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Global tenders for Rs 500 cr Secretariat, Assembly buildings


The Telangana government is planning to construct new buildings for the Assembly at a cost of Rs 100 Cr and for Secretariat at Rs 400 Cr. The government is calling global tenders to ensure that the new structures will have international standards. CM KCR is also showing interest in involving Shapurji Pallonji Company which has constructed Pragathi Bhavan in record time.

The existing Secretariat buildings will be demolished for the new ones to come up in the same place. KCR was actually interested in Bison Polo grounds but he developed a sentiment against moving out of the present premises. Every time he is thinking to move to Bison Polo, something wrong is happening. In recent general elections, he couldn’t win all 16 MP seats as per his estimate.

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34 lawmakers suspended in Telangana


Twenty eight MLAs and six MLCs from Non-MIM opposition parties have been suspended from the Telangana House for the remaining session for trying to stall the House. The members of all parties, from Left to Right, today gave an ultimatum that they would call for a state bandh on October 10 if government fail to concede their demand of one-time waiver of farm loans in the state. The members set October 9 as deadline for announcing the one-time settlement of farm loam. If there is no announcement, they would give a call for state bandh on October10, they said.

Demanding the one time waiver of the farm loans in the state the MLA of Congress TDP, BJP, CPI and CPM which met yesterday to wage an united fight against the government’s refusal to waive the loan in single installment, today raised the in the issue and tried stalled the question hour. As the they did pay heed to speaker Madhusudanachary advice to the allow the house take the question hour, legislative affairs minister Harish Rao moved a motion to suspend the members. The house adopted the suspension of the members for the remaining session.

In a similar incident occurred in the Legislative Council 6 MLCs ( 5 Congress and one BJP) have been suspended from the house. They are opposition leader Md Ali Shabbir, Ponguleti Sudhakar, Akula Lalita, M S Prabhaiar,Farooq Hussain and BJP member Ramachandra Rao. Protesting their suspension, the MLAs and MLCs staged a dharna outside the house.

The MLAs suspended from the House are : Puvvada Ajay Kumar, DK Aruna,, M Bhaskar Rao, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarkha, G Chinna Reddy, T Jeevan Reddy, N Padmavathi Reddy, Ramamohan Reddy, Sampat Kumar, N Uttam Kumar Reddy Komati Reddy, Venkata Reddy, Rammreddy Venkata Reddy, Vamshi Chand Reddy(all Congress); A Gandhi, Poinath, Prakash Goud, Rajender Reddy Revanth Reddy Sayanna, Vivekananda Reddy (all TDP); Kishan Reddy, K Lakshman, Chintala Ramachandra Reddy (BJP); Sunnam Rajaiah(CPM), Ravindra Kuarm (CPI) and Vekateswarlu (YCP).

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Ganta heckled in Assembly over his “Srimantudu” haste


Education minister Ghanta Srinivasarao found himself at the receiving end of loud chorus of boos when YSRCP member RK Roja said the education minister hurriedly concluded his Guntur trip after Rishiteswari suicide to get back to Hyderabad as if he had some urgent meeting- but the meeting was a movie function.

“He went there leisurely four days after the university student’s suicide. Instead of paying a visit to Rishiteswari’s grieving parents, he called them to his hotel. And he hurriedly got back to Hyderabad finishing his meeting with them in minutes. Mind it, he got back to Hyderabad not to attend any important meeting, nor was there any cabinet meeting. He was in a hurry only to attend the functions of Srimantudu movie,” Roja said in Assembly during a debate on ragging in educational institutions.

Roja lashed out at Ghanta for his casual approach to the death of a brilliant student and alleged that minister had given more importance to Srimanthudu audio release function than the suicide case of a student. Ganta’s clarification that he attended the audio function of Srimanthudu as it was a movie with a social message did not impress anyside.

Even speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao also expressed dismay at the way universities’ governance had been neglected. ” I am sorry to say, the Nagarujana Uiniversity has become a den of caste groups. Caste groups are openly erecting bill boards in the campus. Suicides are serious matter. The minister should concentrate on seeing that they are not repeated in campuses,” Speaker advised Ganta.

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Jagan Fast-tracks his political project


The opposition party leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy appears to have put his political project on fast track. While putting chief minister Chandrababu  Naidu on notice, he announced that he would sit on indefinite fast from September 15, if the government fails to achieve anything concrete on getting special status accorded to Andhra Pradesh. He announced his program of action hours after Assembly adopted a resolution urging the centre to bestow the special status on the state, which is in the throes of partition.

Indefinite fast, definitely, is a democratic tool one can use in rarest of rare cases. Normally, politics prefer protracted battles. Instead of exploiting the cause to mobilize the people on a longer course in protracted fight, Jagan’s fast tracking has the potential to alienate him from the other political parties like CPI, CPM and Congress, Lok Satta etc and masses.

Jagan is not attempting to make common cause with these parties. In fact Left have whole heartedly supported him in this case. Before announcing his indefinite fast, Jagan should have taken Left parties into confidence. Another thing, fifteen-day notice is too short for any government to process the decision. In our set-up the resolution has to travel a meandering path to reach its final destination. So, Jagan seems to have reached a conclusion that the announcement by centre is unlikely to come by in notice period, and he should launch the final missile.

Jagan has not prepared the people for his final assault on Naidu, nor has he taken the friendly parties into confidence. Isn’t it going to be a misadventure by a young man in a hurry? Jagan must ensure that his act did not simulate emotions that lead to suicides by the people from poorer section, who are already frustrated by many socio-economic issues. Victims of all political movements always come poorer sections.

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YSR portrait issue rocks the Assembly


The demand of restoring the YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s portrait rocked the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Tuesday, the third day of five day monsoon session during question hour. As speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao disallowed YSRCP’s adjournment motion on drought and drinking water problem, the opposition member trouped into the well chanting slogans YSR Zindabad, and displaying the portraits of YSR and demanded the restoration of the portrait in the members launge. The raucous led to the adjournment of the motion for 10 minutes.

The portrait, along with portraits of Tanguturi Prakasham and Sanjeevaiah have been removed last month at the instructions from the speaker. This decision was later ratified by the special purposes committee of the Assembly. The committee’s argument was that it was not convention to hang the pictures of formers chief ministers in the Assembly. Only pictures of former speakers are kept. But, the YSRC objected to it stating that it was the decision of the previous assembly and it should be honored. Today, YSRC members did not allow the house run staging dharna in the well. Speaker took strong objection to it and asked them to give a notice on the subject before raising in house.

“If you have real respect for YSRajasekhar Reddy and you think he was your leader, why didn’t you give the adjournment motion on the subject. You gave the notice on drought. The subjects should be raised in Assembly only on prior notice,” he said. Speaker also warned them against the taking house for raise.”You cannot dictate the house to take any subject you wish just like that. Don’t cross the limits,” speaker warned. But, opposition continued their protest, slogans and display of YSR portrait. Speaker asked them why were they stalling the business of the House. He specially asked the members, to remove the picture. He assured them he would permit them to speak only if them removed the picture. As the opposition members un-relented, speaker adjourned the house for ten minutes.

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House adopts spl-status resolution after a bitter fight


Andhra Pradesh Assembly today witnessed unprecedented bitterness between the ruling and opposition sides with both sides hurling challenges and counter challenges about their character. The downside of the debate is the involvement of leader of the house and opposition leader in this un-parliamentary war of words. Both of them washed their dirty linen in the house to the embarrassment of the public. While the debate was meant for getting special status to the state, the arguments were about who was more corrupt and dishonest. Normally, while leaders watch, members of the respective sides fight. Today in AP assembly, the responsibility of converting the house into the theater of unwholesome accusations was taken over by opposition leader Jagan and leader of the house Chandrababu Naidu equally. They excelled each other in the drama.

Jagan said Naidu’s name appeared 22 times in the ACB charge-sheet and Naidu retorted that a man, who presents himself every Friday before CBI court in 15 cases, had no right to talk about him. Ultimately, the debate on the special category status to state produced more heat than light. The resolution urging the centre to bestow the special status was adopted at 2.40 PM.

After one adjournment this morning for 15 minutes, the house reassembled at 10.30 am. And speaker asked the CM to make the statement of special status which was inconclusive yesterday. Following is the time line of the proceedings of AP Assembly.

10.30 am : Chief Minister Naidu begins his statement in on Special Category Status to the State.

10.36 am : Leader of Opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy raises objection to Naidu’s speech and says CMs speech does not match with the note circulated in the House.

10. 46 am : Fierce exchange of accusatins takes place between Jagan and on the note on Special Category Status.

10.48 am : Naidu grills Jagan by stating that he can an understand predicament of first-timers (Jagan is a first-time MLA) in the Assembly in coming to grips with his statement.

11.25 am : Naidu expresses willingness to resolve the contentious issues between his Government and the Telangana State through a dialogue.

11.50 am : Jaganmohan Reddy starts debate Chandrababu Naidu’s statement. He provokes Naidu by commenting that the CM was unaware of several facts related to State bifurcation. He calls Naidu outdated politician.

12.15 pm : Jagan says giving Special Category Status is Union Cabinet’s prerogative, but in case of A.P. it has not materialized though it is essentially an executive decision

1.00 pm : War of words intensifies in the House. Verbal dual between Opposition Leader Jaganmohan Reddy and TDP/BJP MLA ensues.

1.00 pm : TDP MLA Dhulipalla Narendra takes objection to Jagan’s calling chief minister Naidu an outdated political leader. YSRCP MLAs rush towards Dhulipalla and TDP MLAs also try to enter the well. They pushes and shoved each other.

1.10 pm. : Chief Minister asks TDP MLAs to resume their seats and behave properly. He pleads his flock to ignore unparliamentarily comments by some people.

1. 15 pm : CM laments that “I was not given mike while in the Opposition, but we did not behave this way ( of Jagan).

1.20 pm : Social welfare minister Ravela Kishore Babu raises Jagan’s wealth t and asks him to give back to society the Rs 1 lakh crore Jagan allegedly amassed.

1.21 pm : Ravela says they will give the Mike to Jagan for speaking on special category status if he returned the money. Many others said Jagan had colluded with TRS government in Telangana. He wrote a letter to TRS recommending somebody to make an MLA. He met Harish Rao also in a Hotel. They said Jagan was behaving as if he was in Telangana. He never defended the TDP government when AP telephones tapped.

1.22 pm : Jagan says he will resign if they prove the charges against him. 1.30 pm. : Jagan asks CM to give Centre time frame of a month or 15 days to accord Special Category Status. Naidu was not able to fight because he compromised with centre on cash-for-vote scam.

1.40 pm : Chandrababu Naidu nobody can harm him. “Your father also took cases against to Supreme Court. Nothing had happened. You also can’t do anything against me. I am like fire.

The same continued till 2.40 when the resolution was tabled for the approval of the House. It was approved and the speaker adjourned the House till tomorrow.

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Assembly adjourned on second day as well


The second day of the monsoon session of Andhra Pradesh witnessed same hostile stance from the opposition YSRCP. The party today demanded the suspension of question hour to take up the special status debate forthwith. YSRCP members rushed into the well started raising slogans and displayed placards of their demand. Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao tried to persuade the opposition members of the importance of question hour. ” Question hour is important for many other members. Yesterday some members expressed their displeasure as they could not get their questions answered. Let us take up the issues after the question hour,” speaker said.

The opposition insisted on the suspension of question hour. “Yesterday, chief minister started making his statement at 1.30 PM and closed at 2pm. It was incomplete. So, today the statement should be taken up suspending question hour.” Jagan said.

Assembly affairs minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu also requested Opposition leader not to insist on the suspension of question hour. He rebuked YSRCP for demanding the suspension of question hour without even giving a notice. “You get only 2 questions as per hour the strength. If you don’t want the question hour you can go out and come back at the time of CM’s statement. You cannot dictate the house to take up the matter you like,” he said.

Jagan said what CM talked in the house and what furnished in the statement were not same. “Government did not mention the proposal to adopt a resolution. Speaker, however, defended the government stating that government was in no obligatin to reveal its program of action. In the morning, Immediately after the house assembled for the day, YSRCP MLA G Srikanth Reddy said the statement made by the chief minister on the floor of the house referred fight for special status. The statement was confusing as to the type of fight, he said. “How could the TDP fight by being part of NDA and allowing TDP ministers in the Modi cabinet?” he asked.

As the house was out of order with slogans being raised by opposition members in the well of the House speaker adjourned the house for 10 minutes.

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Restore all portraits in Assembly: YSRC


YSR Congress demanded Assembly Speaker to restore all the portraits removed from the Assembly lounge and said such a move would set a bad precedence as it was reeked of political vindictiveness.

‘The decision purportedly taken by the General Purposes Committee is fair as the decision to put up the portrait was taken by the earlier Speaker and it is duty to honor this by incumbent speaker,’ YSRC MLC Pilli Subashchadra Bose said. Removing the portrait of Damodaram Sanjeeviah, the first Dalit Chief Minister of India, Potti Sriramulu and Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu would not go down well with the people who respect them and the removal of YSR portrait would hurt the sentiments of many people of the State, the said.

The photo of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu could be seen in the office of the Secretary of the Assembly and there was no reply when asked who has authorized it, he added.He demanded that the decision of the General Purposes Committee be revoked and all the photos be restored in the Assembly lounge.

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Jagan’s open letter to speaker and CM


Opposition leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy took strong objection to the constitution of general purposes committee (GPC)and  convening the  meeting on August 11, at a time when the entire opposition party would be away in New Delhi for  a dharna.

In a six-page letter written to Assembly speaker Kodela Siva Prasadrao and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu he deplored that they were violating conventions of the Assembly in setting up committees.

Questioning the motive of the formation of the committee, which was long forgotten, Jagan said the committee was fully loaded with members of ruling party and principle of  proportionate representation was conveniently ignored.

He said the agenda of the meeting also was not conveyed to the opposition party.

The general purposes committee normally advises on the affairs of the House.

The present committee has 25 members including the speaker. What is surprising  that out of 24 members  21 are from ruling party and remaining three are from the YSRC.  Jagan questioned the logic behind the disproportion of the members from the ruling and opposition parties.

The YSRC president alleged that the speaker office refused to inform his MLA of the agenda of the meeting when approached.

He suspected that the meeting  was being convened only to justify and get ratification for the removal of YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s portrait from the Assembly Hall with brute majority.

Jagan listed out 19 points the party going to raise in the next session of Assembly.

The list of issues include Cash-for-vote scam, causes for the stampede during Pushkaralu in Rajahmundry,  TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar’s attack on MRO Vanajakshi, Rishiteswari suicide and the government’s attempt to shield culprits, scam in the Pattiseema lift irrigation project, modification of barytes mining tenders, coal scam, business deals in the name of Capital construction through the controversial Swill Challenge method, Job for each family, unemployment allowance etc.

By convening GPC meeting, Jagan alleged, the government was planning to sabotage the raising of these issues in the next session of the Assembly.

The alleged that there was a clear motive to bypass the opposition party in calling the general purpose committee meeting on August 11, even though  YSRC dharna on August 10 in Jantar Manar, New Deli for special status  had been notified much in advance.

Jagan  demanded the speaker to scrap the committee which was not once convened when  TDP was in power between 1995-2004 or constitute the committee by giving proportionate representation to the parties in the House.

He advised speaker to fix the date of the meeting on a mutually convenient day and to keep the opposition posted with the agenda well in advance.


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HC Notice to T-Speaker on Defections


Hyderabad High Court put Telangana Speaker S Madhusudanachary on notice that he should respond to the court notice with regard to the petitions filed seeking disqualification of defected MLAs. Court gave the speaker two-week time to respond.

Congress and YSR Congress filed these petitions seeking directions to speaker to disqualify their party MLAs who defected to TRS.

The bench comprising acting Chief Justice Dilip B Bhosale and Justice S V Bhatt, issued the notice to the Speaker who was charged by the petitioners with taking inordinate time in deciding on their pleas.
Dharam Reddh, Teegeal Krishna Reddy,Talasani Srinivasa Yadav(TDP), K Kanakaiah (Congress), Madan Lal (YSRC) are among those who defected to TRS.

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