the union minister too. By stating that the matter would be taken way ahead, the political experts opined that Chandrababu Naidu was hinting at the apparent possibilities of taking up the matter with the Indian prime minister.
The counter of K Chandrashekara Rao stressing that even Lord couldn’t save him can be regarded that prime minister Narendra Modi will not be of any help to Chandrababu Naidu in this entire episode, added experts.
Whatever the issue is, chief ministers crossing swords in public is undoubtedly not a good sign in the democratic set up. While Chandrababu Naidu should have reacted swiftly on Revanth Reddy’s episode, K Chandrashekara Rao should have not reacted to Babu’s comments.
All in all, as home minister Rajnath Singh reportedly said, an investigation should be taken up properly at a place that’s far away from sensationalism, it would be better if KCR remain silent and let the law take its course of action.
At the end, everyone is equal before law—Rule of Law. That’s the very essence of our constitution. Be it chief minister of whosoever, they can’t bank on their posts to escape investigations or is procedures as the Indian Constitution offers no immunity for any official in the matters pertaining to crime.

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